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  • Executive Education: Manchester, UK (Dec. 3-5)
  • Credit Union Professionals, Register for CanadaDE Today!
  • What Do We Offer? Master's, Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Co-operative Management (Online, part-time) 
  • Study Tour Wrap: Bologna, Italy 
  • Master's Student Profile, Rebecca Fisher-McGinty of Round Sky Solutions
  • Upcoming Courses and Events
  • Learn more about out programs! CME Webinar, Nov. 13 at 12pm EST, Register Here
Executive Education - Manchester, UK
December 3-5, 2018: 
Led by Saint Mary's University, in partnership with the Co-op College. Hosted at the Co-op Group. 

US, UK, and Canadian Locations: Enhancing Business Performance through Identity, Loyalty and Participation

This course tackles how to manage the co-operative equilibrium, building on the dual aspects of membership and enterprise embedded within the co-operative business model. Learn how to strengthen identity and loyalty. Led by Dr. Daniel Côté, in addition to co-operative sector featured speakers, participants will dig into case studies that help illuminate major issues and opportunities for the co-operative business model (co-ops and credit unions).

  • December 3-5, 2018 (Manchester, UK)
  • May 7-9, 2019 (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Credit Union Professionals: CanadaDE 2019, Register Today!
The Co-operative Management Education Program at Saint Mary's University  has brought something great to Canada and you're invited. Join the next cohort of Credit Union Development Education (DE) professionals for CanadaDE 2019 (June 9-14, Halifax, Canada): Click here for more information

T his  5 ½ day, full immersion program  focused on the credit union business model. It will  renew  and deepen your understanding and  appreciation for co-operative  values,  principles  and practices with a focus on their  relevance to the long-term success of credit union s. 

 Furthermore, we have integrated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) into the CanadaDE program; this is a unique opportunity to learn about UN SDGs in the context of your credit union.

Improve leadership skills while building  your international network. Participants come from Canada, Africa, USA, many Caribbean countries, and beyond. 

Contact  Kristen (cme@smu.cawith any questions.

What Do We Offer? Master's, Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Co-operative Management (Online, part-time) 

We invite you to join the ranks of some of the most innovative and creative leaders in the co-operative system. Use your existing co-operative as a "living lab" where you can bring real-life challenges, successes and conversations to the table. As our programs are available online, you will have the opportunity to meet other keen co-operators from around the world, while learning from some of the top, global educators. 

Apply now for an August 2019 start.

Online, part-time education for working co-operative professionals:
  • Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions (3 years, includes 10-day co-operative study tour to Spain or Italy)
  • Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management (20 months)
  • Certificate in Co-operative Management (10 months)
*Contact us for more information* cme@smu.ca

Study Tour Wrap: Bologna, Italy
Congratulations to our 2017 cohort who just completed their co-operative study tour in Italy! Our tours offer a hands-on approach to learning about established and unique co-operative models.  

Our international study tours are an essential component of the Master's program and the chance for students to gain valuable experience focused on models of co-operative excellence. The study tour is the in-person component of a 6-week, online course that includes readings, discussions, lectures, papers, and a journal project.

Non-student tour spots are available. You don't have to be enrolled in the Master's program to participate in the Spain or Italy tour.  Contact us for more information on how you can broaden your knowledge by joining us on one of our international co-operative tours.  
Spain Dates 2019: Oct 21 (opening dinner) to Oct 30 (closing dinner).
Oct 20 arrival recommended; Oct 31 departure. Accommodation provided between Oct 20 check-in and Oct 31 check-out. Travel into and out of Bilbao, Spain.

Master's student profile, Rebecca Fisher-McGinty of  Round Sky Solutions, USA

Rebecca Fisher-McGinty, born in California, is energized to engage in St Mary's University's Masters of Cooperative Management to manifest and better understand her vision for economic justice and support the growth of her cooperative. 
She's always had a sense that our current economy and direction is dehumanizing for us all.  She completed her bachelors of science in environmental policy at University of California, Berkeley in 2013 and jumped into non-profit work. However, that work simply didn't satisfy the desire to analyze and work toward systemic change. Thus, she is committed to building up, participating in, and depending on "new economy" structures starting with her dedication to her own worker cooperative. 
She is the Communications Wizard at Round Sky Solutions, a small and mighty worker cooperative. Round Sky works with leaders, aspiring leaders, and organizations that value and want to improve their democratic and collaborative processes in their teams. They are a "meta" cooperative that helps other coops and teams work more efficiently and inclusively together so they can do the work of their missions. They support cooperative leaders through the intensive and online Collaborative Leadership Certification Program as well as team based trainings. Round Sky is currently offering a free 7 day Self Care Challenge for today's coop leaders this fall. The leaders in our movement have so much going on that sometimes self care and reflection simply does not happen on a regular basis. The series is open to everyone! Join Rebecca and her coop's self care challenge here!

Upcoming Courses Offered by Saint Mary's University
Executive Education:
Enhancing Business Performance: How to Strengthen Identity, Loyalty and Participation: Hosted in partnership with the Co-op College at the Co-op GroupDecember 3-5 2018, Manchester UK.

Additional Executive Education Courses: May 7-9 2019, Winnipeg Canada. 

Canada DE 2019:
Saint Mary's University (Halifax, Canada) will host the next Canada DE program June 9 (afternoon) through to June 14 (evening), 2019 as a full immersion program.
Information and registration here: 

Other News:
Saint Mary's Students Appointed to CEC
Congratulations to THREE of our students/alumni who have been been appointed as new members of Canada's Emerging Co-operators (CEC) 2018-2019. Musonda Yamfwa, Lisa Furfaro and Josh Noble join a team from various regions of Canada to represent CEC in their effort to educate and support young people in co-operatives. Congratulations!   The committee helps to identify the interests of young co-operators and improve how we engage with young Canadians. For more information on CEC, visit their website at:  http://canada.coop/en

Upcoming Educ ational Courses and Conferences:
Joint CASC/ACE/ICA Conference May 27-31, 2019 in Montreal, Quebec  and they are now calling for papers. Submit a paper, presentation or workshop. December 15, 2018 deadlineMore information here: http://www.coopresearch.coop/casc-2019-conference/

Free education site for co-ops and the co-op curious! The Association of Cooperative Educators in partnership with  TESA Collective and  GEO has been building a new free, open portal for learning and teaching about co-ops - the Cooperative Educators Network at  https://ed.coop. I t is live and ready to be used and shared!

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