From Concept To Completion: Bloom Senior Living Continues Its Focus On Education With The Opening Of "Bloom U Education Center" At Bloom At Belfair In Bluffton, South Carolina!
When most people think of a traditional healthcare setting, they typically envision a sterile environment with drop ceilings and industrial carpet blending into the dimly lit space. Bloom Senior Living, and its new Bloom U Education Center, are anything but traditional and its environment follows suit.  

Bloom takes a holistic approach to senior living and drew inspiration from outside the healthcare industry to create a nontraditional senior housing space, seek out new ways to bring its long tradition and family story to life and demonstrate to its residents, families and associates what makes the company different. 

To bring its aspirational mission of helping seniors bloom (rather than just live safely and securely), Bloom priortizes associate education and training. Bloom’s education program, Bloom U, is a dynamic curriculum comprised of e-based and classroom courses, interactive training, videos, workshops and seminars that provide education and development for Bloom associates. Bloom U also introduces associates to the culture, mission and values of Bloom; from where the company began to where it aims to go.

The company doesn’t stop there. Bloom has taken education one step further with the new Bloom U Education Center at Bloom at Belfair in Bluffton, South Carolina. Just completed and ready for its next class of associates, the Bloom U Education Center was constructed with the help of expressive interior designers to create a welcoming environment that promotes learning. 

At the Bloom U Education Center, education is an immersive experience. On the walls surrounding the learning space, associates are introduced to the Bloom timeline, Bloom Beliefs, and culture. From concept to reality, Bloom has redefined senior living by aiming higher and striving to help both associates and residents grow in comfortable and engaging spaces. 

Bloom welcomes you to the new Bloom U Education Center -- see how our concept became a reality:
We invite you to experience it yourself in Bluffton, South Carolina! Additional Bloom U Education Centers will be opened across all Bloom communities in Indiana and Louisiana shortly!
Press Contact:
Melissa Campbell
Bloom Senior Living Director of Education & Development
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