January 24, 2014
Issue 4, Volume 7
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News Items:
  • Neurons Can Use 2 Different Strategies When Responding to Sound
  • Why do Some Children with Autism React Strongly to Noise?
  • Man with Autism Gift for IKEA Assembly Turns into a Business
  • On the Lighter Side: A Little OT Humor
  • Beatboxing May Be Safer Than Singing 
  • Upper Extremity Strength Measurement in Children with Cerebral Palsy 
PediaStaff News
  • PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week: Puget Sound
  • PediaStaff News of the Week: So Excited, Had to Share!
Therapy Activities, Tips and Resources
  • App Review of the Week: Idiom Stories - Quizzes to Learn Idioms (Free as of this Writing!) 
  • Resource of the Week: National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
  • Glad Monster, Sad Monster - A Book About Feelings (and a Craftivity)
  • Pinterest Pinboard of the Week:  Groundhog Day Therapy Activities

Articles and Special Features 

  • Pediatric Therapy Corner: Angry Kids - What Not to Do
  • EI Corner: What to Expect When your Child Needs a Early Intervention Assessment
  • Autism Corner: The 'A Word' & Child Vaccinations
  • Worth Repeating: Is it Asperger's or ADHD?
  • Also Worth Repeating: Emotionally Fragile" Childen with Asperger's & High-Functioning Autism
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The Neurology of Comprehension in the News:  Neurons Can Use 2 Different Strategies When Responding to Sound  

[Medical News Today]


When listening to someone speak, we also rely on lip-reading and gestures to help us understand what the person is saying.


To link these sights and sounds, the brain has to know where each stimulus is located so it can coordinate processing of related visual and auditory aspects of the scene. That's how we can single out a conversation when it's one of many going on in a room.


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Mysteries of Autism in the News:  Why do Some Children with Autism React Strongly to Noise? 

[Source:  CBS News] 


CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook and CBS News contributor Dr. Holly Phillips joined "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the major medical stories of the week.


A new study is shedding light on one of the key mysteries of autism - why some children with the disorder have extreme reactions to noise. Researchers have long known that kids with autism struggle with communication, but, for the first time, scientists at Vanderbilt University have shown one reason why.

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Can-Do Spirit in the News:  Man with Autism Gift for IKEA Assembly Turns into a Business 

Editor's Note:  This is a great article to share with your students/clients for inspiration!


[Source:  The Toronto Star]


An Edmonton father starts a business with his 24-year-old son, who can't read or talk but can figure out how to put together complex furniture.


The next time you are cursing the assembly instructions for an IKEA desk or bookshelf, you will wish you were living in Edmonton.


Residents in the Alberta capital can hire Brad Fremmerlid, a 24-year-old man with severe autism who can build anything.


Although he doesn't read or speak, Fremmerlid has an amazing ability to understand the most complex diagrams, blueprints and pictorial instructions. 


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On the Lighter Side:  A Little OT Humor  

[Source:  Occupational Therapy Memes - On Facebook]


This one has been a huge hit!   


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Sound Production in the News:  Beatboxing May Be Safer Than Singing   

[Source: Scientific American]


Which, do you imagine, is harder on the human voice, a rock singer sound, a soprano sound or a beatboxer sound?


Beatboxing, as musician Tom Thum was doing in that last example, uses the voice to mimic an incredible range of percussive instruments, from drums and cymbals to record scratches and didgeridoos.


But to make such, well, inhuman sounds, the performer contorts various parts of the vocal tract and pushes air at high velocity through the larynx, creating concerns that beatboxing might lead to long-term vocal damage.


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Cerebral Palsy Research in the News:  Upper Extremity Strength Measurement in Children with Cerebral Palsy    

[Source: Physical Therapy via Your Therapy Source]


Physical Therapy published a systemic review of available instruments to measure upper extremity strength in children with cerebral palsy.  The researchers identified 6 different measurement instruments.  Two test-retest reliability studies were rated as "fair" for the level of evidence. All other studies were rated as "unknown" for the level of evidence.


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PediaStaff Therapy Placement of the Week:  Puget Sound  

Congratulations to Michelle P., on her Part-time, Pediatric PT Position in Puget Sound (Placed through PediaStaff)


Michelle will be working 3 days a per week and her caseload will include Pre-K through 12th grade, starting with age 3, so she'll have an interesting variety.


That's a Pretty Place to Practice PT!



PediaStaff News:  So Excited, Had to Share!  

*Just*  got the proof of a custom & exclusive pediatric OT Thumball - designed by our very team here at PediaStaff - that we will be giving away to all our booth visitors (Booth #837) at the 2014 AOTA National Conference and Expo while supplies last!


