When the disciples of Jesus ask him to teach them to pray, we can be sure they have watched him pray, listened to him pray, and have seen what happens when he prays. Jesus honors their request by giving them one model for how to pray.

“When you pray, pray like this…” 

We, too, are students of Jesus, he is our master teacher, and so Jesus gives us this model for prayer, as well. What we call, “The Lord’s Prayer,” is our prayer. By going deeper into this model prayer, we discover what it means to live the kingdom life. What is means to walk with God…

Join us each Sunday, beginning February 3, for this series on prayer based on our model for prayer...

Why Do We Give Offering?
"By our giving we acknowledge the worthiness of what God is doing and that we get a chance to participate in it. I’m sure all of you know God is not in need, and so we don’t give because he is in trouble or his work is in trouble. We give, not just in church, but giving, like worship, is an atmosphere in which we live. It’s a part of love, it honors the God that we worship by accepting his invitation to be a part of what he is doing."
-Dallas Willard
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