May 22, 2015
Issue 20, Volume 8
It's All About the Choices!     
Greetings and Happy Friday

Hope you have a safe and meaningful Memorial Day Weekend.  Enjoy your barbecues and picnics, but please stop and consider "the reason for the season" as well.   
News Items:
  • The Power of Clowning Around
  • Feds Rethink Stance On Speech Devices
  • Preschoolers Get Too Little Physical Activity in Child Care
  • Secrets of Baby Talk: Why Mothers Say Coo While Fathers Stay Cool
  • Researchers Find Brain Area that Integrates Speech's Rhythms
  • Stuttering Linked to Rhythm Perception Deficiency
Hot Jobs 
  • PediaStaff Placement of the Week: COTA in the Woodlands of Texas!
  • Early Intervention Occupational Therapist - Wilmington, DE
  • Hot Job: School-Based SLP - Martinsburg, WV
  • Hot Job: School Contract OT - Wood Dale, IL 
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft
  • Autism Activity of the Week: 6 Classic Outdoor Activities for Children With Autism
  • Resource of the Week: Verbs of Summer-Free Printable Interactive Book
  • DIY Sensory Crash Mat

Articles and Special Features 

  • Autism Corner: This Is The Hardest Part About Traveling with Autism
  • PT Corner: Core Stability for Babies
  • OT Corner: Does Crawling Matter? 
  • SLI Corner: Sign Language Helping Hearing Kids Communicate Better
  • SLP Corner: 2 Important Questions New Speech Therapy Students Should Be Asked
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

The Power of Clowning Around

[Source:  Medical News Today]

Medical clowns can reduce anxiety and length of hospital stay for children undergoing urologic surgery, according to a new study featured at the 110th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA).

Medical research has found humor can have a positive effect on patients and implementation of medical clowns, particularly in pediatric settings, has become an integral and therapeutic component of care in many hospitals throughout the world. Dozens of hospital clown guilds have formed in the U.S., Canada and Europe over the last few decades, drawing inspiration from a 1998 movie hit starring Robin Williams as real-life hospital clown Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, as well as from New York's Big Apple Circus, which pioneered the first professional hospital clowning program.


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Feds Rethink Stance On Speech Devices

[Source: Disability Scoop]

Speech may soon be federally recognized as more than just what happens in a face-to-face conversation after thousands of people with disabilities and their advocates said that communications by phone, text and email are also important.

About a year ago, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made a series of moves to narrow its coverage of speech-generating devices.

All modern forms of communication were casualties of the process.

Protests from individuals with disabilities, advocates, lawmakers and device manufacturers caused the agency to open up a review of the national coverage determination


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Preschoolers Get Too Little Physical Activity in Child Care

[Source:  Medical]

(HealthDay) Kids in daycare and preschool may not be getting enough physical activity, according to a new study.

Preschoolers in the Seattle study spent just a half hour playing outside and were offered less than an hour each day for indoor play at child care centers, the researchers found.


Guidelines recommend at least one hour of adult-led, structured physical activity and one hour of unstructured free play time per day, according to lead author Dr. Pooja Tandon, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington in Seattle.

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Secrets of Baby Talk: Why Mothers Say Coo While Fathers Stay Cool

[Source:  Science Daily]


Babytalk, which includes higher-pitched voices and a wider range of pitches, is sometimes known as "motherese," partly because most research on parent-child interactions has traditionally focused on the mother's role. Scientists study this common behavior because they want to understand what role such speech patterns play in children's language acquisition. But in an era of increased paternal involvement, researchers are investigating whether fathers modify their speech in the same way mothers do.

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Researchers Find Brain Area that Integrates Speech's Rhythms

[Source:  Science Daily]


Duke and MIT scientists have discovered an area of the brain that is sensitive to the timing of speech, a crucial element of spoken language.

Timing matters to the structure of human speech. For example, phonemes are the shortest, most basic unit of speech and last an average of 30 to 60 milliseconds. By comparison, syllables take longer: 200 to 300 milliseconds. Most whole words are longer still.


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Stuttering Linked to Rhythm Perception Deficiency

[Source: Science Daily]

Stuttering may be more than a speech problem. For the first time, researchers have found that children who stutter have difficulty perceiving a beat in music-like rhythms, which could account for their halting speech patterns.

Michigan State University's Devin McAuley, co-author of the study, said the findings have implications for treating stuttering, which affects 70 million people worldwide. The study appears online in the journal Brain & Language.


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Therapy Placement of the Week:  COTA in the Woodlands of Texas!  

Congratulations to Rebeccah R., of Houston, Texas on her new position with one of PediaStaff's outpatient clinic clients in the Woodlands, TX!

Rebeccah will be working for a owned pediatric therapy clinic serving the needs of children with a wide variety of disabilities.  Their unparalleled passion for helping children reach their full potential has helped them to create the environment and following today that has been more than 10 years in the making.

They offer an innovative and collaborative approach that includes exciting language classrooms for both preschool and school age children.

She will be working full time and will receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, vision, dental, paid time off and continuing education.

EI Occupational Therapist:  Wilmington, DE

We are searching for an occupational therapist for a full time pediatric, community-based early intervention program in the Wilmington, Delaware.  Ideally, the therapist must have one or more years' of experience.  Dynamic individuals interested in an interdisciplinary team approach are encouraged to apply.


Responsibilities include:   Evaluate & treat young children with a variety of diagnoses. Provide play-based clinical occupational therapy. Provide guidance and instruction to families & caregivers for carryover of therapy.Full time positions include:  Health, dental, vision benefits, 401K,  paid time for vacation/sick/personal and 12 paid holidays.


