February 13, 2015
Issue 6, Volume 8
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Greetings and Happy Friday!

Our thoughts are with our friends in the northeast buried under so much snow.  Hope everyone is able to stay safe!  

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News Items:
  • Youth Hockey Imaging Study Suggests Early Marker for Concussion Damage
  • Simple Strategies Lead to Improvements in 1 Year-Olds at Risk for Autism
  • Movement, Images Facilitate Vocabulary Learning
  • Higher Risk of Depression, ADHD Among Preemies
  • Autism Speaks Alters Position On Vaccines
  • Video Game Technology Helps Measure Upper Extremity Movement
Hot Jobs 
  • PediaStaff Placement of the Week: School Based OT - Northwestern IL
  • Hot Job: School Based SLP - Baltimore, MD
  • Hot Job: School Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist - San Joaquin Valley, CA
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Seasonal Freebie of the Week:  6 Free Printables for Valentine's Day
  • The 4th Annual Great Bike Giveaway!
  • Book Review: Red Hat
  • Game Review: Topple

Articles and Special Features 

  • School Psych Corner:  NASP Position Statement on School Violence Prevention
  • Social Skills Corner: Thinking With Your Eyes-Social Skills Lesson
  • SLP Corner: Heidi's Top Blogs
  • OT Corner: Selecting a Toddler Shoe
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: A Parent's Resource Guide to Social and Emotional Learning
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Youth Hockey Imaging Study Suggests Marker for Concussion Damage

[Source:  Science Daily]

James Hudziak, M.D., has two children who love ice hockey. His son skates for his college team and one of his daughters plays in high school.

As a pediatric neuropsychiatrist and director of the Vermont Center for Children, Youth and Families at the University of Vermont (UVM) College of Medicine, Hudziak believes in the benefits of ice hockey and other sports for kids. Athletic activities help a young person build organizational skills, improve motor and emotional control, reduce anxiety and boost confidence.


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Simple Strategies Help in 1 Year-Olds at Risk for Autism

[Source:  Medical News Today]

A new study by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers finds that a collection of simple strategies used by parents can lead to significant improvements in one-year-olds at risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

In the study, published in Autism Research and Treatment, a group of UNC faculty from the departments of Allied Health Sciences, Psychiatry and Psychology followed 18 families with a one-year-old child at risk for ASD. They compared the effects of a parent-coaching, home-based intervention called "Adapted Responsive Teaching" (ART) versus referral to early intervention and monitoring.


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Movement, Images Facilitate Vocabulary Learning

[Source: Science Daily]


"Atesi" - what sounds like a word from the Elven language of Lord of the Rings is actually a Vimmish word meaning "thought." Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig have used Vimmish, an artificial language specifically developed for scientific research, to study how people can best memorise foreign-language terms. According to the researchers, it is easier to learn vocabulary if the brain can link a given word with different sensory perceptions. The motor system in the brain appears to be especially important: When someone not only

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Higher Risk of Depression, ADHD Among Preemies

[Source: Psych Central]

A new Canadian study has found that extremely low birth weight babies may have a higher risk of psychiatric problems in adulthood than other infants born at normal birth weights.

Low birth weight infants, however, are less likely than others to have alcohol or substance use disorders as adults, say the researchers.

McMaster University scientists also found that extremely low birth weight babies - whose mothers received a full course of steroids prior to giving birth - are at even greater risk for psychiatric disorders.


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Autism Speaks Alters Position On Vaccines

[Source:  Disability Scoop]


Amid concerns about measles, the nation's largest autism advocacy group has updated its stance on vaccines and autism, but remains mum on whether it will fund further studies on the issue.

Autism Speaks revised its policy on immunizations in a statement published on its website last week.


"Over the last two decades, extensive research has asked whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research are clear: Vaccines do not cause autism. We urge that all children be fully vaccinated," reads the statement from Rob Ring, the group's chief science officer.

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Video Game Technology Helps Measure Upper Extremity Movement

[Source: Medical News Today]

Researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital have developed a way to measure upper extremity movement in patients with muscular dystrophy using interactive video game technology. Their hope is to expand inclusion criteria for clinical trials to incorporate patients using wheelchairs.


In a recent study published online in Muscle and Nerve, researchers found that scores in the game were highly correlated with parent reports of daily activities, mobility and social and cognitive skills. Currently, patients with diseases like muscular dystrophy who have lost mobility and use wheelchairs 


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Placement of the Week:  School Based OT - Northwestern IL  

Congratulations to Meghan M., on her contracted OT position with one of PediaStaff's clients in Northwestern, Illinois.    Megan will be working a varied caseload and includes students with learning and developmental delays, sensory and fine motor needs.  

Hot Job: School Based SLP - Baltimore, MD  

We are looking for an outstanding school based Speech Language Pathologist to provide speech, language, oral motor, and social communication assessment and treatment for a pediatric autistic population in need of intensive therapy. Some children with traumatic brain injuries will need treated as well. This is at one high school site in the Baltimore area. The position is full-time, 40 hours a week, starting as soon as possible and running to the beginning of June. 

