December 2017 Newsletter
Climb Nashville Cuts Electric Bills with Solar & LEDs
Climb Nashville Solar
Climb Nashville is Nashville's premier indoor rock climbing facility with locations in East and West Nashville. Climb Nashville offers day passes, memberships, yoga and fitness classes, group events, outdoor trips, youth climbing, retail and more. In 2003 Lance Brock, his wife Carrie, and their partner, Drew Sloss, opened the first Climb Nashville facility in Sylvan Heights. In 2014 they moved to a 17,000 square foot building on Charlotte Avenue, opened a gym in East Nashville, and now the company is planning to open facilities in Murfreesboro and Bentonville, Arkansas, next year.

As part of their expansion, Climb Nashville enlisted the help of local energy efficiency company, Power of Clean Energy (PCE) to gain better control of their electric costs. In fact, PCE explained how Climb could easily combine energy efficiency upgrades, solar electric generation and a local Pathway Lending loan to see a great return on investment without an upfront expense. 
Climb Nashville LEDs
“We showed Climb how switching all of their light bulbs to LEDs at the West facility would reduce consumption by 20%,” explains Kevin Johnson, Energy Advisor with PCE. “Those savings help Climb pay for the solar system, and the combined technologies will cut their electric bills in half,” Johnson says.

LightWave Solar installed a 50kW solar system – 151 solar panels – on top of Climb Nashville West. The solar panels are expected to generate more than $6,500 annually as part of TVA’s Green Power Providers program (GPP). Under the 2017 GPP program, Climb will sell all of their solar electricity to the utility at the escalating GSA-1 rate (currently about 11 cents/kWh) for 20 years.

“I realized that solar was more affordable than I thought it would be,” says Lance Brock, co-owner of Climb Nashville. “I compared the savings of both upgrades with the cost, and decided it was a smart move, especially with the financing available through Pathway Lending,” he says.

Pathway Lending is a Tennessee lender that offers a 5 year, 2% interest loan for businesses doing energy efficiency and solar energy projects. Climb Nashville’s energy investment will pay for itself in 5 years, and Climb will reap the savings for decades to come – about $12,000 each year! These savings will “climb” as electric rates rise.

Click here to learn about the environmental benefits and how to contact PCE.
TVA Solar Program Update: Get into this year's program!!
In order for you to receive the most value for your solar electricity, we encourage you to apply for the 2017 Green Power Providers program. TVA's application deadline is December 31, 2017.

We can help you get into this year's program to lock in the full and escalating retail rate for 100% of solar electricity for 20 years. Projects do not need to be built in 2017; applications just need to be submitted and approved by Dec. 31.

LightWave Solar encourages you to contact us to apply for this year's program as soon as possible. Although TVA's deadline is Dec. 31, we will need to allow time for your site visit (if necessary), solar proposal and the submission and approval of TVA's paperwork.
Tennesseans for Solar Choice
Tennesseans for Solar Choice
Tell TVA you support solar energy in Tennessee! Encourage TVA to fairly compensate solar system owners for the clean electricity they generate, and push back against rate structures that penalize energy efficiency and solar. Learn about the Tennesseans for Solar Choice campaign, and sign the petition if you haven't yet!
Nashville Climate March on Sat, December 9
Nashville Climate March
Consider joining fellow renewable energy advocates for speeches, music and a march for smart climate action.
Sat, Dec 9 from 10am-1:30pm
At Sally Beaman Park next to the Green Hills Library
March will take place on Hillsboro Pike
Usually in this section, you see solar panels from recent installations. This month take a look at our tidy inverters and conduit!
IR-G Industrial Rubber & Gasket Solar
Inverters for 50kW at Industrial Rubber & Gasket in Nashville
Windy Acres Solar
Inverters for 14kW at Windy Acres Farm in Orlinda, TN
Solar Home in Nashville
Inverter for 6kW on Nashville home
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