Qualifications: Must hold a Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy; a current state license (or eligible).


Learn About / Apply for This Job on our Blog

Hot Job: School-Based SLP - Martinsburg, WV

We are searching for a speech therapist for a school district located in the northeast panhandle of West Virginia - very close to the borders of PA and MD.  This is a contract position for the upcoming school year beginning in mid August and ending in late May/early June.  You will be working full time with children ages 4 through 19, pre-K through high school.  Caseloads will be assigned equitably (factoring in travel between schools) and based on the therapist's preference for ages.  All positions will involve at least two schools and the caseloads max out at 50 students.  Therapists are required to have their Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). 


Learn More About / Apply for This Job on our Blog

Hot Job: School Contract OT - Wood Dale, IL

Are you looking for a full time school position this fall?  Our client is a school system in DuPage County.  They seek an Occupational Therapist to join their team full time (5 days/wk) for the 2015-2016 school year starting August 17th.  4 days in one school district (4 schools: Early Childhood Building; a k-2 building, a 3- 5 grade building and a 6-8 grade building). At this time the majority of the case load is 50% early childhood and 50% k-5. There are three consults at the 6-8 building.

You will also have 1 day at a High School (two campuses) with the majority of the time in consultation and 4 direct service students.


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Craft of the Week:  Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

[Source:  No Time for Flashcards]

We love egg carton caterpillars, they are possibly the most classic of all crafts. We decided to make a fresh twist on an old favorite. Our egg carton caterpillars are a little different. No glue or paint means your child can play with their creation right away or if you are a teacher your students can pack them up and take them home that day. This is a fast craft that can fit into pretty much any schedule. So next time you are picking up eggs grab some in a plastic carton and make some egg carton 


Learn More About this Terrific Craft Through a Link on our Blog

Autism Activity of the Week: Classic Outdoor Activities for Kids With Autism 

[Source:  Friendship Circle]

Spring has sprung, Memorial Day is almost here. If you have to pick a time of year to get outside, this is it! The weather is pleasant and even when not, you can take advantage of what the great outdoors brings during this gorgeous time of year.

Sounds, sights and feelings are at their peak therapeutic value and all you have to do is step outside. But before you do, lets take a look at my top favorite outdoor spring activities so that you can maximize the time you spend with Mother Nature.


See this Great List of Activities Through a Link on our Blog

Freebie of the Week: Verbs of Summer Printable Interactive Book  

'I'm on cloud nine!!! Bursting with anticipation!  My daughter in the Peace Corps will be coming back from the beautiful country of Indonesia after 27 months on June 12!  Time has gone by!  We are so proud of her.    To help pass the time I'm spending waiting for her, I've put together a book that is timely for all of you-Verbs of Summer.


OT Idea of the Week:  DIY Sensory Crash Mat  

Editor's Note:  Thank you to the Sensory Spectrum for recommending this post!!

[Source:  Kids Activity Blog via The Sensory Spectrum]

A sensory crash mat is a body pad that can be used like a bean bag to increase sensory input and help kids {and adults} increase proprioceptive awareness and decrease over-reaction to sensations over time.   A crash mat needs to be big enough to lay on or fall into and deep enough that no part of the body ever hits the floor.


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Autism Corner: This Is The Hardest Part About Traveling with Autism

[Source: Autism Speaks]

by Carrie Cariello

Last winter my husband Joe and I took five red suitcases, four messy boys, and one pink girl on a Caribbean vacation.


As soon as our second son, Jack, climbed into the shuttle to the airport, he made an announcement to the driver.


"None of us. Smoke tobacco."


The driver looked back at me in the dim light of the van. It was 3:30 am, and I imagine this was not the sort of conversation he expected to have with a 10-year old.

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Video PT Corner: Core Stability for Babies

[Source:  HeartSpace PT]

Video #1:  Core Stability in Babies

Video #2: Core Stability in Babies with Motor or Sensory Challenges

Video #3:  Core Stability and Emotional Regulation

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OT Corner: Does Crawling Matter?

[Source:  Mama OT]

In Part 1, I discussed how crawling develops. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, I strongly suggest you go back and take a look at it before continuing with this post.   


(You'll get to see some cute baby photos and video clips in that post, too, so that's a perk!)

Today, in Part 2, I am going to explore the benefits of crawling.

The day a baby learns to crawl marks the beginning of an entirely new chapter in his or her life (and yours). Hello, major exploration. And watch out, choking hazards. If you haven't baby-proofed yet, now would be the time! 


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SLI Corner: Sign Language Helping Hearing Kids Communicate Better

[Source:  My Fox Orlando]

Even though they hear just fine, children at a local pre-school are learning sign language.

For the past four years sign language has been part of the curriculum at Rolling Hills Moravian Mothers Morning Out, which is open to children as young as one.

"It was a huge success right off the bat," said lead Pre-Kteacher Suzanne Robichaud.

She reports that she's seen sign language basics advance the children's budding communication skills.


"Sign language builds that strength, that communication strength.  And so they come to my room with that ability really, really strong," Robichaud said.

SLP Corner: 2 Key Questions New Speech Students Should Be Asked

by Erik Raj, CCC-SLP

As a school-based speech-language pathologist, I'm constantly attempting to evaluate and re-evaluate how I'm doing as a clinician. Are my current therapy strategies helping my students meet their goals in a timely manner? Am I collaborating enough with teachers that also work together with my students? How am I doing with touching base to discuss student progress with parents and caregivers? These are just a few things that I make sure to consistently ponder to gauge if I'm being the best possible clinician that I can be. And ya know what? For the most part, I'm doing pretty alright.


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