March 25, 2016
Issue 12, Volume 9
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News Items:
  • Nike Expands Shoe Line For People With Special Needs
  • Comic Books Enhance Patient Engagement
  • Social-Behavioral Readiness of Kindergartners Impacts Long-Term Success
  • Therapy May Lessen Effects Of Cerebral Palsy
  • Antibiotics Before Age 2 Increases Risk for Childhood Obesity 
  • Noise Disrupts the Tactile Skills of Premature Babies
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot Job! School-Based SLP - Port Orchard, WA
  • Placement of the Week - OT for Extended School Year - Suburban Chicago
  • Hot Job:  Early Intervention SLP - Auburn, NY 
  • Hot Job: Early Intervention SLP Job - Dover, DE
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Early Intervention Idea of the Week:  Baby Board Book Hack
  • SLP Resource: S-Blend, R-Blend, & L-Blend Bingo!
  • Dye Easter Eggs in Cool Whip for Finger Lickin' Sensory Fun!
  • Speechie Freebie - My Farm Book: Emergent Reader Freebie
Articles and Special Features 
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: The Ultimate Guide to Play Compiled by Sugar Aunts
  • Sensory Corner:  Interoception - The Least Known Sense
  • SLP Corner: Things SLPs Should ALWAYS Say
  • School Nurse Corner: Young People as Partners Not Clients
  • Autism Corner: Explaining the "Hidden Curriculum" to Children on the Spectrum
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Nike Expands Shoe Line For People With Special Needs
[Source: Disability Scoop]
Nike is adding to its lineup of sneakers designed specifically for people with disabilities, with a fresh range of offerings for both kids and adults.
The athletic-wear giant is introducing three new shoes that use its FLYEASE entry system, which relies on a wrap-around zipper to secure the shoe and features a larger opening to make it easier to slide feet in and out.
"Once zipped, FLYEASE provides performance-ready lockdown without the need for tying laces - perfect for athletes on the go and for those who may need a little extra assistance," the company said in announcing the new products.

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How Comic Books Enhance Patient Engagement
[Source: Children's]
M.D., sat with the parents to share the devastating news. She began sharing resources with them-what it means to have a child with cancer, and what's it like for a child to go through chemo. "That's when the patient spoke up and said, 'Hold on, I'm the one who's going through this, where's my stuff?' I sat there helpless," Hersov says. "I didn't have anything to give him."
At the 2016 Quality and Safety in Children's Health Conference, Hershov discussed one tactic that can help hospitals communicate to patients about their health-the use of visual, graphic elements, like comic books. Seeing a gap in patient education materials, Hersov set her sights on a mission to create a global community of children who 

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Social-Behavioral Readiness of Kindergartners Impacts Long-Term Success
[Source:  Psych Central]

Starting kindergarten without having the appropriate social-behavioral skills puts children at a much greater risk of being held back by the fourth grade, according to new research at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. These children are also more likely to need individualized educational services and to face suspension or expulsion.

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Therapy May Lessen Effects Of Cerebral Palsy
[Source:  Disability Scoop]

Spending time standing on a special vibration plate may lead to stronger bones, better mobility and an improved outlook for those with cerebral palsy, a new study suggests.

Researchers say that after 20 weeks of what's called whole-body vibration training, kids and young adults with cerebral palsy saw a range of benefits.

For the study, 40 individuals ages 11 to 20 with the developmental disability stood on the vibration plate for nine minutes a day, four times a week.

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Antibiotics Before Age 2 Increases Risk for Childhood Obesity
[Source: Medical X Press]
While early antibiotic use has been associated with a number of rare long-term health consequences, new research links antibiotics to one of the most important and growing public health problems worldwide-obesity. A study published online in Gastroenterology, the official journal of the American Gastroenterological Association, found that administration of three or more courses of antibiotics before children reach an age of 2 years is associated with an increased risk of early childhood obesity.

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Noise Disrupts the Tactile Skills of Premature Babies
[Source:  Medical News Today]
Premature birth is a harsh change of environment for a baby. Until birth, the baby is confined to the mother's womb, surrounded by soft lighting and filtered noise. When infants are born, they are attacked by several visual, sound, and tactile stimulations. These stimulations thus constitute unpleasant factors for them. Their impact has not been studied in depth yet. Researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), in collaboration with the neonatal team of the Grenoble university hospital (CHU), and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) examined the consequences of noise 

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PediaStaff has an immediate opportunity for a full-time Speech-Language Pathologist on the Kitsap Peninsula.  This is a beautiful location, right between the vibrant city of Seattle and the world class outdoor recreation that Washington is known for with easy access to both.
* Start ASAP and work through the balance of SY 15/16.
* Elementary and Middle School - two buildings
* You'll have priority for assignments in SY 16/17.