Therapy treatment is offered in a classroom based service delivery model with some pull out, and some push in exceptions so candidates must be comfortable with all. There also will be some work on "social thinking."


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Hot Job:  School Pediatric SLP - San Joaquin Valley, CA  

We are hiring a school-based Speech Language Pathologist for the balance of the school year to work in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  Communities within this area are rich in heritage, diverse populations, small town atmospheres, and provide an exceptional quality of life.

Qualifications: Must hold a Masters degree in Communication Sciences; a current state license (or eligible).


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Seasonal Freebie of Week:  6 Free Printables for Valentine's Day  


Thank You to Margaret Rice of Your Therapy Source for these great freebies!!

1.  Follow that Monster:   Visual discrimination and visual motor activity

2.  Multisensory Handwriting Activity for Valentine's Day

3.  Sample Pages from Valentine's Day Handwriting Activities

4.  Conversation Heart Clothes Pins

5.  Love Bug Pencil Critters

6.  Valentine's Day Exercises


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Your Nominations Needed: The 4th Annual Great Bike Giveaway!

[Source: Friendship Circle] 


For the fourth consecutive year, Friendship Circle is holding the Michaela Noam Kaplan Great Bike Giveaway,  a national contest in which children with special needs can win their very own adaptive bike.  We are partnering with adaptive bike companies from around the United States to provide some of the best adaptive bikes to the children and young adults who need them most.


Providing adaptive bikes to children with special needs gives them more than just a good time and exercise. These bikes enable a child with special needs to feel like they belong. It gives them a sense of confidence, freedom, and pride that is so essential for all children.  


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Book Review: Red Hat  

Reviewed by: Meghan Graham

Book by: Lita Judge

Book Description:  Similar to Lita Judge's winter story, Red Sled (see review here) a little girl leaves her red hat outside on the clothes line, and many forest animals decide to borrow it for some fun. However, when they return the hat...it isn't the same.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Early narrative (simple sequence story)
  • Perspective taking
  • Early prediction
  • Emotion/Facial Expression/Body language
  • Vocabulary (forest animals: rabbits, raccoons, bears, porcupine, etc.)
  • Social Pragmatics and Problem Solving
  • Speech Production
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Game Review:  Topple  

[Source: Special-ism]

Topple is a three-dimensional board game perfect for a small group activity at home, in the classroom or during group therapy.  Build social skills such as turn-taking and learning how to be a good sport.  Work on fine motor skills, motor planning and more.

To play Topple, perch the game board on top of the 7 inch high stand.

Choose your color piece, and agree on what score will win.


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School Psych Corner: NASP Statement - School Violence Prevention

[Source:  NASP]

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) vigorously supports and promotes efforts that create safe, secure, and peaceful schools free of the destructive influence of violence in all of its forms. NASP further maintains that schools must implement purposeful, coordinated strategies that increase levels of safety and security that simultaneously promote student wellness and resilience. NASP supports all evidence-based policies and practices that promote the safety of our students, schools, and communities because these efforts improve students' readiness to learn and build school climates characterized by positive civil engagement.

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Social Skills Corner: Thinking With Your Eyes-Social Skills Lesson

[Source: Chapel Hill Snippets]

I have the most adorable social skills group ever!  The group consists of five students ranging from third to fifth grade with various needs, but all of the kids are capable of accessing the regular curriculum.   This group's social skills curriculum is totally centered around Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking materialsWhole body listening is an integral component.

Today we focused on 'Thinking with your eyes'. 

First, the kids looked at photos of kids who either were or were not thinking with their eyes. These are easily found on Google.  (Do a search on 'kids not paying attention'.)

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SLP Corner: Heidi's Top Blogs

Editor's Note:  Thank you to Shelley Hutchins at ASHA for asking me to update my favorite blog list for ASHAsphere.  It was a very hard project to do, as you will understand when you read it! 

by Heidi Kay


In the past few years, the internet has exploded with speech-language resources, largely due to the ease of publishing one's thoughts through a blog. When I wrote a piece on SLP's blogging back in 2012, most clinicians had no idea that this wealth of knowledge was out there. Today however, blogs are everywhere and they are widely known as a great place to get specialty information on virtually every topic.


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OT Corner: Selecting a Toddler Shoe

Editor's Note: This is an excellent article to share with the parents and guardians of your clients!

[Source:  Pink Oatmeal]

My little guy is a man on the run. His primary mode of "go" is walking.  Up until more recently, I wasn't too concerned about shoes, he really didn't wear them that much, only when necessary. His first pair of shoes were soft soled flexible shoes since he was an emerging/brand new walker.  Times have changed, and we needed a pair of go to shoes with a little more protection against the elements outside of home.

Peds Therapy Corner Resource Guide to Social & Emotional Learning

Editor's Note:  Excellent Share!!

[Source:  Edutopia] 


Explore a curated list of blogs, articles, and videos for parents about fostering skills like kindness, empathy, gratitude, resilience, perseverance, and focus in children.

Resources by Topic:

  • Encouraging Kindness and Empathy
  • Cultivating Perseverance and Resilience
  • Fostering Gratitude
  • Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Focus
  • Home, School, and Community Partnerships
  • Children's Social Selves and Technology
  • Additional Resources
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