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November 10, 2011



We are going to be focusing our newsletter on 1) items that we think 'champion creativity', 2) Creative Alliance events, 3) member activities, and 4) resources on creativity from around the nation that we think you will find valuable.

Creative Alliance Milwaukee is looking for an energetic Research Intern.  Specific details may be accessed via the link under Featured Gigs as well as additional creative jobs, including a special NEA opportunity.

From upcoming workshops and webinars to thought leadership, Creative Conversations are increasing on a variety of levels and we're eager to hear your feedback and ideas.  Check out the opportunities below and engage!


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"Creative Conversation" with Emerging Arts Leaders
Monday, November 14, 2011
4:00 - 6:00 P.M.
Arts @ Large, 908 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee Arts Wisconsin Logo 

Milwaukee young and emerging creative leaders (people under the age of 35 who are working in the arts, design and media throughout the region) are invited to be part of a "Creative Conversation" with Arts @ Large and Arts Wisconsin. This event featuring a panel conversation, lots of networking, and good food, is part of a series of "Creative Conversation" events happening throughout Wisconsin in fall 2011.    


The theme of the meeting is "creative placemaking," to be discussed by a panel of Milwaukee arts and community leaders and facilitated by Teri Sullivan, Director of Arts @ Large.   


"Creative placemaking" is a phrase resonating nationwide to describe the ways in which arts, culture and creativity expressed powerfully through place can create vibrant communities, thus increasing the desire and the economic and civic opportunity for people to thrive in place.    It fits the times perfectly:  everyone who cares about the future of their community is  in the "business" of creating vibrant, livable places through the arts, culture and creativity.  Development models and strategies, partnerships and collaborations, entrepreneurial opportunities - all are components of the "creative placemaking" process.    


The reception will follow the panel discussion.  This event is free and open to the public - targeted to young leaders (35 and under) in the arts!  Learn More > 

Creative Communities CH Photo
Join the conversation as Christine Harris,  Executive Advisor to Creative Alliance Milwaukee, continues the dialogue about growing the creative capacities of our commuinity to generate a vibrant economy and foster our potentnial for innovation. Christine's latest post, 2011 Creativity Forum in Oklahoma, highlights some of the top sessions from the recent event.  
Announcing an Innovation Index in Oklahoma 
At a time when imagining the future has never been more challenging nor more essential, Oklahoma is fortunate to have visionary political leadership. Read more >

Wisconsin Arts Board's "It's Time to Talk" Recap  

At the Wisconsin Arts Board's "It's Time to Talk" meeting at MARN yesterday, Executive Director George Tzougros reported the following:

  • The Wisconsin Arts Board is alive and well;
  • While they are situated in the Department of Tourism, they are operating independently with their same board and budget control;
  • The budget has been reduced from about $3 million last year to $1.6 million this year. Basically, the budget has been cut to match only what is needed for the NEA grant. That has reduced the staff from 10 to 4.
  • Programs still being funded included: Creation and Presentation, Creative Communities, statewide services and the re-granting program, the Woodland Indian Arts Initiative, and Folk Arts Apprenticeships. The Arts Challenge Initiative will only support the 'minority' category, and the Percent for Art program has been eliminated.
  • Staff will continue to offer technical support services to the extent they are ableWAB Logo

A member of the Tourism staff spoke about the Joint Effort Marketing grant opportunities. These funds have not been reduced and are available for any nonprofit with a program or event designed to increase visitors in Wisconsin.


The priority for any public funding, and more so these days, has been to demonstrate 'public value', a positive and measurable public impact. Communicating with legislators about public value will be extremely important.


For more information, please go to: For more information on JEM grants, go to

Americans for the Arts Webinar: Award Winning Arts and Business Partnerships
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
3:00 - 4:00 P.M. EST AFTA logo
Hear directly from the 2011 BCA 10 honorees, businesses that have been exceptional partners with arts organizations, as they discuss best practices in supporting the arts and how to create successful business partnerships in your community. All webinars are free to members or can be purchased by non-members for $35 per session. Visit the webinar website to register and find out about upcoming
Top 7 Creativity Myths
Mention the word Creativity, and people begin to squirm in their chairs. The very thought can prompt anxiety, fear, and doubt - even in the most accomplished professionals. Let's explore some common myths, and uncover the truth behind this "fuzzy" topic.  Learn More >
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"Creative Conversation" with Emerging Arts Leaders
Creative Communities Conversation
A Defining Moment for Education in Oklahoma
Wisconsin Arts Board's "It's Time to Talk" Recap
Americans for the Arts Webinar
Top 7 Creativity Myths
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