April 22, 2016
Issue 17, Volume 9
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News Items 
  • Concussion in Preschool Kids Can Impair Bond with Parents
  • School Psychologist #2 Job in Social Services
  • New Research Discovers Gene That Causes Common Deafness
  • How Children Perceive Faces
  • Gross Motor Skills and Independent Dressing
  • New Eye-Tracking Device Approved to Diagnose Concussions in Less than 60 Seconds
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • California Here We Come! - CSHA 2016
  • Multiple Early Intervention SLPs - Hobbs, NM
  • Placement of the Week: OT for Fredericksburg, VA
  • 2016-2017 SY School Psychology Openings Throughout Washington State
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Earth Day Ideas to Encourage Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Coordination Skills
  • Free Bilingual Language Feelings Poster
  • New Tool to Help ID Motor Delays in Infants & Toddlers
  • Super Cute Bee Cup Craft
Articles and Special Features 
  • School Psych Corner: 3 Ways To Help Children with Fears, Worries or Phobias
  • OT Corner: Improve Handwriting with Tangrams
  • Bilingual Corner: Can a Speech Impairment Occur in only 1 Language of a Bilingual?
  • Autism Corner: Effective Interventions for Problem Behaviors
  • School Psych Corner: Intermediary Inventive Minds
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Concussion in Preschool Kids Can Impair Bond with Parents
[Source:  Psych Central]
"The young brain is particularly vulnerable to injury because the skull is still thin and malleable. In the months following the injury, one of the first visible signs of social difficulties in young children is a decline in their relationship with their parents," said Dr. Miriam Beauchamp, professor of psychology at the University of Montreal and senior author of the study.

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School Psychologist #2 Job in Social Services
[Source:  US News and World Report]
Many professionals in the social service industry said their job is more of a calling than a choice, and that helping people is one of the most rewarding parts. From hairdressers and nail technicians, to counselors, social workers and therapists, those in the business of serving others like interacting with 

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New Research Discovers Gene That Causes Common Deafness
[Source:  Medical News Today]

New research funded by the charity Action on Hearing Loss has taken scientists a step closer to finding a treatment for one of the most common causes of hearing loss among young adults following the discovery of a new gene which causes otosclerosis.

Otosclerosis, a hereditary condition which affects 1 in 200 people resulting in conductive hearing loss, 
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How Children Perceive Faces
[Medical News Today]
Seven-year-olds show different brain activities than adults when it comes to facial perception. This is reported by the workgroup Developmental Neuropsychology in the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum's science journal RUBIN. The results don't support the theory that brain areas that are specialised for facial perception are fully developed at the age of five.
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Gross Motor Skills and Independent Dressing
[Source: Your Therapy Source]
The ability to complete the functional task of dressing requires various gross motor skills, balance and coordination skills.  The Functional Skills for Kids series written by occupational and physical therapy

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New Device Approved to Dx Concussions in Less than 60 Seconds
Editor's Note:  Wow.  This could be a game changer for youth sports, in more ways than one!
[Source:  Fox News]

A neuro-technology company has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for a medical device that could detect concussions in less than 60 seconds on the sidelines of playing fields across the nation.

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California Here We Come! - CSHA 2016
Who's going to CSHA 2016?  We will be there!  It's April 28 - May 1, 2016, in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Hilton, and we can't wait!

Please stop by and see us.    We will be there at Booth  #414 and are bringing Toobaloos to share with all our visitors while supplies last!!

For More Information on the Conference Vist CSHA.org
Multiple Early Intervention SLPs: Hobbs, NM
We are hiring in the eastern edge of the New Mexico-Texas Border town of Hobbs, New Mexico.  This little community has a significant number of children on the early intervention list with full caseloads available now.

This position is managed by a local and supportive private practice. This is a community-based Opportunity Pay-Per-Visit.  Ideal Caseload Size 30-35 Visits/week Benefits on day 90 include medical, dental, vision, life and short term disability insurances and a Matching Simple IRA, PTO and holiday pay Direct-Hire Option Contract with a 9-12 month commitment is a good option if you'll have a residence in another state CFY's are welcome!

