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July 17, 2012 



Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Creative Alliance's Birthday Bash.  This has been an exciting inaugural year and we're looking forward to continuing the momentum!


This fall we're bringing Milwaukee's creative community together in a way that has never been achieved before. We are thrilled to announce Milwaukee's first annual creative summit, Creative Milwaukee at Work!  This one-day celebration of creative Milwaukee will also provide networking opportunities and strengthen capacities for creative thinking and problem solving.  Click to learn more and register.   


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The Creative Alliance Team

Thanks for Joining Us at Our Birthday Bash!  

We collected really valuable feedback from the creative community regarding the potential Creative Incubator (including ideas for alternate labeling of the space: Incubator? Hub? Accelerator?).


You spoke, we listened. Overall, we heard that you'd like a myriad of different amenities and resources available, such as private studio space accessible 24/7, a caf´┐Ż or coffee shop, makers space (for woodworking, glassblowing, weaving, painting, etc), open community gathering space, conference rooms with full tech capabilities, a music/recording studio, various digital and multimedia equipment, and exhibit and gallery space.


For the most part, we know you're not crazy about an over-commercialized or tightly structured space. Sleek, sterile, and modern "corporate" space was turned down in favor of raw, creative, and eclectic design. Many people also questioned the use of the space for events and public tours, instead seeking greater privacy and respect of the creative process. We were also met with some skepticism regarding the financial sustainability of such a space.


Other resources that creatives were talking about include critique

sessions for artists, performing arts practice or studio space,

classes and workshops, access to loans/venture capital, business

planning and development services, marketing and public relations

services, and regular collaborative meetings and social events.


We also heard that you have questions about how use of the space will be prioritized, how tenants will be selected, and how the organization will be most successful. These are all things we're seeking to tack down in the months to come, and as always, we'll keep you updated on the progress and planning of the space. 


Have a comment, question, or additional feedback? Couldn't make it to the event but want to give your two cents? Email us.

Fourth and State: Jill Morin

Wisconsin's leading newsmakers meet with the Journal Sentinel's Editorial Board - governors, senators, congressmen, mayors, business leaders. They see them all. Last year, they began featuring those conversations in a new video segment they call "Fourth & State."


In this clip, Jill Morin, board co-chair of Creative Alliance Milwaukee, stops by to talk about what we're doing to promote the creative class in Milwaukee.

Fourth and State: Jill Morin
Fourth and State: Jill Morin

The Landmark Eisner Building Presents Work by Laura Bovinet
Friday, July 27th, 5 PM - 9 PM
Saturday, July 28th, 10 AM - 9 PM

Sunday, July 29th, 12 PM - 4 PM
Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward
Bovinet writes about her work, "I enjoy dissecting my relations with others, striving to find what it is within our connection that held us together for that particular moment. My recent work has consistently dealt with my views on relationships as well as my coming to terms with adulthood. I use my medium to produce beautifully-crafted figures from my past, people who have helped shape the woman I am today."

Bovinet's work is full of fun and adventure, transcribed through bright color and bold brushwork. The Eisner Building is delighted to exhibit her most recent work as well as choice pieces from the past six years.

For more information about Milwaukee's Gallery Night, visit their website

Visit Laura's website.
Arts Graduates Are Generally Satisfied, Employed

A survey being released today suggests that arts graduates -- counter to the stereotype -- are not all facing unemployment. The survey, the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project, includes graduates of arts colleges and of arts programs within broader universities. Among the findings:

  • 87 percent of arts graduates who are currently employed are satisfied with the job in which they spend the majority of their work time.
  • Of those employed alumni, 82 percent are satisfied with their ability to be creative in their current work, whether working in the arts or in other fields.
  • Only 4 percent of respondents report being unemployed and looking for work - less than half the national rate of 8.9 percent.
  • 84 percent of employed alumni agree that their current primary job reflects their personalities, interests and values, whether their work is in the arts or other fields.
  • Those with degrees in the performing arts and design are the most likely ever to be employed as professional artists, with 82 percent of dance, theater and music performance majors, and 81 percent of design majors working as professional artists at some point. 
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Thanks for Joining Us at Our Birthday Bash
Fourth and State: Jill Morin
The Landmark Eisner Building Presents Work by Laura Bovinet
Arts Graduates Are Generally Satisfied, Employed
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