April 3, 2015
Issue 13, Volume 8
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News Items:
  • Avoid 'Overvaluing' Your Child to Prevent Narcissism
  • Study Finds 17% of College Students Misuse ADHD Drugs
  • Rett Syndrome Treatment May Lie in Targeting 'Long Genes'
  • Disney Faulted In Disability Access Complaints
  • Robot Model Shows Bodily Posture May Affect Memory & Learning
  • Better Breakfast, Better Grades
Hot Jobs 
  • Pediatric Clinical Lead - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Hot Job:  School OT and COTA Jobs - Auburn, NY
  • Placement of the Week:  OTR Fayetteville, AR
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • School Psych Resource: Steps to Managing Big Emotions - Printable Poster
  • Fine Motor Activity of the Week:  Clothes Pin Silly Faces
  • 25+ Dinosaur Themed Resources for Speech and Language Therapy
  • Autism Resource of the Week:  Aspergers 101

Articles and Special Features 

  • SLP Corner: Just Flip the Lip! The Upper Lip-tie and Feeding Challenges
  • Autism Corner: Auditory Processing Problems in Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: 5 Incredible Ice Breakers for Therapy Sessions
  • Worth Repeating:  The Case for Free Range Parenting
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Avoid 'Overvaluing' Your Child to Prevent Narcissism

[Source:  Medical News Today]

If you want to avoid having narcissistic children, do not "overvalue" them. That is the take-home message of a new study from researchers at The Ohio State University in Columbus and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"People with high self-esteem think they're as good as others, whereas narcissists think they're better than others," says study co-author Brad Bushman.

The researchers undertook the study in an effort to understand the origins of narcissism. They claim that theirs is the first prospective study to investigate how narcissism develops over time.


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Study Finds 17% of College Students Misuse ADHD Drugs

[Source: Medical News Today]


At college, students can come under a lot of pressure to achieve good results, but, unfortunately, a large number may be resorting to risky methods to deal with expectations. A recent literature review reports that 1 in 6 college students misuse stimulant medications prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


There is a widespread belief that stimulant ADHD medicine can improve academic achievement, despite a lack of any scientific evidence demonstrating its success in people without ADHD.


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Rett Syndrome Treatment May Lie in Targeting 'Long Genes'

[Source: Medical News Today]

A new study suggests targeting long genes could be a new treatment avenue for the devastating childhood disorder Rett Syndrome. The authors found that lack of the MeCP2 protein that is the hallmark of the disease causes subtle - but widespread - overexpression of long genes with functions important for the brain.


Rett Syndrome is caused by the absence of MeCP2, a protein that regulates the expression of genes.

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Disney Faulted In Disability Access Complaints 

[Source:  Disability Scoop] 


A civil rights commission has found reason to believe that Disney discriminated against theme park visitors with developmental disabilities after altering its disability access policy.


In five cases, the Florida Commission on Human Relations has found that "reasonable cause exists to believe that unlawful public accommodation practices occurred" at Disney parks.


The panel's determinations, dated Feb. 13, but released publicly this month, represent a blow to Disney. The company has insisted that proper accommodations have been offered to guests with disabilities despite making significant changes to its access policy in 2013.

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Robot Model Shows Bodily Posture May Affect Memory & Learning

[Source: Science Daily]

An Indiana University cognitive scientist and collaborators have found that posture is critical in the early stages of acquiring new knowledge.


The study, conducted by Linda Smith, a professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, in collaboration with a roboticist from England and a developmental psychologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, offers a new approach to studying the way "objects of cognition," such as words or memories of physical objects, are tied to the position of the body.


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Better Breakfast Better Grades

[Source:  Medical News Today]


University of Iowa research shows free breakfasts improve performance of schools with more students from low income familis.  

A n
ew study from the University of Iowa reinforces the connection between good nutrition and good grades, finding that free school breakfasts help students from low-income families perform better academically.


The study finds students who attend schools that participate in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's School Breakfast Program (SBP) have higher achievement scores in math, science, and reading than students in schools that don't participate.


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Hot Job of the Week:  Pediatric Clinical Lead - Oklahoma City, OK

Established Pediatric Clinic in the Oklahoma City area is growing and looking for an experienced SLP to join their team and lead the Speech-Language Pathology services.   Under a new name, they are providing "mission-based" therapy services...dedicated to serving the under-served Spanish-speaking kids of the community!  With 2 clinics in the area...their reach is targeted and directed.  You can join an established team and help lead them to new heights.


Learn About / Apply for This Job on our Blog

Hot Jobs of the Week:  School OT and COTA Jobs - Auburn, NY  

PediaStaff is searching for an Occupational Therapist and a COTA to work in a school based setting near the beautiful Finger Lake Region of New York.  The position is based in Auburn.  You will have the opportunity to work with children in grades K-12.  Part time and full time caseload schedules are available on either a contract or direct hire basis.  The schedules are flexible and you may consider short or long term assignments.  The opportunity to work in other pediatric settings may be an option over time. 

