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Main Idea: The Real Reason We Avoid Time With God

A desire to spend time with God is tied to an accurate perspective on who He is.  

By: Dargan Thompson


I rolled over and hit the snooze button on my alarm for the third time.

I had planned on getting up a little earlier than usual in order to spend some time reading my Bible, but, like many other mornings, in the fight between extra sleep and good intentions, sleep won out.

Sure, I was tired. I probably needed that extra sleep. But I somehow didn't see time with God as something I needed.

Maybe you can relate.

In the daily struggle to balance different areas of our lives and the limited time we have, almost everything else wins out over spending time with God.

In theory, we all know that time with God is important. Having a thriving quiet time is something we aspire to, like all those projects on Pinterest that we just know we'll get around to when there's some space in our schedules, when we finally get our lives in order.

But "getting our lives in order" is always a future possibility, a place even the most organized among us never really reach. For now, quiet time is something we squeeze into our schedules intermittently when we get a few minutes.

We don't really see it as "avoiding" time with God, we just think that between everything else we have to do, we don't have time. When we really look at our lives, though, we know that's not true. We're all busy, but we could set aside some time. Why don't we?



Any relationship takes maintaining on both ends, but even if you haven't talked to God in years, He's not waiting to shame you or ask accusingly "where have you been?" He is always faithful and loving, even when we aren't.

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From the Executive Director's desk...
As this month's article says, "Any relationship takes maintaining on both ends, but even if you haven't talked to God in years, he's not waiting to shame you or ask you accusingly "Where have you been?"  He is always faithful and loving , even when we aren't."   I am SO thankful we have a loving God.  So whether it's a long quiet morning with him, or a quick-shot prayer during the workday, let's rejoice that our God is our father and our advocate!


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