September 18, 2015
Issue 37, Volume 8
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News Items:
  • Is ADHD Overdiagnosed or Are We Diagnosing It Better?
  • Laws Mandate Education For Would-Be Parents About Down Syndrome
  • Study Backs Genetic Testing For Kids With Autism
  • Researchers Question Efficacy Of Brain Balancing
  • Are Early Childhood Educators Undervalued?
  • More Time Outdoors Means Lower Rate of Nearsightedness
Hot Jobs 
  • Placement of the Week: Pediatric Rehab OT in Central Florida!
  • Hot Jobs! School Based SLPs for Wisconsin!
  • Hot Job Contract School SLP - Warrensville Heights, OH
  • Hot School Psych Positions in Michigan 
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Fork Painting
  • Pinboard of the Week! Halloween Themed Therapy Activities on Pinterest
  • Seasonal Activity of the Week: Fall Tree Letter Matching
  • SLP Activity of the Week: Expressive Language Picture Prompts
Articles and Special Features 
  • OT Corner:  Exercises / Resources for Oculomotor Skills
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner:  The Pen Is Still Mightier Than the Keyboard When It Comes to Comprehension
  • SLP Corner: Rapping Role Models. Really
  • EI Corner: DOE and HHS Release Guidance on Including Children w/Disabilities in EC Programs
  • School Nurses Corner:  Overdose Antidote Naloxone in Schools
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Is ADHD Overdiagnosed or Are We Diagnosing It Better?
[Source: Education News]
ADHD diagnoses are increasing at a rate of 5% per year, with one-third of the diagnosed group being made up of children under the age of six. Jenna Birch, writing for Yahoo! Health, asks whether  these numbers are because of medical diligence or sloppiness. According to statistics, cases of ADHD have been consistently rising for the last ten years, which is causing parents, medical professionals and policymakers to question whether ADHD is being over-diagnosed.

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Laws Mandate Education For Would-Be Parents Abt Down Syndrome
[Source: Disability Scoop]
PITTSBURGH - Doctors warned the Kondrich family that their daughter would be different.
They were right.|
In the past year alone, Chloe Kondrich has hung out with rock stars in Manhattan; visited with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf; posed for photos with members of Congress; and just recently traveled to Harrisburg, by invitation, to meet with Pennsylvania's Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera.
One other thing, too: Chloe, who has Down syndrome, had a law named after her.|
Last August, former Gov. Tom Corbett signed a bill that requires medical officials to provide accurate, up-to-date information to parents the moment a practitioner makes a Down syndrome diagnosis, usually during a prenatal exam. The Prenatal Education Act is known as "Chloe's Law."

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Study Backs Genetic Testing For Kids With Autism
[Source:  Disability Scoop]
Newly available genetic testing may offer answers for about 16 percent of children with autism, according to a new study that's lending support for more widespread use of the analyses.
With scientists rapidly identifying genes with ties to autism, researchers looked at two types of genetic testing. The results were encouraging, according to Bridget Fernandez, a medical geneticist at Memorial University in Newfoundland who worked on the  study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Researchers Question Efficacy Of Brain Balancing
[Source Disability Scoop]
MILWAUKEE - Roxanne Carlson vividly remembers the shock she felt three years ago when a psychologist said her son Levi had issues he might never overcome. He'd need to get a job coach, the psychologist told her, and may even have to spend his life on government disability.
"We were mortified," she said in her home in Marinette. "We were like, 'You've got to be kidding. This is the answer we're getting?'"
Roxanne and Perry Carlson had known for five years - ever since they adopted Levi, then 10, and his brother Anthony from the Philippines - that Levi had problems. He was behind many of his peers, academically and socially. He had trouble returning affection, couldn't process language quickly and struggled just to make conversation.

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Are Early Childhood Educators Undervalued?
[Source:  Science Daily]
With the federal election around the corner, child care has become a major ballot issue. While every party has its own idea of how best to offset the costs of raising children, no one is looking at how we perceive and value those who provide the education and care.
Concordia researcher Sandra Chang-Kredl wants that to change. In a paper recently published in the Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, she writes that "invariably, the focus of the debate is on the children's needs, the parents' needs and society's needs. The educator is rarely mentioned."

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More Time Outdoors Means Lower Rate of Nearsightedness
Editor's Note: Yet another clinically documented reason to get the kids outside more!!
[Source: Science Daily]
The addition of a daily outdoor activity class at school for three years for children in Guangzhou, China, resulted in a reduction in the rate of myopia (nearsightedness, the ability to see close objects more clearly than distant objects), according to a study in the September 15 issue of JAMA.
Myopia has reached epidemic levels in young adults in some urban areas of East and Southeast Asia. In these areas, 80 percent to 90 percent of high school graduates now have myopia. Myopia also appears to be increasing, more slowly, in populations of European and Middle Eastern origin. 

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Placement of the Week:  Pediatric Rehab OT in Central FL  
Congratulations, to Heather on her new Pediatric OT position with PediaStaff's outpatient clinic client in Central Florida.  She will be working half time, mostly during after school hours.  This is a family-friendly, multi-disciplinary practice.
You will do great there, Heather.  Best Wishes from all of us at PediaStaff!
Featured Jobs of the Week:  School Based SLPs for Wisconsin! 
We are working with a school district in Racine who is in need of several full time Speech Language Pathologists for the upcoming school year.   Hours are 7:30 - 3:30 daily.   The kiddos are in elementary, middle and high school.  This is a contract position and hourly rates are based on experience.  Benefits are also available.|
We also are working with a school district on the south side of Milwaukee (Milwaukee County) who is in need of a Speech Language Pathologist for the upcoming school year 4-5 days/wk.   Hours are 7:30 - 3:30 daily.   Kiddos are in elementary, middle and high school.  This is a contract position and hourly rates are based on experience.  Benefits are also available.

