February 23, 2018
Issue 8, Volume 11
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News Items:
  • Binoculuar Vision Function and Reading Performance 
  • Teens With Stroke at Birth Use Opposite Side of Brain for Language
  • New Blood Test Predicts Autism with 92 Percent Accuracy
  • Children with Autism May Benefit by Being Bilingual
  • OCD Treatment Could Someday Start With a Brain Scan
PediaStaff News and Hot Jobs 
  • Hot, New Job: Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist - Pensacola, FL
  • Hot, New Job: Pediatric Physical Therapist - PT - Tulsa, OK
  • Hot, New Job: School-Based Occupational Therapist - Algonquin, IL
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • Weather & Seasons Printable Cards
  • 13 Important Social Skills Activities for Kids 
  • Simple Decorative Magnet Craft
  • Sight Word Games
Articles and Special Features 
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: Anxiety: Why It's Different From Stress
  • SLP Corner: Needing a Filter - Social Behavior Mapping
  • OT Corner: St. Patrick's Day Fine Motor Activities
  • School Psych Corner: Teens and Tech: Distinguishing Addiction from Habit
  • School Clinicians in the News - Article in WaPo
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Binoculuar Vision Function and Reading Performance
[Source: Your Therapy Source]

The Journal of Optometry published a retrospective chart review on binocular vision function and reading performance in 121 children who were identified with reading problems according to their IEP. The researchers focused on acuity and binocular vision such as accommodation (focus), vergence (turning the eye in and out) and oculomotor skills (tracking).

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Teens With Stroke at Birth Use Opposite Side of Brain for Language
[Source: Psych Central]

In a new study, researchers observed young people who had left-brain stroke damage at birth and found they are now using the right side of the brain for language - in the exact, mirror-opposite region to the normal language areas on the left side.

At least one in 4,000 newborn babies experience a perinatal stroke, one that occurs right around the time of birth. But a stroke in a baby, even a big one, does not have the same long-term effects as an adult stroke. The findings help demonstrate just how "plastic" brain function is in infants.

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New Blood Test Predicts Autism with 92 Percent Accuracy
Editor's Note:  Very small sample size but very interesting, none-the-less.

[Source:  Medical News Today]'

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that impacts cognition, behavior, and social interaction.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 1 in 68children have ASD.
Given its developmental nature, ASD may have an early onset, but it typically takes a while for the first symptoms to appear. As such, early diagnosis is not usually possible.

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Children with Autism May Benefit by Being Bilingual
[Source: Medical News Today]

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a growing concern in the United States, affecting an estimated 1 in 68 children.

Despite the prevalence and years of research, there are still several unanswered questions about how and why ASD develops, and how best to manage it. Researchers are looking at these queries from all angles.

A new study gains fresh insight by approaching from an interesting direction; the researchers set out to understand

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OCD Treatment Could Someday Start With a Brain Scan
[Source: Science Daily]

Washing hands needlessly dozens of times of day. Spending so much time perfecting schoolwork that it never gets turned in.

These are typical behaviors for people with obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, a lifelong illness marked by repetitive thoughts and actions that can seriously impair work performance, relationships and quality of life. OCD is most commonly treated with medication and a form of psychotherapy called cognitive behavioral therapy. Unfortunately, cognitive behavioral therapy does not help everyone with OCD, and the treatment can be expensive and time-consuming.

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OK...so aren't you tired of having snow and cold?   Wouldn't you like to live in a place where your vacation is only minutes away?   Well...this is your next job opportunity!   You need to come join our team of professionals working with the children of the Pensacola, FL area in our Not-for-Profit School and Clinic.   Live just minutes from the most beautiful beaches in the world...white sugar sand...NO it's not snow...warm weather year-round, and plenty of wonderful places to eat and enjoy your time away from work.

