October 14, 2016
Issue 41, Volume 9
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News Items:
  • Citing Strong Viewership, ABC Awards Full Season To 'Speechless'
  • Study: Fewer ADHD Symptoms in Kids Whose Moms Had Plenty of Vitamin D While Pregnant
  • Curious George Celebrates 75 Years Of Monkey Business
  • Using Shakespeare To Help Children With Autism
  • Children With Autism More Likely to Become and Stay Obese Than Their Peers
  • Cities Named Most Disability-Friendly
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Job - Pediatric Home Health PT - San Antonio, TX
  • Hot Job - Pediatric School-Based SLP - Salisbury, NC
  • Hot Job! School Speech-Language Pathologist - Gig Harbor, WA
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Hand Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder - A Book Review
  • OCD Awareness Week October 9-15, 2016
  • Bouncy Bands - for Your Students Who Need to Move!
  • Halloween Handwriting Practice Freebie
Articles and Special Features 
  • Pediatric Tx Corner: National Down Syndrome Awareness Month
  • OT Corner: Dr. Anne Zachry, "Be a Daydream Believer" - Ted Talk
  • Worth Repeating: What Therapists Mean to the Preemie Parent
  • School Psych Corner: How to Foster Sympathy in Your Children at a Young Age
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Citing Strong Viewership, ABC Awards Full Season To 'Speechless'
[Source: Disability Scoop]

Just two episodes in, a television comedy starring a teen with cerebral palsy is proving so popular that network executives are already committing to more.

ABC said it has ordered a full season of "Speechless" calling the family comedy one of the season's most critically-acclaimed new shows.

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Fewer ADHD Symptoms in Kids Whose Moms Took Vitamin D While Pregnant
[Source:  Medical News Today]
Children of mothers who took vitamin D during pregnancy with resultant high levels of the vitamin in the umbilical blood have fewer symptoms of ADHD at the age of 2½ years.
These were the findings in a new study from the Odense Child Cohort just published in The Australia & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry.

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Curious George Celebrates 75 Years Of Monkey Business
[Source: NPR.org]

Curious George famously managed all sorts of escapes - from policemen, firemen, zookeepers and plenty other humans who didn't like his mischief. But many readers don't know that the husband-wife team who created the inquisitive little monkey - who is celebrating his 75th birthday this year - had the most harrowing escape of all.

In 1939, artists Hans Augusto and Margret Rey were living in Paris, where they had written a book with a side character named Fifi. The Reys thought this young, inquisitive monkey deserved his own story and wrote a manuscript for The Adventures of Fifi.

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Using Shakespeare To Help Children With Autism
[Source: New York CBS Local]

An unusual acting class is using Shakespeare to help  children with autism.

British actress Kelly Hunter developed the Hunter Heartbeat Method, drawing on the rhythm and repetition of lines from Shakespearean plays.

In a new study, Dr. Marc Tasse, the director of the Nisonger Center at the Ohio State University Wexner  Medical Center, and his team staged an intervention using Hunter's method.

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Children With Autism More Likely to Become and Stay Obese Than Their Peers 
[Source:  Medical X-Press]

Children and teens with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may be more likely to be obese and stay obese during adolescence than their peers without ASD, according to a new epidemiological study led by researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine and published online in Childhood Obesity in advance of print.
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Cities Named Most Disability-Friendly
[Source: Disability Scoop]

A new analysis is ranking the nation's most populated cities based on how desirable they are for people with disabilities.

Overland Park, Kan. is number one on the list followed by Scottsdale, Ariz. and Lincoln, Neb. Two other Arizona cities - Gilbert and Peoria - round out the top five.

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Thriving and well-respected pediatric home health company seeks a Physical Therapist to join their team on a full time, part time or PRN basis in San Antonio, Texas.
* Founded by therapists eight years ago
* Focused solely on pediatric home health in Bexar county, Texas
* Primarily Medicaid funded
* Various territories available depending on your preferences

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We are seeking Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists North of Charlotte in Schools.  We have full or part time schedules available.