Learn About / Apply for Both of These Jobs on our Blog
We have a fantastic opportunity for Speech-Language Pathologist to begin working as soon as possible with a great district in the Warrensville Heights area, southeast of Cleveland. The therapist will work with students grades K-3 at one school site. This position is 5 days a week, 7.5 hours per day. 

The caseload is around 35-40 students. They will need someone to provide direct therapy, as well as keep up with IEPs, ETRs and progress reports. The position runs through the end of March.

Learn About / Apply for Both of These Jobs on our Blog
Jobs of the Week:  
School Psych Jobs in Michigan!

We have a wonderful position for a School Psychologist with a school district in the Centreville area for the 2015-2016 school year. This position is 37.5 hours per week working with students grades K through 12. We are looking for someone with great relationship building skills. School experience preferred but not required.Qualifications: Must hold an appropriate degree in school psychology; a current state license (or eligible)

Learn About This Job and Other School Psych Jobs in Michigan Through This Link
Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Fork Painting  
[Source: Brick by Brick]
As I said before, we love to paint. We do it  almost every week. Lately we've been painting with things other than brushes; we've been using kitchen items to paint. Last week we painted with a salad spinner. This week we used forks.
All you need for fork painting: Shallow pans, paper towels, paint, forks, and paper. (We always use smocks, too.)
Fold and wet paper towel and place in the shallow pan. Pour paint on top of the paper towel. This creates a "stamp pad" with the paint. Kids can press the fork on the paint and get good coverage. This also keeps the paint in one place. You can get more art with less paint.

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Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and I believe I am hardly alone!    I just realized how much everyone loves it, when I noticed just how many great pins we have for you in our Halloween Themed Therapy Activities and Treats board.  We are up to 828 pins!
Take your time and grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte because you will need a while to peruse all the great language, sensory, fine and gross motor activities, sequencing, social stories and more!  (Not to forget treats to make for your kiddos and with your kiddos!)

Access this Great Board Through a Link on our Blog
Seasonal Activity of the Week: Fall Tree Letter Matching
[Source:  Pre-K]
This fall tree letter matching activity is a fun and simple way to practice letter recognition with young children. The final product is a beautiful fall tree that can be displayed for all to see!
I love to set up simple letter matching activities with stickers. My son enjoys them and I find that they are an excellent way to teach letter recognition and provide him with valuable fine motor practice. While peeling the backs off of the leaf stickers and placing them on the paper, children will use the small 
Learn More Through our Blog
SLP Activity of the Week: Expressive Language Picture Prompts  
[Source:  Teach Speech 365 via Speechie Freebies]

It's September and that means back to school! This month, I've put together a freebie with real life pictures and language prompts to help your students expand their expressive language skills. I hope you're enjoying the beginning of the school year!

Download This Activity Through a Link on our Blog
OT Corner: Exercises / Resources for Oculomotor Skills
Editor's Note:  Thank You to Joanna Verdone for compiling, and the OTs of the Pediatric OT Facebook page for contributing to this tremendous list of exercises and resources for ocular-motor skills.
[Source from the over 18,000 OT's on the Pediaric Occupational Therapists Facebook Page]

Pediatric Therapy Corner:  The Pen Is Still Mightier Than the Keyboard 
[Source:  MindShift]
Educators are eager to know how the computers popping up in their classrooms actually affect student learning. Much of the research has focused on how computers and other digital devices increase the  temptation and likelihood of multitasking, leading to lower comprehension and reduced productivity. But until now, few people have looked into whether the method of note-taking a student uses, such as typing on a computer or writing in longhand, affects how well he or she comprehends the lecture.

SLP Corner:  Rapping Role Models. Really
by Kim Lewis CCC-SLP of the Activity Tailor blog
You know you're a speech language pathologist when your son turns up a rap song and you think, "that guy has an unreal diadochokinetic rate."  True story.
Then this summer, I saw a study on the vocabulary of music artists (across genres) which analyzed the number of unique words used in their songs.  Eminem topped the list.  Jay Z, Tupac Shakur and Kanye West followed.  (You can read the article  here.)
Now I had been told that Eminem used to read the dictionary which would certainly account for a larger vocabulary, but then I went online to track down the accuracy of that fact and I've got to say, I was impressed.

Because Eminem loves words the way we love words.

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EI Corner:   Guidance Released on Including Kids w/Disabilities in EC Programs
[Source:  US Dept of Education]
The U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services today released guidance urging early learning programs to include children with disabilities.
The  guidance sets a vision for action that recommends states, districts, schools and public and private early childhood programs prioritize and implement policies that support inclusion, improve their infrastructure and offer professional development to strengthen and increase the number of inclusive high-quality early childhood programs nationwide. The Departments crafted the guidance with the input of early learning professionals, families and early learning stakeholders. The policy statement also includes free resources for states, local districts, early childhood personnel and families.
School Nurses Corner:   Overdose Antidote Naloxone in Schools
[Source:  National Public Radio]
With record numbers of young people using heroin and opioid painkillers, more school nurses are prepared to intervene in the event of an overdose on school grounds.

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