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Get Ready … Get Set … Fight!
It's not over yet. Not by a long shot. For at least the next two years in Georgia, Republicans still have control of the State Capitol. There's no time to waste!
With the legislative session in Atlanta having just begun, our elected Republican state legislators need to get serious and address the horrendous holes in our state's election system that led to concerns about probable voter fraud and abuse in the previous general election and runoff!

Here are some things they should prioritize:
(1) Georgia should have NO absentee ballots issued in an election that do not require proof of I.D. and/or a notary.

(2) DeKalb & Fulton Counties should NOT be allowed to submit their vote totals hours after everyone else! They are the most urban counties in the state. If anything, they should be more high-tech and the first to report.
After all of the complaints expressed about ballot counting for the November presidential election, our Cobb RA Chairman Nathaniel Darnell volunteered as a poll watcher at a precinct for the U.S. Senate runoff. "Having paid very close attention to how the Dominion voting system worked," Nathaniel said, "I see no reason why, if Fulton and DeKalb are using the same system, it should take them so much longer to report than it did for Cobb. As soon as the polls were closed, the poll workers at our precinct in Cobb showed me a printout receipt that had the exact totals of all the votes each candidate received in our precinct. It was instant."
Cobb RA Chairman & 3rd GRA Vice President Nathaniel Darnell serving as a poll watcher on January 5th.
Fulton and DeKalb should have had the same instant totals. The only thing left to be done would have been adding those numbers to the absentee ballot totals and early vote totals, which should have been ready to add very simply and just as instantly. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger should have required each county to have all early votes and absentee ballots counted and ready to add to the day-of election votes so that there is no delay that could feed concerns about about counties such as Fulton stuffing ballots to change the outcome.
In addition, there have also been calls for the legislature to re-evaluate the security of the Dominion Voting System, and this should receive due scrutiny.

However, our leaders in Georgia are off to a bumpy start in addressing these and other related concerns dear to the hearts of thousands of Republican voters across the state. To his credit, Governor Brian Kemp has declared that making Photo IDs required for absentee ballots will be "front and center" this year.
Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan demoted three Republican senators who called for a special session and more thorough investigations into the alleged voter fraud.
However, this is too little too late. While we have appreciated Governor Kemp's policy in Georgia by backing away from the severe lockdowns many other states were exercising in response to COVID-19, we have to say he let us down badly on this issue. If Governor Kemp thinks having photo IDs for absentee ballots is important now, then it was important enough to call for a Special Session late last year to correct it before the runoff election that led to Democrats Warnock and Ossoff flipping our two U.S. Senate seats!

In addition, there were some still unresolved issues raised about whether problems with the ballots rendered the presidential election results in Georgia between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden illegitimate.
Governor Brian Kemp & Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan
Back in December Governor Brian Kemp and Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan released a joint press release explaining why they would not be calling for a Special Session. They argued that under the law a Special Session could only be called for and "the legislature could only direct an alternative method for choosing presidential electors if the election was not able to be held on the date set by federal law."
But that was the very concern! Numerous allegations based on eye-witness testimony say that a real, accurate, legitimate presidential election did not take place because of tampering with the ballots. A Special Session could have investigated the evidence for the legislators to determine whether the allegations were based in fact and take appropriate action. But the evidence still has not seen the light of day.

Indeed, although the mainstream statist media outlets continue to beat the relentless drum (and the social media giants block anything to the contrary) that President Trump's claims of the election being stolen "have been proven false," the reality is that they were never genuinely proven one way or the other. The evidence was never really brought forward and evaluated or verified in full. At every turn, the efforts to bring the evidence forward got knocked down, not on the merits, but due to procedural issues.
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) had offered to argue the case before the United States Supreme Court.
The SCOTUS decision to not hear the lawsuit of Texas and other states against Georgia, for example, was not based on the U.S. Supreme Court hearing the evidence behind the allegations. It was based on the court denying the suit on a procedural faux pas: lack of standing.

It's past time to for our civil leaders to review the very questionable practices permitted during last year's elections. It is urgent that they take swift action to address and repair these holes.
If they don't, then thousands of Republican voters in Georgia will lose faith in the credibility of our elections. Many of them already have. If their faith is not restored, they will not show up to vote in two years, which will lead to a complete Democrat takeover of the Gold Dome in 2022.

