August 21, 2015
Issue 33, Volume 8
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News Items:
  • Even as Two-Year-Olds, Girls are More Independent and Sociable
  • What Clinicians Need to Know About Bilingual Development in Children
  • Autism Treatment Should Include All Needed Therapies, Says Ed. Dept.
  • The Amazing Adaptability of Brain's Vision Center
  • ADHD, Fidgeting and Improved Performance
  • Strong Vocabulary at Two Linked to Kindergarten Success
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Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • OT Activity of the Week: Bilateral Range-of Motion with Fun Bead Insertion Task
  • Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Washi Tape Apple Art
  • Arctic Bingo: S-Blend, R-Blend, and L-Blend Bingo!
  • School Based OTs: Doctoral Project Study Needs Ten Minutes from You
Articles and Special Features 
  • SLP Corner: 32 Must-Have Apps for Students with Dyslexia
  • PT Corner: Function From the Inside Out
  • School Psych Corner: Books to Help Children Cope with the Death of a Loved One
  • Literacy Corner: The Importance of Reading Books with Expression
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Recent Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs 

Even as Two-Year-Olds, Girls More Independent and Sociable
[Source:  Medical News Today]
A Norwegian study shows that girls aged two and a half years master most everyday activities better than boys.
Girls of two and a half years of age are more capable of feeding and dressing themselves, they are better at participating in circle time in kindergarten, and they are out of nappies earlier than boys of the same age. This is according to a study of over 1000 Norwegian children aged 30-33 months. Researchers looked at the extent to which girls and boys master different everyday activities. The 

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What Clinicians Need to Know About Bilingual Development in Kids
[Source:  Science Daily]

Bilingual children pose unique challenges for clinicians, and, until recently, there was little research on young bilinguals to guide clinical practice. In the past decade, however, research on bilingual development has burgeoned, and the scientific literature now supports several conclusions that should help clinicians as they assess bilingual children and advise their parents.

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Ed. Dept:  Autism Treatment Should Include All Needed Therapies
[Source:  Education Week]

Behavior-focused treatments for children with autism should not take precedence over other therapies those children may need, such as speech and language therapy or occupational therapy, says a "Dear Colleague" letter  from the U.S. Department of Education.

The letter states that some schools may be exclusively relying on applied behavioral analysis, or ABA, therapy, instead of looking at a child's full spectrum of needs. ABA strategies teach a student socially 

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The Amazing Adaptability of Brain's Vision Center
[Source:  Science Daily]
By early childhood, the sight regions of a blind person's brain respond to sound, especially spoken language, a Johns Hopkins University neuroscientist has found.
The results, published this week in The Journal of Neuroscience, suggest that a young, developing brain has a striking capacity for functional adaptation.
"The traditional view is that cortical function is rigidly constrained by evolution. We found in childhood, the human cortex is remarkably flexible," 

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ADHD, Fidgeting and Improved Performance
[Source:  Your Therapy Source]
The Journal of Abnormal Psychologypublished research to determine if hyperactivity with ADHD is a deficit or a compensatory behavior.  The researchers compared the working memory (WM) performance and attention in boys aged 8-12 years  with ADHD and typically developing children.  Each child's phonological WM and attentive behavior was evaluated during four counterbalanced 

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Strong Vocabulary at Two Linked to Kindergarten Success
[Source: Psych Central]
Toddler vocabulary skills may play a crucial role in kindergarten success, according to a new study published in the journal Child Development. The researchers found that children with larger oral vocabularies by age two arrived at kindergarten better prepared academically and behaviorally than their peers. These findings can help target early intervention efforts.

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PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week:  CF SLP in DFW!
Congratulations to Kirstin V., on her new CF-SLP position with one of PediaStaff's growing multi-location pediatric outpatient clinics in the Greater DFW area.  Kirstin will see a variety of diagnoses and have state of the art equipment and materials.

She will receive a comprehensive benefits package, which includes 8 major holidays, two weeks vacation, continuing ed and travel allowance as well as licensure reimbursement.

Great Job, Kirstin!  Enjoy your new position!
Rare pediatric contract opportunity available at an outpatient facility in Huntsville, TX which is just north of the most sought after Houston addresses.  It is an easy commute north of The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring and so on.   The area of Huntsville is quickly becoming another bedroom community of Houston.  It's a reasonable and easy commute from areas in and around Conroe.  If you're looking to get out of the hustle and bustle, head north! Real estate, educational facilities and shopping is growing fast along this corridor. 