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Placement of the Week:  OT for ESY - Suburban Chicago
Congratulations to Meghan M. on her Extended School Year (summer) position with one of PediaStaff's clients in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, IL
Interested in Summer work?  We have ESY positions available in several areas, so contact us today at 866-733-4278
Featured Job of the Week:  Early Intervention SLP - Auburn, NY 
PediaStaff is searching for a Speech Therapist to work with children ages birth to five in the Auburn, NY area. You will have the opportunity to work with children in grades K-12 in home, preschool and school settings.  Part time and full time caseload schedules are available on either a contract or direct hire basis.  The schedules are flexible and you may consider short or long term assignments.  The opportunity to work in other pediatric settings may be an option over time.

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Another Job of the Week:  Early Intervention SLP Job - Dover, DE  
We are searching for a dedicated pediatric speech therapist for the Dover, DE area who enjoys working in a community based setting treating kids with disabilities. Speech and hearing therapy services focus on enhancing or restoring limited or lost communicative skills or swallowing capabilities lost due to trauma, disease, aging or congenital abnormality. Our licensed speech therapists incorporate the use of special facilitory techniques, augmentative and assistive equipment, therapeutic exercise and
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EI Idea of the Week:  Baby Board Book Hack
Ever wished for a way to make it easier for your littlest clients to turn the pages of a baby board book??   Teaching Mama has a FANTASTIC baby board book hack but I'm going to make you go to her blog to see it so she gets the traffic.

Check it out Through a Link on Our Blog
[Source:  Autism Helper]
If any of you speech therapist are tired of using the same articulation cards over and over again with words like "station wagon" and "spaghetti" which the students never can get you know how I feel.  I created S-blend, R-blend, and L-blend bingo because I needed different target words and more interesting pictures for my students.   S-Blend, R-blend, and L-blend bingo can also be a great resource to work on building vocabulary skills or identifying blends in words.

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Sensory Idea of the week:  Dye Easter Eggs in Cool Whip!
[Source:  Passion for]
If you are looking for a fun way way to dye Easter Eggs here's How to Dye Easter Eggs with Cool Whip! This is a fun way to get the kids involved and a twist on a classic Easter tradition! We had so much fun making these in our how, and I am excited to share this activity with you. Easter is such a fun holiday for us, and I love that it brings all things spring with it!

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Speechie Freebie:  My Farm Book: Emergent Reader
[Source:  Word Nerd Speech Teach via Speechie Freebies 

I've been hard at work prepping for our preschool and kindergarten farm unit (one of my favorite units of the year)!!  I recently created an emergent reader/vocabulary book that I decided to share as my latest freebie!

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: The Ultimate Guide to Play
[Source:  Various via Sugar Aunts]
Play is work of the child.  Through play, a child learns about the world around him.  He learns communication skills, problem solving, builds fine and gross motor development, enhances social interactions, and develops the skills needed for independence in all aspects of growth.

Sensory Corner:  Interoception - The Least Known Sense
[Source:  Special-ism]

Research the topic of Sensory Processing Disorder and before long, you will discover that there are actually more than the five senses we all learned about in preschool. We already are aware of the standard five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.   If you have a child or student with sensory isms, you have probably heard about the proprioceptive and the vestibular senses.  But did you know there is an eighth sense called interoception?

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SLP Corner:  Things SLPs Should ALWAYS Say
[Source:  Doyle Speech Works / the Frenzied SLPs]
Two weeks ago, the Frenzied SLPSs brought you their top things an SLP should NEVER say. The posts ran from inspiring to comical, but certainly they all fit the bill for "what not to say." This week we are doing a 180 degree turn to things SLPs should ALWAYS say. I 

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School Nurse Corner: Young People as Partners Not Clients
[Source:  School-Based Health Alliance]

This story comes from the Alliance's youth engagement toolkit Lead the Way: Engaging Youth in Healthcare.  Each month, a new reflection from the field will touch on a different component of youth engagement and show how youth are leading the way in health awareness and promotion.

The Coraz√≥n Community Services (CCS) and the Health Committee of the Cicero Youth Task Force are improving the health of their communities by embracing young people as partners, rather than clients, through the Health Ambassador Program in Cicero, IL. This program trains youth and adults to be peer leaders and advocates for a healthier community.  Youth
Autism Corner:  Explaining the "Hidden Curriculum" to Kids on the Spectrum
[Source:  My Aspergers Child]
Ronnie was a well-liked seventh-grader, despite his quirkiness. His classmates accepted him and were understanding of his Asperger's diagnosis. One day Ronnie was talking with his classmates in the restroom before class when his friend Seth began cussing in anger about his C in Math. Ronnie picked up on the cussing and associated it with being mad. The bell rang and

Ronnie went on to his next class. As he sat down, he realized that he left his social studies book in his locker. His teacher, Miss Sanders, would not let him go back to his locker, and immediately Ronnie got angry and began to swear. Miss Sanders sent Ronnie to the dean's office, leaving Ronnie perplexed as to what he did wrong. He thought it was acceptable to cuss when he was angry about something. He didn't 

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