Message From The HaZamir Director
We are living through a period of history that will be written about for decades. Somehow, that comforts me. It helps me realize that history is cyclical and that there will be a return to normalcy or - a new normalcy - and not too far in the future. As a friend reminded me, "Who remembers cars without seat belts or air travel with little or no security?" Both are now second nature to us and whisper that whatever the new normal becomes, we will adapt to it, as we have adapted in the past.

HaZamir Israel is already back to in-person rehearsals​​. Every HaZamir Israel singer, 16 and older, is fully vaccinated. ​Yes, America is far behind Israel in the rate of vaccinations, but we don't have that far to look to ​anticipate​ a positive ​future​.​

Sometimes, just knowing that a goal post has been anchored in the ground is enough to keep us racing towards it. Let's hope that our race is over soon.

In the meantime - stay masked - stay distanced - and stay safe!

With gratitude for all our blessings,
HaZa-Olympics Part 2
By popular demand,HaZamir teens continued the Olympic games they played with Inter(net)Vis fun and spirit, as Teen Leaders led the games. An enjoyable study break!
HaZamir Chamber Choir Rehearses with the Maestro
The HaZamir Chamber Choir saying goodbye after a beautiful rehearsal. Notice Dr. Spock's signature hand gesture. "Live Long and Prosper". Guess where that gesture comes from?
HaZamir Israel Teen Leadership "Shabbaton"
Israeli Teen Leaders met for 3 days for continuing leadership training. Did they also have fun? The faces of our Israeli Teen Leaders tell the whole story.
HaZaPrep Purim Carnival
Preppies from across the country gathered with their conductors and madrichim to celebrate Purim with costumes, music, games and a Purim Spiel.
HaZamir Israel Kenes
All HaZamir Israel chapters gathered for a day of music, fun, and laughter. Sharing music and laughter with HaZaFriends strengthens our bonds. We can't wait to be together again!
HAPN (HaZamir Alumni Programming Network)
Purim Spiel & Carnival
HaZamir Alumni, spearheaded by the HAPN committee, held a Purim Spiel and carnival for another day of alumni celebration.
HaZamir and HaZaPrep Singers Participate in a Virtual Choir of Debbie Friedman's Shalom Aleichem
HaZamir was proud to perform the premiere of Debbie Friedman's last composition, Shalom Aleichem, in 2011 at Jazz at Lincoln Center. This year the Zamir Choral Foundation produced this virtual choir of Shalom Aleichem, which ended the 92nd Street Y's tribute to Debbie z"l on what would have been her 70th birthday. View the video by clicking the image above.
Alumni Spotlight - Sophie Lee Landau
HaZamir Manhattan ('15) Alumnus

HaZamir and the Zamir Choral Foundation have been a part of my life forever! My earliest memories are from when I was a little girl sitting in the back of my mother’s Zamir Chorale rehearsals, eager to sing along. HaZamir provided me the perfect outlet to express my Judaism and love of music, while strengthening my bonds to Israel and my family (since my brother and sister both sang in the choir). HaZamir was my foundation to improve my music theory and choral singing skills, which have proven invaluable as I take on leadership opportunities within and outside the organization. 

Every few years, I have the task of cleaning out and organizing the many binders of music we have sitting in our apartment, and it is always such a joy reliving the memories that each song provides. It is especially exciting when HaZamir recycles some old repertoire, and I have the opportunity to teach my students the songs I sang years ago. The music lives on L’Dor VaDor!

Sophie Lee Landau is a chemical engineer who lives with her husband, Dr. Rob Brumer. Sophie Lee is the conductor of HaZamir Houston.

Upcoming Events
International Teen Leader 1-Day Retreat
Sunday March 14th

HaZamir Festival Kickoff Sunday
Sunday April 11th 10:30am - 4:00pm EST

HaZamir Festival Week
Monday-Friday April 12-16

HaZamir Festival Closing Ceremony
Sunday April 18th. 1:00pm EST

HaZaPrep Spring Celebration
Sunday May 2nd

Good and Welfare
Baruch Dayan Emet

We extend condolences to Tal Naider (HaZamir Miami '22) and Debra Klein, on the passing of Debra's mother, and Tal's grandmother, Arline Hirsch Klein.

We extend condolences to Inbal Har (HaZamir HaSharon '21) and Offer Har, on the passing of Offer's father and Inbal's grandfather, Uri Har.

May the Memories of Those Who Have Passed
Forever Be a Blessing.

Mazal Tov

Michael Roxin (HaZamir North Jersey '12) on his marriage to Courtney Feldman.
Michelle Cohen (founding conductor, HaZamir Boca Raton) on the Bat Mitzvah of her daughter, Eliana.

We Send Blessings for Continued Joy!