This area boasts a rich historical legacy - Ithaca is the birthplace of the Ice Cream Sundae!  Throughout the year, you will find an array of arts and cultural attractions.  Enjoy family friendly shopping on pedestrian malls, or wander through the diverse theatre and museum offerings. No matter 

Learn More About / Apply for This Job on our Blog

Placement of the Week:  OTR Fayetteville, AR

Congratulations to Julie L., on her new Occupational Therapy position with PediaStaff's outpatient client in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Julie will be working in a multi-disciplinary team in a variety of settings, including the clinic and Head Start with children ages birth to school-aged.


Great Job, Julie!

School Psych Resource:  Managing Big Emotions: Printable Poster

[Source: Childhood 101]

Whenever I ask parents what their biggest parenting struggle is, patience is always right there at the top of the list. We struggle to keep our cool in all sorts of situations - when we are rushing to get everyone out the door, when we have asked our child 272 times to do something, when they whine and whinge, when siblings squabble, and the list goes on.


Often it is when our children are having the most trouble keeping their cool that we also lose ours. Which we all know is pretty unhelpful in the scheme of things, especially as our children are 


Download this Free Poster Through a Link on our Blog

Fine Motor Activity of the Week:  Clothes Pin Silly Faces  

[Source: Your Therapy Source]


Here are some FREE printables to make these fun clothes pin silly faces.  Print the download from Your Therapy Source.  Add some clothes pins and let the children create their own silly hair.  It would be even more fun if you had some hair extension clips that you could add.  They encourage strengthening of the fingers and hands and eye hand coordination. 


Plus, they are just plain cute!

Download this Activity Through a Link on our Blog

SLP Resources of Week: 25+ Dinosaur Themed Resources for SLPs

Dinosaurs is a theme in our early childhood special education curriculum and a colleague recently asked me for some speech and language therapy ideas. The dinosaur theme is one that students always enjoy and there are so many great resources for speech-language therapy on the Internet.


Link to All These Great Resources Through our Blog

Autism Resource of the Week: Aspergers 101

This is an excellent site run by John Habershon, a non-verbal communications specialist.

It's designed to help those with Asperger's and HFA to learn where to focus on the face and the changes to note. Each week he covers a different subtle emotion, describing it and listing key points.   

The 10-15 second video shows an example, in real time and then slow motion.   Here is an example


Watch a Sample Vido From this Site on our Blog

SLP Corner: Just Flip the Lip! Upper Lip-tie and Feeding Challenges

[Source:  ASHAsphere]


by Melanie Potock

While many pediatric professionals are familiar with a tongue-tie, the illusive lip-tie hides in plain sight beneath the upper lip. Because I focus on feeding difficulties in children and an upper lip-tie can be a contributing factor if a child has trouble feeding, then I probably encounter more lip-ties than some of my colleagues. Still, I'd like to encourage my fellow SLPs to just flip the lip of every single kiddo whenever assessing the oral cavity. And document what you observe. Help increase general knowledge among professionals on different types of upper lip-ties by raising awareness of how they may impact the developmental process of feeding.

Read the Rest of This Article Through a Link on our Blog

Autism Corner: Auditory Processing Issues in Children with Autism

[Source:  My Aspergers Child]


Asperger's (AS), or High-Functioning Autism (HFA), has been described as a social/communication problem. Processing auditory information is a crucial component of social communication, and some children on the autism spectrum have problems processing this information. One problem occurs when the child hears speech sounds, but does not perceive the meaning of the sounds (e.g., if someone says the word 'blew,' the child might hear the sound clearly, but not understand the meaning). Sometimes the lack of speech comprehension is interpreted by parents and educators as a behavioral problem, when in fact the child simply isn't able to retrieve the meaning at that moment.

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Peds Therapy Corner: 5 Incredible Ice Breakers for Therapy Sessions

[Source:  North Shore Pediatric Therapy]


Rapport between therapist and client can be built by finding common ground and engaging in a positive joint experience. Rapport reduces tension and helps foster trust and communication within the therapeutic environment. Ice breakers are an excellent way to lay a strong foundation for rapport, as they provide an early opportunity for joint participation in an activity, communication, and bonding. The following is a list of ice breakers that will help you start out on the right foot with your clients during therapy sessions. 


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Worth Repeating: The Case for Free-Range Parenting

[Source:  The New York Times]


by Clemens Wergin


On her first morning in America, last summer, my daughter went out to explore her new neighborhood - alone, without even telling my wife or me.

Of course we were worried; we had just moved from Berlin, and she was just 8. But when she came home, we realized we had no reason to panic. Beaming with pride, she told us and her older sister how she had discovered the little park around the corner, and had made friends with a few local dog owners. She had taken possession of her new environment, and was keen to teach us things we didn't know.

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