June 3, 2016
Issue 23, Volume 9
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News Items:
  • New Chewable ADHD Medication, Adzenys, Has Some Worried
  • US May be Greatly Undercounting Concussions
  • Baby Talk Words with Repeated Sounds Help Infants Learn Language
  • In Class Sensory Activities and On Task Performance
  • Gluten-Free Kids' Diets May Cause Problems
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Job! Bilingual School Pediatric SLPs and SLPA - Farmington, NM
  • Hot Job! Contract School SLP Job - Phoenix, AZ
  • Hot Jobs! Outpatient Pediatric OTs for Houston Clinics
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • 5 Children's Books to Open Eyes and Hearts to Others w/Special Needs
  • Darth Vader Book Mark
  • 11 Free Handwriting, Fine, Gross and Visual Perceptual Printables for Summer
Articles and Special Features 
  • SLP: Corner - Teaching Pronouns in Speech
  • Sensory Corner: Tactile Strategies and Activities for Teenagers
  • AT Corner: How to Adapt Cariboo for AT Switches
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

New Chewable ADHD Medication, Adzenys, Has Some Worried
[Source: Medical X Press]
While most Down syndrome research has focused on the brain, a new report by Johns Hopkins University biologists uncovers how the disorder hampers a separate part of the nervous system that plays a key role in health and longevity.
The paper, to be published Dec. 14 in the journal Nature Communications, traces complex biochemical signals leading to peripheral nervous system dysfunction found in people with Down syndrome.

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US May be Greatly Undercounting Concussions
[Article Source:  Science Daily]
New research from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights a substantial gap in how the United States currently estimates the nation's burden of pediatric concussions. Among 0- to 17-year-olds who have a CHOP primary care physician and were diagnosed with a concussion within CHOP's regional pediatric network, 82 percent had their first concussion visit at a primary care site, 12 percent at the emergency department, 5 percent within specialty care (sports medicine, neurology, trauma), and 1 percent were directly admitted to the hospital.

Many current counts of concussion injury among children are based solely on emergency department (E.D.) visits or on organized high school and college athletics data. Thus, the authors say, we may be vastly underestimating child and youth concussions in the US.

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Baby Talk Words with Repeated Sounds Help Infants Learn Language
[Source:  Science Daily]
Assessments of language learning in 18-month-olds suggest that children are better at grasping the names of objects with repeated syllables, over words with non-identical syllables.
Researchers say the study may help explain why some words or phrases, such as 'train' and 'good night', have given rise to versions with repeated syllables, such as choo-choo and night-night.
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In Class Sensory Activities and On Task Performance
[Source:  British Journal of Occupational Therapy via Your Therapy Source]
The British Journal of Occupational Therapy published research on in class sensory activities and on task performance of 4 students with autism using a non-concurrent, AB single system research design across multiple baselines.  Data was collected by school staff using video recording during classroom tasks.  

Stage one of the Perceive, Recall, Plan, Perform (PRPP) System of Task Analysis was used as a repeated measure of student performance.  The PRPP system allows a therapist to identify errors in task performance in relation to occupational performance.   Ratings were carried out by independent raters who were blinded to the  condition of performance.

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Gluten-Free Kids' Diets May Cause Problems
[Source:  Education News]
If individuals have celiac disease, they need to steer away from foods containing gluten because it causes intestinal problems - but in some cases, people decide to cut gluten out of their diets just because they are following a new diet trend or they think non-gluten foods are healthier.

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Join the PediaStaff Team for School Year 16/17 in Farmington, New Mexico.  We are looking for a Several SLPs and a Bilingual Spanish Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) who is currently enrolled in a Master's Program and meets the state requirements as an Apprentice Speech-Language.
*  This is a full-time K-12 position
*  Start/End Dates mid-August 2016 through late-May 2017
*  Caseloads and age groups are to be determined.
*  Come to Farmington "The Four Corners", a growing community in Northern New Mexico.

Qualifications: Must hold appropriate Degree in Communications Sciences Disorders or Speech
Language Pathology, and a current state license (or be eligible for same).

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Featured Job of the Week:  Contract School SLP Job - Phoenix, AZ 
We have a wonderful job opening for a school district in the Phoenix area. They are looking for a full-time Speech Language Pathologist to work 40 hours per week for the 2016-2017 school year. The therapist would service students from Kindergarten through 8th grade with a wide variety of disabilities. There will be very minimal travel involved. Must be a CCC-SLP. School experience is strongly preferred.
*  Candidate will provide direct service to children from Kindergarten to 8th grade, as well as provide evaluations as necessary.
*  Therapist will service students with a broad range of disabilities.
*  SLP will report to the Director of Special Education.
*  This position is for the full 2016-2017 school year.

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Immediate openings are available with one of our best clients in Houston.  A full time opportunity is available for an Occupational Therapist  to work in a pediatric outpatient clinic M-TH.  Clinic is home to all disciplines and offers a full range of equipment, gym space and private offices in which to conduct therapy with a primarily Medicaid population. 

You'll be treating a variety of pediatric patients with diagnoses ranging from Down's syndrome, CP, birth defects, developmental delays, sensory processing disorders and so on.  Positions are available in one of three offices.  Locations include East Houston, SE Houston and SW Houston.

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[Source:  Friendship Circle]

I hope that parents and those who work with children know about the many entertaining and educational children's books that are published each year.
This post will introduce you to five wonderful children's books that when shared and discussed with the children in your care will open their eyes and hearts to the challenges of others. Moreover, the life skills learned in many of these books help all kids grow into happier and more confident individuals who have learned how to regulate their emotions and senses.

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Fine Motor Craft:  Darth Vader Bookmark  
As you may have noticed, we get MANY MANY MANY Corner Bookmark Design Requests via our quickly growing and popular YouTube Craft Channel for Kids

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11 Free Handwriting, Fine, Gross & Visual Perceptual Printables for Summer 
[Source:  Your Therapy Source]
Need some quick, easy, ideas for summer time to practice handwriting, fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual skills?  Check out all of these free printables that are all set to go to entertain and encourage learning in children over the summer.

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SLP Corner:  Teaching Pronouns in Speech
[Article and Image Source: Activity Tailor]
"Me want one!"
There's something so sweet about this early stage of language when tots are making their needs abundantly clear, but are still grappling with all of the complexities of grammatical rules.
I spend a great deal of time working on word structure, especially pronouns and verb tenses because these early language milestones can be tough ones for our language delayed kiddos, requiring slow, incremental changes in difficulty and lots of repetition.
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Sensory Corner:  Tactile Strategies and Activities for Teenagers
[Article and Image Source: the Inspired Treehouse]
The Tactile System
These are all characteristics that can be related to either an hyper-responsive (overly responsive) or hypo-responsive (under-responsive) tactile system. The tactile system is our largest sensory system and provides us with much needed information to feel comfortable in our own bodies.
Receptors for this system are located on the surface of the skin, so any time contact is 

AT Corner:  How to Adapt Cariboo for AT Switches
[Source: AT Makers]

How to use a projector & switch interface to switch-adapt a Cariboo game.

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