But instead of leaping to the job, Lt. Governor Duncan signaled his apparent plans to run in the opposite direction by demoting three Republican senators who called for a special session and more thorough investigations into the alleged voter fraud! Our GRA-endorsed State Reps. Colton Moore (R-Dade) and Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) were also among the legislators who called for a Special Session. Duncan, however, apparently was more concerned with how these brave Republican Senators made him lose face than he was for standing up for what was right.
In an earlier newsletter, we reminded our readers how the GRA endorsed former State Senator Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) for Secretary of State over Brad Raffensperger in the Republican primary of 2018. We will also bring to your remembrance how the GRA endorsed former President Pro Tempore of the State Senate David Shafer over Geoff Duncan in the Republican primary for Lt. Governor. Shafer went on to win election later as the GAGOP Chairman last year, but if he had been elected Lt. Governor, it is certain he would have provided better leadership than Duncan in this critical crisis.
Fulton County Election Court Case Continues!
Speaking of unresolved allegations of election fraud and abuse, unbeknowdst to most, the court battle over Fulton County's ballot-stuffing, etc., continues!
Activist Garland Favorito with has been keeping folks in the loop about the progress of the case. "Our lawsuit to inspect Fulton County absentee ballots is alive and well!" said Garland. On Wednesday, January 6th, he continued: "We received a protective order to prevent Fulton from tampering with the ballots and we were granted a hearing to determine if Fulton County violated Open Records Request law." You can watch the hearing held for injunctive relief against Fulton County for the alleged stuffing of absentee ballots at the State Farm Arena during the presidential election on November 3rd. The Constitution Party of Georgia has also helped to spread the word on the latest developments. Monica Perez interviewed Garland on her podcast two days ago. Prior to that, Garland was also interviewed by former State Senator & 3rd GAGOP District Chairman Mike Crane on Common Ground:
Click to watch the interview.
Is Capital Punishment Pro-Life?
Some people disagree about whether capital punishment is "pro-life," but the United States Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision a few days ago upheld the first federal execution of a woman in 70 years. Lisa Montgomery, known as the "Womb Raider," had her murder conviction affirmed 11 years after her heinous deed. In 2007 Montgomery had strangled another woman named Bobbie Jo Stinnett in Missouri, who was eight-months pregnant, and then cut her open and stole her baby. Montgomery's execution was carried out the morning of January 13th.
The Northwest chapter of Georgia Right to Life had recently released another in their "Ask Your Pastor" video series—this one grappling with the death penalty question. The video shows interview clips from numerous pastors from multiple denominations across the northwest corner of Georgia addressing what the Bible says about civil government and the death penalty.

Capital punishment is first sanctioned by God in the Bible in Genesis 9 where the Lord pronounced:
Murderer "Womb Raider" Lisa Montgomery
"Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God hath he made man." (GNV)
There are numerous passages in the Word of God that prescribe the death penalty for murderers, and Romans 13 speaks of civil officials "bearing the sword" (an instrument of death) specifically to discourage "evil-doers." Indeed, the practice of the death penalty provides a strong disincentive against murdering, and even many of those who oppose the death penalty in theory typically will defend the use of deadly force in self-defense (as self-contradictory as these two positions may seem).
The courtroom of the United States Supreme Court
Moreover, the United States Constitution irrefutably authorizes the federal government to perform executions otherwise it would not put restrictions on this power in the 5th and 14th Amendments when it is not exercised with "due process of law." Due process (such as testimony by "two or three witnesses") is also required in the Bible before anyone could be punished.
The alternative to the death penalty would be to either let dangerous murderers be free to walk the streets and threaten the safety of others (knowing that that they can get away with it again), or else to continue to punish peaceful citizens by taxing them to support murderers with free room and board for decades in prisons. Either of these two alternatives should be manifestly more unjust than the death penalty.
Click to watch the video from NW-GRTL on the Death Penalty
We do take exception to many unjust forms of civil punishment commonly accepted and in practice today, such as pre-emptive penalties where there is a lack of harm for victimless crimes, and extended prison sentences and fines where restitution would be a more just form of correction. These serve more to enrich the state than to restore damaged citizens. However, we applaud our six Republican-appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justices for finally all coming into agreement about restoring our country's former principles on this key issue of life.

We also commend President Donald Trump for appointing three of the six Justices to the bench who are willing to protect innocent life with the death penalty. Those appointments in the long run may turn out to be the longest-lasting positive legacy of his presidency.
Don't Forget: March for Life Memorial This Friday at the GA State Capitol
Since 1971, Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) has been fighting to end abortion in Georgia. Across our nation, more than 62,000,000 babies have been killed since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that purported to "legalize" abortion in 1973. The GRA and its affiliate chapters hold to strong pro-life principles, and we appreciate the work of Georgia Right to Life.

Sadly, even though the Atlanta police have allowed Antifa and BLM riots in the streets of Atlanta over the last year, and even though GRTL has conducted this peaceful protest for decades with a march through the streets surrounding the capitol and Underground Atlanta, this year the police have refused to allow the march. In spite of this development, we look forward to the Memorial Service.

On Friday, January 22, 2021, folks will gather at Liberty Plaza in Atlanta at 11:45 am for the Memorial Service. This year’s event will include a time of praise and worship, prayer, and a God-honoring testimony from Jennifer McCollough of Girls Like Us Atlanta.
Legislation to Protect Children from Sex Change Gains...

On January 8th, U.S. Congressman Jody Hice (R GA-10), Cobb County's GA State Rep. Ginny Ehrhart (R HD 36), and Cobb's GA State Sen. Bruce Thompson (R SD 14) joined with a panel of doctors and child and parental rights activists to host a webinar...

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