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App Review of the Week:  Idiom Stories - Quizzes to Learn Idioms (Free as of this Writing!)  

Editor's Note:  At the time of this posting, this app has gone free!  Grab it while you can.   If not, at .99 it is still recommended.  

Purpose of App: Introduce and quiz on common English idioms.


I never realized how complicated the English language is until I began to explain various parts to my children. I will not even start on spelling and the whole "i before e except..." business. The English language can be confusing; and since my son has Asperger's, he is very literal in his thinking and speech. Idioms can be very difficult for children on the Autism spectrum, as well as other children 


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Resource of the Week:  National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities  

Editor's Note:  This is a sad loss.  Grab what you think you might need here before it goes away!!

The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) has provided information and resources to the nation on disabilities in children and youth for many decades. On September 30, 2013, however, our funding from the Office of Special Education Programs at the U.S. Department of Education ended.


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Therapy Book of the Week:  Glad Monster, Sad Monster - A Book About Feelings (and a Craftivity)  

[Source: The Learn and Grow Designs blog]


I am really excited to share the Glad Monster, Sad Monster Art Lesson I did with my 1st grade classes. O.K., I am always excited to share things with you. The great thing is my cute little Kindergarten daughter was able to make this art project as well and she did an awesome job.


I started out the art lesson by reading Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda's wonderful Glad Monster, Sad

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Pinterest Pinboard of the Week:  Groundhog Day Activities for Therapy  

Groundhog Day is fun.  Well, maybe not for Bill Murray but the kids really love it.


Groundhog Day is a fun theme which can advance many therapy goals with children.  The holiday's interesting  history and tradition lend themselves to a variety of conversations about prediction, teaching about shadows and more.


Here are some activities we have collected for you that you might fit into your curriculum next week for Groundhog Day. 


Visit our Groundhog Day Pinterest Board Through our Blog

Pediatric Therapy Corner: Angry Kids - What Not to Do

[Source:  Above All Else Services]

1. Do Not Engage in a Power Struggle:
Children who are experiencing high levels of anger are in a fight or flight mode. By continuing to engage with the child you are only going to further ignite their anger. If nobody's getting hurt and it is not a life-threatening situation or safety issue, it's better to back of and give them distance to calm themselves.

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EI Corner: What to Expect When your Child Needs a Early Intervention Assessment

[Source:  Creative Learning Fun]


When your child is referred for an early intervention assessment, it can be a little nerve wracking not knowing what to expect. What will they look for? Will my child qualify? What if they don't see what I'm seeing during the testing? etc... These questions are absolutely normal. But you'll find that early intervention assessments are a lot more thorough than you anticipate. 


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Autism Corner: The 'A Word' & Child Vaccinations

[Source: Millions of Fingerprints]  


By Kaitlin Frokjer Wilson


I come to you in peace and with a piece of the Autism puzzle that doesn't make all the headlines. I may insert a "piece" of my own mind throughout this post too...which I am sure will lead to some stimulating conversation...I'm ok with that. Matter of fact I encourage that! Discussion and debate can lead to great growth for everyone involved.

Worth Repeating: Is it Asperger's or ADHD?

By Daniel Rosenn, M.D


It would be much easier for all of us if psychiatric diagnoses fell neatly into one category. And psychiatry would be immeasurably less complicated if we had a "scientific instrument" like an MRI, X-ray or blood test which accurately and consistently assigned people into one or another diagnosis. If we only had such a lens, one of the first places we would direct our attention would be at the muddy territory shared by Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Of the rash of childhood emotional disorders, ADHD is probably the most ubiquitous, spreading over perhaps as many as six to seven percent of our children; that is somewhere around 60-80 times the prevalence now commonly ascribed to Asperger's Syndrome. It is not too surprising that so many children are first diagnosed with ADHD, (occasionally preceded by the apologetic "atypical") several years before they circle and land on the Asperger's tarmac.

Also Worth Repeating: "Emotionally Fragile" Childen with Asperger's & High-Functioning Autism

[Source:  My Aspergers Child]

As some parents may have discovered, many young people with Asperger's (AS) and High Functioning Autism (HFA) are "emotionally fragile" (to coin a term). In other words, these individuals have great difficulty coping with day-to-day stressors, and exhibit unusually withdrawn or aggressive behaviors as a defense mechanism.


Emotional fragility is most prevalent in school-age AS and HFA kids. It can manifest itself in many ways, all of which are challenging for the youngster, parents, and teachers. These young people often exhibit a variety of symptoms that cause school psychologists to misdiagnose them with 


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