February 2018 Newsletter
We have a new look!
LightWave Solar logo
We recently launched a new logo! Don't worry, we are still the same great company!

LightWave Solar is in the solar industry for the long haul. Looking towards the future, we wanted a fresh logo that represents who we are: established, provider of high quality solar, and friendly. We hope you like it.
Our response to the solar tariffs
Some of our customers have expressed concerns over the recent implementation of solar tariffs on imported solar modules. We do not believe the tariff will make any significant impact to our mission for the following reasons:

  • The tariff is far less than the petitioners requested, so we now know exactly what to expect, and it’s not that bad!
  • Four years prior to the tariff, the price of solar panels had dropped nearly 40%. The 30% tariff re-adjusts the market to 2015 price levels.
  • Since August of last year, U.S. distributors increased panel prices due to high demand based on the anticipation of a tariff, so we have already digested the largest increases in pricing.
  • LightWave Solar has found production efficiencies to offset some of the panel cost increases.

We’ll be monitoring the situation closely, but at this point, the tariff creates no reason to shy away from building your solar project.
We are hiring solar installers. Apply now or share with friends!
LightWave Solar installer
We are looking for both entry level and skilled solar installers.

Do you know someone looking for a job who likes power tools, working outside and renewable energy? If so, please share our Solar Installer Job Description.

Many of our installers have been with our company for over 5 years, and some of them have been with us for nearly 10 years. LightWave Solar is a great place to work!
Parts of Puerto Rico are still in need of electricity & clean water. Help us deliver solar ASAP.
Power On Puerto Rico
Amicus Solar Cooperative, which consists of about 50 U.S. solar companies including LightWave Solar, partnered with Amurtel, a non-profit disaster relief agency, to bring emergency solar power and drinking water systems to those still struggling to recover from the hurricane.

The effort, called Power On Puerto Rico, enlisted volunteers from Amicus member-companies to design and build Solar Outreach Systems (SOS) that will be delivered to the areas of greatest need identified by Amurtel staff on the ground in Puerto Rico.

Each SOS is comprised of an enclosed trailer with exterior solar panels and power outlets, along with batteries and a water purification system inside the trailer. Once parked in a sunny location, the exterior solar panels are deployed and switched on to provide 300-400 watts of emergency power while at the same time purifying up to 600 gallons of clean potable water a day. Each SOS unit can charge up to 10 phones and five laptops simultaneously. Two large outdoor floodlights affixed to the roof of the SOS units will enable community members to have light at night.
The first 10 Puerto Rican communities that will receive SOS’s have been identified, and are anxiously awaiting their units. Each community will be responsible for the maintenance and security of their unit, but there will be no cost associated with the use.

Although all of the SOS design work and many of the components have been donated, Amurtel and Amicus need additional funds to finish manufacturing the SOS units and to deliver them. The estimated cost of each SOS unit is $15,000.
Power On Puerto Rico Amicus SOS
To deploy the first three SOS trailers (pictured), Power On Puerto Rico needs to raise an additional $10,000. Can you help us meet the first goal of getting three trailers deployed?

Please donate today at
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