December 20, 2013
Issue 44, Volume 6
It's All About the Choices!     
Greetings and Merry Christmas!

PediaStaff Wishes You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas. To those of you who have already celebrated your winter holiday, we hope you enjoy some much deserved time off to spend with your loved ones as well.   There will be no newsletter next week so our staff can take some time with their families.   We will see you a week from Monday!!  In the meantime, please enjoy this issue!
News Items:
  • Muting the Mozart Effect
  • Spanking Children Slows Cognitive Development and Increases Risk of Criminal Behavior, Expert Says
  • School-Based OTs and COTAs Needed for Utilization Study - (Survey Based, Takes 5-10 Minutes)
  • The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder
  • On the Lighter Side:  It Happened in Therapy
  • Two in Three 13-Year Old Girls Afraid of Gaining Weight
PediaStaff News
  • It's All About the Choices - and we Thank YOU for Choosing PediaStaff!
  • Placements of the Week: John and Robin P., Husband and Wife SLP Team!
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • App Review of the Week: Cookie Doodle
  • Instagram Activity of the Week: LEGO Print Wrapping Paper
  • Scent-sational Therapy Idea - Cloves into a Tangerine
  • Pinterest Pinboard of the Week:  New Year's Therapy Activities and Treats

Articles and Special Features 

  • OT Corner:  Looking at Toys Through a Therapists Eyes
  • OT/PT Corner:  Top Ten Occupational/Physical Therapy Articles Published on the PediaStaff Blog
  • SLP Corner: Top Ten SLP Articles Published on the PediaStaff Blog
  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: All Time Top Ten Therapy Activities and Resources Shared on the PediaStaff Blog 
  • Worth Repeating: 5 Fun Ways To Build Your Child's Vocabulary During the Holidays
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Music and Intelligence in the News:  Muting the Mozart Effect 


Editor's Note:  This study refers to musical enrichment in the form of young children listening to music as well as musical social play (also known as the Mozart Effect) and does not comment on the cognitive or neurological effects of learning how to play an instrument.  

[Source: PLOS One]


Two Randomized Trials Provide No Consistent Evidence for Nonmusical Cognitive Benefits of Brief Preschool Music Enrichment


Young children regularly engage in musical activities, but the effects of early music education on children's cognitive development are unknown. While some studies have found associations between musical training in childhood and later nonmusical cognitive outcomes, few randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have been employed to assess causal effects of music lessons on child cognition and no clear pattern of results has emerged. We conducted two RCTs with preschool children investigating the cognitive effects of a brief series of music 


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Child Psychology in the News:  Spanking Children Slows Cognitive Development and Increases Risk of Criminal Behavior, Expert Says 

[Source: Science Daily]

A new book by Murray Straus, founder and co-director of the Family Research Lab and professor emeritus of sociology at the University of New Hampshire, brings together more than four decades of research that makes the definitive case against spanking, including how it slows cognitive development and increases antisocial and criminal behavior. 


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Your Help Needed:  School-Based OTs and COTAs Needed for Utilization Study - (Survey Based, Takes 5-10 Minutes)  

From time to time, PediaStaff will help spread the word about an academic research study. We saw mention of this one, being conducted by Lisa Vintaloro OTR/L at Florida Atlantic University and felt it was definitely something our readers could help with!


Description of Project:   We are researching how occupational therapists see their roles and contributions to school-based practice. Do your schools use your skills and resources to their greatest advantage? Your participation will take between 5-10 minutes and will include  


Read More on our Blog

ADD in the News:  The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder  

[Source:  New York Times]  


By Alan Schwarz  


After more than 50 years leading the fight to legitimize attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Keith Conners could be celebrating.  

Severely hyperactive and impulsive children, once shunned as bad seeds, are now recognized as having a real neurological problem. Doctors and parents have largely accepted drugs like Adderall and Concerta to temper the traits of classic A.D.H.D., helping youngsters succeed in school and beyond.


But Dr. Conners did not feel triumphant this fall as he addressed a group of fellow A.D.H.D. specialists in Washington. He noted that recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the diagnosis had been made in 15 percent of  

On the Lighter Side:  This Happened In Therapy!   

A good blogger friend of ours had this little 'kids say the darnedest things' gem on her Facebook page the other day, and I realized it would be a great one to send around as a meme.    So, with Loren Shlaes' permission, here it is! 


Enjoy this on our Blog

Adolescent Health in the News:  Two in Three 13-Year-Old Girls Afraid of Gaining Weight    

[Source: Science Daily]


Six in ten 13-year-old girls, compared to four in 10 boys the same age, are afraid of gaining weight or getting fat according to new research on eating disorders from the UCL Institute of Child Health (UK) in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK).


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It's All About the Choices:  And we Thank YOU for Choosing PediaStaff!  

"It's All About the Choices" and once again we would like to thank our blog and social media friends for CHOOSING to follow PediaStaff as your source for news, research, classroom/clinic ideas and articles pertinent to pediatric therapy.


But who IS PediaStaff anyway?  