*  Flexible schedule can be 2-5 days a week depending on your need.
*  Some Home-Based services if you want them.
*  Work with a supportive team

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We have a fabulous contract opportunity for a Speech-Language Pathologist tor the 2016-2017 school year. This community is in the beautiful Gig Harbor area. This city was named one of Smithsonian Magazines Top Five Small Towns for culture, heritage and charm. In addition, it's a perfect place for the outdoor loving SLP! The position is 37.5 hours a week at two schools within walking distance of one another. Students are elementary school aged. We can offer excellent pay rates based on your experience!

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Hand Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder - A Book Review
[Source: Growing Hands-On Kids]

People with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis face many challenges in their life. These challenges can include social skills, communication skills, cognitive abilities, and also motor movements. Hand skills (also known as fine motor skills) can be greatly  affected in a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In the book From Flapping to Function: A Parent's Guide to Autism

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OCD Awareness Week: October 9-15, 2016
[Source: International OCD Foundation ]

Did you know that 1 in 100 adults likely have OCD? And up to 1 in 200 children? That's a half a million children in the US alone. OCD can be a debilitating disorder, but there is treatment that can help. Unfortunately, it can take up to 14-17 years from the first onset of symptoms for people to get access to effective treatment, due to obstacles such as stigma 

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[Source:  Make Take Teach]
I love it when we can find a super cheap and efficient way to meet the needs of our students.  For students with ADHD we often recommend tools such as sissel seats, therapy balls and fidgets for use in the classroom to allow students to move and, hopefully, maintain attention to instruction.   These items are often so expensive, and with our ever dwindling school budgets, well, need I say more?
A few weeks back, Scott Ertl contacted me and asked if I would try out his new Bouncy Bands.  Scott is an elementary school counselor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and works with students and 

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Halloween Handwriting Practice
[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

This Halloween handwriting practice freebie includes two free sample pages from the My Halloween Handwriting Packet. Practice handwriting on dotted line page and cursive with these 2 pages with a Halloween theme.

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Peds Tx Corner:  National Down Syndrome Awareness Month 
[Source:  NDSS]

Today there are still many misconceptions about Down syndrome and those who have it. This guide dispels some of the common myths about Down syndrome.

MYTH: Down syndrome is a rare disorder.

TRUTH: Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring chromosomal condition. One in every 691 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome, or around 6,000 births per year. Today, there approximately 400,000 people with Down syndrome living in the United States.

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OT Corner:  Dr. Anne Zachry, "Be a Daydream Believer" - Ted Talk
Editor's Note:  Dr. Zachry is a terrific Pediatric OT Blogger, a good friend of PediaStaff, and and active part of the therapy community.  Congratulations, Anne on this terrific Ted Talk opportunity!  It is terrific to see our field represented out there in the mainstream media and the internet!

[Source:  Dr. Anne Zachry, OTR/L]

In a day and age where people occupy all their free time with devices and distractions, Dr. Zachry discusses the importance of making yourself daydream.

Dr. Anne Zachry is an assistant professor and chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Dr. Zachry holds a PhD in 

Worth Repeating: What Therapists Mean to the Preemie Parent
Editor's Note:   Deb Discenza of Preemie World is a long time friend of PediaStaff, and has provided our readers with a large number of resources for NICU therapists over the years.    Recently, she helped us out on a more personal note, as one of our own has added two tiny bundles of joy to their family.    Parents of preemies are immediately overwhelmed with all their is to know about how to care for these little miracles.   We would like to thank Deb for taking time out of her day, to help make our PediaStaff preemie parents feel confident, that they have all the tools they need to ensure that their sons will thrive!   

By: Deb Discenza, Preemie World

Between Early Intervention, ChildFind and Special Education services, preemie parents get to know the therapeutic community well. With so much effort going into helping their child thrive, parents would like you to know the inside scoop on what you do for them every day.

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School Psych Corner: Fostering Sympathy in Children at a Young Age
Editor's Note:   Thank You @ariyares on Twitter for calling our attention to this article.

[Source: The Conversation, via Lifehacker.com]
Parents and teachers might often wonder how to teach children caring toward others-more so when the world feels full of disagreement, conflict, and aggression.

As development psychologists, we know that children start to pay attention to the emotions of others from an early age. They actively take into account others' emotions when making decisions about how to respond to them.

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