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Pediatric Physical Therapist needed to join an established multi-disciplinary clinic team in beautiful Tulsa, OK!  Tulsa boasts one of the most vibrant places to live in mid-America...with universities, sports, shopping, dining, and outdoor events year-round. Very moderate cost of living allows you to enjoy more of your earnings. Here are the details:

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Are you looking for a short term school position in the Algonquin area?  You will be working in a deaf and hard of hearing program with kiddos in grades K-8.  Full time is preferred but you can also choose to work part time.   An interpreter is available as needed to translate during therapy sessions.  You will be covering a medical leave.

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Weather & Seasons Printable Cards  
[Source:  Pre Kinders]

Here's a printable weather chart for kids to fill in by drawing simple symbols on each day of the week. There are some simple illustrations kids can use as a guide. (I made these as simple as possible, and last year my students were able to copy these symbols.)

There are two versions: one chart has spaces to record morning and afternoon weather each day, the other chart has one space per day.

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13 Important Social Skills Activities for Kids
[Source: Childhood 101]

Yesterday my heart was full of pride! My eight year old had his first swimming carnival. He does well in small groups but usually shies away from larger social situations. We have worked on social skills and social confidence a lot since he started school and yesterday he blew my mind.

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Simple Decorative Magnet Craft
[Source: Hands On As We Grow]

Making some decorative magnets together is a super simple craft to do with your children. The supplies are easy to find, too!

If your children/kiddos can keep buttons and magnets out of their mouths, then you might be ready to try to fun craft. It's a good way to practice creative planning and fine motor skills, like peeling.

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Sight Word Games
[Source: Teaching Mama]

The other day, I was volunteering in my son's kindergarten classroom. I was creating a sight word game that was personalized for students. I loved it, but it was time consuming and I'm not going to lie...my hand was tired! While creating them, I thought of the idea for making this a printable board game that is also editable, meaning teachers or parents 

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Pediatric Tx Corner: Anxiety: Why It's Different From Stress
Editor's Note:  Good article to share with teachers you work with.  

[Source: Understood]

There's a math test tomorrow and 14-year-old Katherine should be studying. Instead she's in bed. "I'm not taking the test! What happens if people see I can't do it? What if I fail again?" she cries to her mom.

Anxiety is a sense of fear and worry. And it's easy to understand why Katherine and other children with learning and attention issues are more likely to have anxiety than other children. Many have to work harder to keep up with their classmates. Other kids may bully them. Kids with learning and attention issues may not have the coping skills or maturity to handle these 

SLP Corner:  Needing a Filter - Social Behavior Mapping
[Source: Almaden Valley Speech Therapy]

Sometimes people with Asperger's aren't very good at filtering what they say. The can say and do things that offend others. Most people consider how their words or behavior affects others, but folks with Asperger's often say or do things without thinking about how others will be affected by this. They are often logical thinkers and have a reason (in their own mind) why they say and do things. However even if there is a good reason (in the mind of the Asperger's person) the words or action may confuse, or offend the person they are with.

OT Corner:  St. Patrick's Day Fine Motor Activities
[Source: Pink Oatmeal]

It's just about March and that means St. Patrick's Day isn't too far away!  Are you ready with fun fine motor activities?  It's an easy theme to incorporate with rainbows, leprechauns and gold!  At Pink Oatmeal, we've been doing some fun activities already!  Check out all of our St. Patrick's Day fine motor activities!

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School Psych Corner: Teens and Tech: Addiction or Habit?
[Source: Mind Shift]

Look up from this screen right now. Take a look around. On a bus. In a cafe. Even at a stoplight. Chances are, most of the other people in your line of sight are staring at their phones or other devices. And if they don't happen to have one out, it is certainly tucked away in a pocket or bag.

But are we truly addicted to technology? And what about our kids? It's a scary question, and a big one for scientists right now. Still, while the debate rages on, some doctors and technologists are focusing on solutions.
School Clinicians in the News - Article in WaPo
[Source:  The Washington Post]

Grief counselors are always made available to help students when there is a traumatic event at a school, such as this week, when a gunman entered a Florida high school and fired a military-style assault weapon, killing 17 people. While health experts say counseling after a tragedy is vital, too many schools don't have anywhere near enough health professionals to help students before the catastrophes.

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