ISSUE NO. 1 — OCTOBER 8, 2018
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A Hidden “Bomb” in Your Customers’ Septic System
There are so many products out there that were made for convenience or luxury that have proven damaging to plumbing and septic systems. Here’s another one: bath bombs .

If you aren’t one to occasionally lounge in a flower-scented bath, you may not know what a bath bomb is. Basically, it is a hard-packed ball of essential oils, scents, salts and colorants that dissolve and effervesce in the bath water.

Problem is, most of the fats, oils, salts and solids (like flower petals) used to make up these bombs do not properly dissolve in a septic system. This could cause clogging, harm the useful bacteria, or put additional oxygen demands on the system.

So, advise your clients to avoid these septic system bombs! 

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