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January 12, 2012 



Happy New Year!  If you're still looking for a resolution, here are a few suggestions.   

Lots of goodies for the start of the year - a warm welcome to our new research intern and a call for responses regarding one of his projects, a MiKE Council Meeting reminder, the launch of a new Americans for the Arts movement, two articles on creativity and innovation and of course, jobs.



The Creative Alliance Team

Welcome Research Intern, David Boehm!

We are thrilled to introduce Dave who will be primarily supporting the Creative Collaborative Spaces project and the Milwaukee Arts Education Directory.  Dave specializes in economic issues surrounding local and regional development and planning. His interest in creative industries comes from his participation in musical and theater groups near his hometown of Pittsburgh. In addition to his work with the Creative Alliance, he currently works with the APA-Wisconsin as a feature writer and website operator. Previously, he worked with the International Economic Development Council on economic development strategies. He is finishing his Master of Urban Planning Degree at UW-Milwaukee this spring. 

Do you know of or are part of a Creative Collaborative Space? 

The Creative Alliance has been contracted by the Greater Milwaukee Committee's MiKE initiative to develop a profile of our community's 'creative collaborative spaces' to analyze what we have here and what would help these collaborative spaces thrive. We think we have some unique creative communities here that are bringing distinction to our region. 


We define 'creative collaborative space' as any space which meets the criteria of: 

  • a defined physical location
  • a shared environment, although individuals may also work independently
  • the product or services created in the space do not need to be for sale
  • the environment is designed to support and resource the individual as well as the collective  

Examples include ArtMilwaukee, Bucketworks, Milwaukee Maker Space, RedLine, Hudson, Lemon Street Gallery(Kenosha), Jake's Cafe - A Creative Community (Sheboygan).


We wish to create an inventory and map of these spaces as well as understand how they work and what they need to develop.


If you know of a creative collaborative space, please send the organization name, address, contact name, email address, and phone number to David Boehm, so that we may know who and where they are.

Thanks very much for your help in this very important project! 

MiKE Council Meeting

Monday, January 23

5:30 - 7:00 PM

OPEN MiKE - Shops of Grand Avenue, Plankinton Building, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite #2145 (2nd Floor above from TJ Maxx)

MiKE brings in national speakers each quarter to inspire the local design, technology and entrepreneurial community. On January 23, MiKE is bringing in two entrepreneurs who have created companies that use design and technology to radically approach talent development.

Who should attend?
  • Talented designers, developers, artists and entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated individuals who are educating the future workforce
  • Business leaders who need strong talent
  • Anyone looking for new connections in a mixed crowd of participants
  • And of course... people who like free food and a good time!   
Please join us for this free and inspiring event.  

The pARTnership Movement

There's a movement afoot across the country. Businesses are using the arts to inspire employees, stimulate innovation and foster creative collaboration.  Americans for the Arts is proud to announce the launch of a new campaign, the pARTnership Movement, designed to reach business leaders with the message that partnering with the arts will advance their bottom-line goals and build their competitive advantage.  Learn More>
7 Ways to Cultivate Your Creativity

Creativity is a sought-after commodity among employers and those seeking personal or professional fulfillment. It comes in handy not only while concocting works of art and literature but also in planning a corporate event or devising a new business strategy. Some people seem more naturally open to new ideas and able to put them to innovative uses. Many of these individuals also tend to be a little...well...different, as Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson wrote in the May/June 2011 Scientific American MIND. But you don't have to be eccentric to be creative. You don't even have to be born with a knack for innovation.  


Psychologists, artists and others have developed tactics and advice for unlocking people's creative potential (see, for example, "Let Your Creativity Soar" by Mariette DiChristina, John Houtz, Julia Cameron and Robert Epstein in Scientific American MIND, June/July 2008). In her recent book, Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity and Innovation in Your Life (Jossey-Bass, 2010), Carson outlined seven different "brainsets," or mental frameworks, that facilitate original thinking along with tips on how to cultivate these states of mind. Depending on your personality, some of the brainsets below may feel more comfortable than others. The idea here, though, Carson wrote, is to expand your mental horizons by venturing into your discomfort zone. The following slides describe each brainset, along with exercises that will help you train your brain to think in these mind-expanding ways. View Slideshow>  

Design as a Business Imperative: The Time Is Now  
Today, design is more than good for business - it is business. Check out Barbara Armstrong's new Forbes blog "By Design, "covering design as a business imperative. Her message: Design merits respect and attention from every leader in every business. 
Learn More> 
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Welcome Research Intern, David Boehm
Do you know or are part of a Creative Collaborative Space
MiKE Council Meeting
The pARTnership Movement
7 Ways to Cultivate Your Creativity
Design as a Business Imperative
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