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Summertime!  Some teens say, "What should we do?"  Others say, "Zzzzz..."  What *you* say can change what the teens in your circle of influence will think and do in the remaining weeks of Summer 2014.  They will only have one Summer 2014... How will you encourage them to live it?

Main Idea:  4 Ways Teens Can Use Summer Vacation for Self-Discovery

These activities allow high schoolers to explore possible careers and can enhance a student's college application, education experts say.

By Alexandra Pannoni 


For most teens, having fun is the main item on the agenda for summer vacation, not learning.


But summer can be a great time for high school students to explore different interests and careers, as well as prepare for the college admissions process.


"It can be a really important time of self-discovery," says Stephanie Diozzi, a guidance counselor at Burlington High School in Massachusetts.  Not all high school students know what they want to study in college, she says, so they can use the summer to cultivate interests in a low-stress manner.


These four activities can allow students to develop those new interest and skills, whether they are spending the summer at grandma's house or in their hometown.  Plus, students can include these experiences on their college applications.


[Find out other ways to make family vacation educational.]


1. Participate in an educational camp or college program: Many colleges, museums and other organizations offer summer learning opportunities for high school students, Diozzi says.


Highly ranked schools such as Yale University and Stanford University offer summer programs for high school students, as do civic organizations such as the Rotary Club.  Summer programs can be a great way for students to explore possible majors or areas of interest, Diozzi says.  Many offer financial aid and scholarships for students who want to attend, and students shouldn't rule out these programs even if the enrollment period has ended.


"Call to see if there are any last-minute cancellations.  Sometimes families' plans change and they have to bow out of a program," she says.


2. Get a summer job: Students shouldn't underestimate the importance of small jobs, Diozzi says.


While it may be challenging for a 14- or 15-year-old to find a formal job, odd jobs like mowing an elderly neighbor's lawn are seen in a very positive light by college admissions officers, she says.


"It shows that the student has initiative and that they've taken on a responsible role in their community to the best of their ability," she says. 



From the Executive Director's desk...
 My kids are only 11 and 13, but they have been SO busy this summer!  They've done great activities like volleyball camp, soccer club, water sports camp, horseback riding, and so on.  Though these are all great pursuits - enriching their lives - we also need to be careful to build in plenty of down-time.  Just time to relax, be a kid, enjoy summer time, play with the dog, play with friends.  Make the most of the rest of YOUR summer with your kids and grand kids!
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Ed Kaczmarek  

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