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Placement of the Week:  OT for Fredericksburg, VA
Congratulations to Hayley C, on her new position with PediaStaff's great client in Fredericksburg, VA!
Hayley will be working at a therapist-owned, multidisciplinary clinic that has a facility with three large sensory gyms and fine motor therapy rooms.
Benefits include: competitive salary, 401K, medical insurance, license/continuing education stipend, paid holidays and paid sick time.
Fredericksburg is perfectly situated within an hour drive of both Washington, D.C. and Richmond, Virginia. It's also just a short, 30-minute drive from Virginia's well-known beaches.
Hot Jobs: 2016/17 SY School Psych Openings Throughout WA State
PediaStaff has openings NOW for School Psychologists to start in August or September of 2016.  Secure your job now and enjoy your summer!
* Locations to include counties of: Pierce, King, Thurston, Kitsap, Mason and Snohomish
* We offer excellent pay rates based on your experience and the location
* High income now, and convert to a District employee in a future year
* Flexibility - live in a city (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia) or in a beautiful small town with low cost of living
* Find the RIGHT job now - we know you can find "a job" 
* New graduates are welcome!
Qualifications - Must have at least a Master's or Specialty Degree in School Psychology.  Washington ESA Certification or NCSP.  New graduates are welcome!

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[Source:  Your Therapy Source]
1. Earth Day Crafts: Create collages out of recycled materials. The children can cut up recycled cardboard or magazines to create a collage. Perhaps think of a theme such as healthy foods or exercise. Maybe write the child's name in large bubble letters and glue on the recycled pictures.

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Free Download: Freebie Bilingual Language Feelings Poster
FREE bilingual "Feelings"  Poster.  Four free downloadable posters include English, Spanish and black and white versions, in both languages, for children to complete and color.

OT PT Resource! New Tool to ID Motor Delays in Infants & Toddlers
Thank You, Beyond Basic Play for featuring this online tool by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC!

[Source:  Beyond Basic Play]

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC have created an excellent online tool to help parents/caregivers identify any motor delays in children under 5 years old! Click the link above to check out their page!

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Spring Craft: Super Cute Bee Cup Craft
[Source:  I Heart Crafty Things]
I feel the same way about foam cups as I do about paper plates. You can pretty much make any kind of animal you can think of out of them. Our collection of foam cup crafts keeps growing and our latest is this super cute foam cup bee craft. It makes a perfect kids craft for spring or summer time or when learning all about bees.

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School Psych Corner: 3 Ways To Help Children w/Fears, Worries or Phobias
[Source:  Lynne Kenney.com]
What is a phobia?
Fears are common and expected in childhood; however, for some children and teens, their fears can become very severe over time, and even develop into a phobia. A phobia is an intense, unreasonable or exaggerated fear of a specific object or situation.
How common are phobias in childhood?
On average, specific phobias begin in childhood, between seven to eleven years with most cases starting before age ten.

OT Corner:  Improve Handwriting with Tangrams
I kind of love to share tricks for improving handwriting.  There are so many "parts" to written work. There's fine motor dexterity, pencil grasp, strength, endurance, visual perceptual skills, cognitive skills among other parts to handwriting.  You can see more about these topics on our Handwriting page.  One big way to develop the skills needed in written work is to address visual perception.
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Bilingual Corner:  Can a Speech Impairment Occur in just1 Language?
[Source:  Bilinguistics]
Can a child demonstrate a speech impairment in one language but not the other? My immediate response to this is, "No." That said, let me tell you about a student I tested last week. Meet Miguel. Miguel is a 7-year, 3-month-old child whose native language is Spanish. He spoke only Spanish until he started school at age 3 and it continues to be the language he hears and uses most of the time.

Since starting school, Miguel has received academic instruction in English with some Spanish support, and the family has continued to use Spanish in the home. His mother reported that Miguel speaks Spanish more often than English. Based on a detailed language history, I estimated that he uses Spanish 60% of the time and English 40% of the time.

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Autism Corner: Effective Interventions for Problem Behaviors
[Source:  My Aspergers Child]
In order to create an effective intervention for problem behaviors in children with Asperger's (AS) and High-Functioning Autism (HFA), parents need to take into consideration a variety of aspects.  
Let's first look at "The 4-Step Plan":
  1. Hypothesize the Function of the Behavior:
  • Escape/Avoidance
  • Sensory Feedback
  • Social Attention
  • Wants tangible item or activity
School Psych Corner: Intermediary Inventive Minds
[Source:  Psychology Today]
By  Helenrose Fives, Professor Educational Foundations, Montclair State University and  Michelle M. Buehl, Associate Professor Educational Psychology, George Mason University
You make a great, a  very great mistake, if you think psychology, being a science of the mind's laws, is something from which you can deduce definite programs and schemes and methods of instruction for immediate school use. Psychology is a science and teaching is an art. And sciences never generate arts directly out of themselves. An intermediary inventive mind must make the application by using its originality (James, 1899, p. 7).
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