Our client recently moved into a brand new facility.  Referrals keep arriving.

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Experienced COTA with SI experience needed for a 3+ month maternity leave at an outpatient clinic.  

ASAP through December 31.

Day shift Monday through Thursday plus optional Friday hours, 30-37 hours total
You'll work with kids 2-18, most with Sensory Integration issues, lots of ADHD, Autism, etc.

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[Source:  The Recycling Occupational Therapist]
I had this blue tubing given to me by a mom who has a daughter that uses it for suction. However, I think it can be purchased where sold for a variety of uses. I secured the bottom end with duct tape to a bottle. Then I cut a hole in a screw cap lid and pushed the top end of the blue tubing through it. Then later when the beads are removed the bottle is screwed onto the cover and they flow safely into the original bottle that is attached with duct tape. You can see the clear bottle waiting on the table to be used.  the beads can easily be poured into any container to be used by the client to insert inside the tubing.

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Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Washi Tape Apple Art  
[Source:  I Can Teach My Child]
It's back to school and nearly apple-picking time...the perfect time for some apple art with washi tape. My favorite apple art project is a tad bit messier than this more simple and sophisticated project...but children can participate in creating both!

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[[Source:  The Autism Helper]

It's fun to play games with your students while you work on articulation skills.  If your student is working on the "S", "R",or "L" sound and has established their target speech sound in blends then this Blend Bingo game would be perfect to practice those blends.  There are several different ways you can play this bingo game depending on your student's skill level and age.  Each sound has 5 boards with different pictures on them so it makes it a little more challenging between the students.  In addition this Bingo game is also great to continue to build vocabulary skills and word knowledge.  If you have a group of students and one is working on articulation and one language skills then this is also a good activity to target both goals.

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Editor's Note:   A doctoral student on the Pediatric OT Facebook Group was asking for help getting 1000 responses for her survey.   I suggested that our readers might be able to help.  Here is the information below:

This survey is for school based occupational therapy practitioners (therapists and assistants) working in the US full-time or part-time.  The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is part of a doctoral research project titled Factors Associated with School Based Occupational Therapy Service Delivery.  It's been over a decade since a national survey on this topic and updated information will 

Access The Survey Through a Link on our Blog
SLP Corner: 32 Must-Have Apps for Students with Dyslexia

As the days of summer fun come to a close, thoughts of reading assignments, worksheets, and essays return to the forefront of many students' minds.

For students with dyslexia, that requires reading and writing can be daunting, and it often saps the enjoyment out of school. Fortunately, more and more families and schools are discovering assistive technology (AT) and the ability it has to lessen stress and give children a greater sense of academic independence.

PT Corner: Function From the Inside Out
[Source: HeartSpace PT]

When I first became a pediatric PT we talked about primitive postural reflexes as part of the development of postural control.  We certainly didn't have all the answers and there were many different perspectives, so these were lively conversations with lots of good clinical problem solving. But references to primitive reflexes had mostly disappeared from the discourse on postural control until fairly recently.

School Psych Corner: Books to Help Children Cope with Death
[Source:  North Shore Pediatric Therapy]

Books are powerful and serve a variety of purposes.  Reading books can provide individuals with entertainment, knowledge, and skills.  For children who are not yet able to read, books may represent special bonding time with a parent, caregiver, or older sibling.  You may not have realized it, but books provide a great resource for social-emotional learning.  Examples include books about going to school for the first time, making friends, dealing with bullies, managing anger, and the list goes on. 

Other children's books are written about specific adversities such as divorce, death, or illness to name a few.  The focus of today's blog is using books for helping children understand and 

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Literacy Corner: The Importance of Reading Books with Expression
[Source:  Growing Hands on Kids]
by Alex Trichilo, of the Speel blog

I love reading books to kids, but I didn't always love it! I was too scared to put on the voices of each character and didn't know any ways to get kids to actually enjoy reading books. For me, being a Speech Pathologist, reading books is an essential part of my job so I had to learn. I watched teachers reading books to kids to get ideas, and I practiced and practiced.
Now I consider myself pretty good and it isn't scary any more - I have so many favorite books 

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