We are leaders in the placement of pediatric and school-based SLPs, OTs, PTs, and School Psychologists - with a parallel commitment to share resources.  We place contract and direct hire in all pediatric / school settings and terms - including part-time, full-time and PRN. 


Here are a few ways that you can learn more about us and what we stand for:

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PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week:  SLPs Robin and John P, Husband and Wife Team!  

Congratulations to speech-language pathologist husband and wife team, John and Robin P., who both got new placements in northwest Oregon this week through PediaStaff.


Robin will support a caseload of students with significant cognitive disabilities and who are almost entirely non-verbal.   She will also be conducting  feeding evaluations and writing feeding protocols. There is some travel involved as there are 4 different school sites, which are between 5-10 miles apart.


John will be working for a different district in the region, and will serve a large and very diverse caseload of kids grades K-12.   He will be very busy and looks forward to the challenge!

Both John and Robin are longtime employees of PediaStaff.   You might have met them at ASHA.  They were our eyes and ears out in the hall at McCormack Place and were snapping photos for Instagram!  

We are so happy to have both these lovely people on our team!

App Review of the Week:  Cookie Doodle  

by Allie Landers, MS CCC-SLP


I'm always on the hunt for new apps to use in therapy. I'm usually looking for apps not specifically designed for speech and language therapy, but for apps that are fun and engaging to use as motivating means of working on language skills. One of my favorite of these apps is Cookie Doodle, especially at this time of year. The general idea of the app is that you get to make cookies. You start by adding and mixing the ingredients, then bake and decorate the cookie, and then you get to eat it. Understandably, this app is a huge hit with most kids (who doesn't like cookies?). But it's also a great tool as a clinician 


Read the Rest of this App Review on our Blog

Instagram Activity of the Week:  LEGO Print Wrapping Paper  

This idea was very popular on Instagram a few days ago!  It would be a fun way to spend one of your last days before break, or could make an excellent activity idea to send home with your students/clients for them to try during the early part of their break!xxx


See This Neat Idea on our Blog

Scent-sational Therapy Idea:  Cloves into a Tangerine

As you, know, we have been enjoying Instagram.  Today in my feed I saw this great post by Bloggy Mom, Amber Passey of the Because Babies Grow Up blog.


What a lovely activity to try with the children either just for fine motor and sensory OR for trial based speech therapy sessions.    If you don't have time to do it with your kids before they 


Read the Rest of this Post and See a Photo on our Blog

Pinterest Pinboard of the Week:  New Year's Themed Therapy Activities  

I know everyone is thinking about Christmas right now (and probably have one foot out the door so you can enjoy some vacation time with your loved ones), but New Year's Day is just around the corner.   The theme of the new year is perfect for goal setting and other thought provoking activities that are excellent in a therapy context.


Most of our readers are school based therapists, so the actual "New Year's Day" falls during holiday break, but there is no reason you can't celebrate the new year in therapy as soon as you return.


Access This Pinboard Through our Blog

OT Corner: Looking at Toys Through a Therapist's Eyes

by Cara Koscinki MOT, OTR/L

Children of all ages learn skills through engaging in play. After all, when children are not asleep they are learning about their environment through various play activities during their day. They enjoy diving hands first into play experiences! Completing the tasks of building blocks, working a puzzle, and drawing pictures will yield skills that the child will use throughout his lifetime. Occupational therapists are fortunate enough to be a critical part of the treatment team for children with special needs. We have developed a specialty called "activity analysis." This means we work by looking at how an activity is broken down into smaller steps. Therapists who work 

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More OT/PT Corner: Top Ten Occupational/Physical Therapy Articles Published on the PediaStaff Blog

Thanks to Your Therapy Source for reminding us that it is "Top Ten Time!"  Here are the top ten OT/PT articles 'of all time' (by page views) that have been featured on the PediaStaff blog

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SLP Corner: Top Ten SLP Articles Published on the PediaStaff Blog

The end of the year is time to reflect!  Please enjoy this list of the top ten viewed speech-language pathology articles we have featured here on PediaStaff since beginning this blog.


Access our Top 10 SLP Articles on our Blog

Pediatric Therapy Corner: All Time Top Ten Therapy Activities and Resources Shared on the PediaStaff Blog

And for our last top ten list here are the top ten therapy resources & activities shared on the PediaStaff Blog (based on page views)


Access our Top 10 Therapy Activities and Resources on our Blog

Worth Repeating: 5 Fun Ways To Build Your Child's Vocabulary During the Holidays

[Source: North Shore Pediatric Therapy]

During the holidays, children are off of school, families are spending time together, the weather is changing, and everyone is eating delicious food! Parents can use this time off as the perfect time to do vocabulary building activities.

  1. Make Lists: Creating a list of items can help increase your child's vocabulary. If you create lists with your child of grocery items, gifts needed, or even locations, it can help to promote language development and thought organization. Children can begin to associate new words (e.g., stuffing, cranberries, gravy) with the holidays and may be 
Read the Rest of this Article Through a Link on our Blog

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