December 2019
July, 2019

It has been a cold and icy start to winter but the flurry of festivals and activities at school this month have kept us warm.

One magical aspect of our school--a gift our students don't even realize they are receiving--is the opportunity to experience reverence. I am repeatedly moved by witnessing wiggly kindergartners and arch middle schoolers slow down and share in creating moments of beauty, from our lantern walks and advent spirals, to the holiday concert and nativity play.

In this sometimes-frenetic time of year, I am so thankful for all of the times I have been able to pause and share in these experiences at school. I am deeply grateful for the amazing teachers who make it all possible, as well as our families, who support the school's work with such care.

I wish you a warm and cozy holiday and a very happy new year!


Christina Dixcy
Communications Director and Office Manager
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2019-20 Annual Fund
Please consider HVWS in your year-end giving. Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Events
School will be closed for the holidays until January 6th.
School will be closed on January 20th in observance of MLK, Jr. Day.

Coming in January...look out for details on our Middle School play on January 30th and 31st!

January Parent Evenings
  • Monday the 13th, 1st and 5th Grades;
  • Tuesday the 14th, Early Childhood (with Louise DeForest);
  • Thursday the 23rd, 4th Grade;
  • Friday the 24th, 8th Grade (afternoon meeting)
Winter and Spring After-School Classes
Registration is now open for our next round of After-School classes for grade school students (and adults). Check out our website to learn more and register for:
  • Karate (2nd-8th grade),
  • Tai-Chi (adults),
  • Drumming (1st-8th grade),
  • Theater (3rd-8th grade),
  • Art (3rd-8th grade),
  • Circus Arts (3rd-8th grade)!
Bells and Babies

Welcome, Ariel Benicio, younger sibling to Bluebell student Ramiro Sindler! Congratulations to Ryan, Tainá, and Ramiro!
Congratulations to HVWS alumnus, Sidney Kochman, on his wedding. Sidney made the wedding and engagement rings. His wife, Cris, is Moldovan and the stone in her engagement ring is moldavite.
We send our love and deepest sympathy to Carrie Donat and Patricia Campbell and their families on the passing of Carrie's stepfather last month and Patricia's sister this past week.
Deepest thanks to all of our parents and friends for their generous and thoughtful holiday gifts!!

Thank you to all of the parents who have cooked for faculty meeting meals, most recently the 3rd grade parents this past week .

Thank you to Natasha de Castro for organizing the vendors and all of the parents, students, and staff who helped set up and clean up after the Holiday Market.

Thank you to Natasha Daniels-Pearson for her heroic help setting up the school store at the market and in its new home in the Community House!

Thank you to Zack Holly for his amazing Treats Tuesday vegan, sourdough cinnamon buns! (Zack, we need the recipe...)

Thank you to Jennifer Finefrock for her help organizing our recent woolies, bulb, and Steiner Books orders.

Thank you to the Lucas/Sawyer family for their recent donation of bookshelves and books.

Thank you to David Unschuld for the gifts he continues to bring to our school each December.

Thank you to the 2nd grade parents for all of their baking and help with the Santa Lucia festival!

Thank you to the 6th grade parents for helping decorate our Holiday Concert stage.

Thank you to the 4th grade for organizing our grade school Martinmas festival and to Warrup's Farm for once again hosting us on their beautiful property for this magical nighttime walk!
The EC faculty send their thanks to Zack Holly for spearheading the project of moving the Early Childhood playhouse so we can have a shed for our “not here yet” new wagons! Thank you to Charles Cantu, Kevin Gianni and Michael Rady for their help with the project!

Thank you to Karen Gould for donating play kitchen furniture to our EC program.

Thank you to Svetla Ivanova for making three beautiful knitted mice for the EC classrooms.

Thank you to Diane Rockwell for sending even more beautiful hand-knit creations for the EC classrooms!

Thank you to Lisa Tassone for once again providing delicious corn muffins for the EC Thanksgiving celebration.

Thank you to everyone who helped the EC teachers create a beautiful lantern walk, and special thanks to Christina Dixcy who helped make our lantern walk even more magical. Thanks to Ehrin, Oliver, and George Cagidan, Alex Alvord, Izzy Jane Kapsaroff, James and Ellie Koors for helping set up, clean up and hold the hands of some of the young children during the walk.

Thank you to Sara Wiley for helping the EC teachers make the Advent Spiral so magical for the children.

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Newtown for bringing the gift of inscribed dictionaries to our 4th grade.
Waldorf Alum Networking Platform
Calling all HVWS alums! A few of the opportunities that await you at
  • be a part of a continental network and community
  • mentor younger alums in your field
  • seek out work or internships with a Waldorf alum
  • hire other Waldorf alums to work with you on a project or within a company or organization
  • attend a regional Waldorf alum event or party
  • find "long lost" friends and reconnect
  • meet new Waldorf alums in your area
  • follow the Waldorf alum news and be inspired by what your fellow Waldorf alums are doing in the world!
Seeking Submissions from Alumni!
HVWS alumni are amazing people doing amazing things!

Please consider a submission.

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North American (AWSNA) is launching its Waldorf Alum Connect Spotlight campaign in January and is seeking published news about alums. The aim of this campaign is to spread the word about the amazing work that our Waldorf alums are undertaking as scientists, artists, teachers, engineers, musicians, advisors, entrepreneurs and more.

We are seeking published news articles, personal websites and published research about what our alum are doing out in the wide world.

Please consider nominating yourself or someone you know here!
HVWS Fleece Jackets are Here!
Click for a PDF Order Form. Orders may be shipped to your home or picked up from Tiger Sports in Ridgefield.
Icy Early Childhood Play Yard
"The Little Play of the Nativity"
The Holiday Concert
Las Posadas
Santa Lucia
St. Nicholas
Articles & Videos
Alumni Panel Video
Alumni gathered in January 2019 to reflect on their experiences at the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School. This video of the event was filmed and edited by Henry James who graduated from 8th grade at HVWS in 2017.
The Waldorf Chronicles
As part of the worldwide Waldorf 100 celebrations we are recording our voices and sharing our stories through The Waldorf Chronicles, an archive project. Waldorf schools and teacher training institutes in North America are adding interviews to the StoryCorps Archive, the largest collection of human voices ever gathered.

If you would like to be interviewed for the Waldorf Chronicles please e-mail Christina Dixcy at You can read sample questions on The Waldorf Chronicles' page.

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