Reviewing Full Proposals

Nearly half of Impact100's members (220 women) are participating on our five Focus Area Committees (FACs) from February to May. At this stage of the review process, each FAC volunteer is reading proposals and getting to know 4 to 6 nonprofit organizations in preparation for FAC Team meetings in March. The 70 organizations that submitted Full Proposals are listed on our website here .

What makes Impact100 membership appealing to many of us is that we can participate in the FACs' in-depth analysis. It's educational and inspiring to learn about nonprofits in our region, and it's fun to work with other members during the review period.

Equally appealing, to more than half our members, is that if we don't have the time or availability to volunteer, we still participate fully in Impact's collective grants, knowing that our personal donations are supporting outstanding nonprofits that we may not have learned about otherwise.

It takes all of us to make collective giving work.

Grantee update

Checking in on 2019's Core Mission Grantees

Impact members selected three remarkable organizations to receive $100,000 Core Mission grants last June. While these grantees are still in the early phases of the 24-month funding period, it is already clear that they are making excellent use of grant funds.
Education Law Center works to ensure access to quality public education for all children in Pennsylvania. At an Impact event last fall, Executive Director Deborah Gordon-Klehr stressed the importance of core mission funding that "allows ELC to pivot to whatever the most pressing issue might be, and do the most critical work that is aligned with our mission."
Recent news:

ELC is advocating for legislative action to increase school funding in chronically underfunded communities and pursuing litigation to ensure adequate and equitable school funding.

ELC jointly filed a class action suit challenging abuse and educational neglect at Glen Mills School, the nation's oldest reform school. The facility was shut down. Changes at state and local levels will help implement community-based approaches in residential institutions and ensure that the state is accountable for serving youth who are in placement.

ELC continues to respond to hundreds of calls to its free Helpline, helping students and families address gaps in educational services, enrollment barriers, punitive school discipline, delays in special education eligibility evaluations, and more.
Musicopia goes all out on its mission to provide opportunities for young people to experience, learn, perform, and appreciate music. The Drumlines program that Impact members funded is thriving, engaging kids in ensembles at seven Philly schools.

Recent news:
Musicopia was featured along with the Philadelphia Orchestra as part of Episcopal Community Services' Celebration 2020 this month.

Drumlines students put on a city-wide showcase at Martin Luther King High School in January.

Musicopia celebrated a milestone anniversary last fall -- 45 years of bringing music and kids together.
YSRP continues its ground-breaking work to keep children out of adult jails and prisons, and to bring home people who were sentenced as children to life in prison. A supporter of YSRP said, "At Impact100's Annual Meeting, to see members wholeheartedly embrace the need for YSRP and support for young people in the criminal justice system -- it was incredibly moving. I still get emotional thinking about it. That connection was very powerful."

Recent news:
YSRP received a grant from the Philadelphia Eagles Social Justice Fund.

YSRP's co-director Joanna Visser Adjoian was honored with a service award from the Philadelphia Bar Association.

YSRP marked its 5th anniversary and described a goal of paving "the way for a future in which children are seen as children - no longer charged in the adult justice system."
Impact100's website has summary information about all grantees from 2009 to 2019.
Upcoming events
These programs are open to members and all women interested in learning about Impact100 Philadelphia. Watch our Events page for details.

  • Thursday, Feb 27, 6-8pm: Young Philanthropist Game Night, Center City - Meet other "YPs" (members age 35 and younger), play games (Boggle, anyone?) and -- if interested -- hear ways to get involved with Impact100. All members and guests are welcome. (Register here.)

  • Monday, April 27, 6:30-8:30pm: Spring Education Program, Bryn Mawr - All members and guests are invited to hear Sidney Hargro, president of the Philanthropy Network, and Ellan Bernstein, a founding member of Impact100, discuss efforts in the local grant-making community related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. (Invitation coming next month.)

  • Monday, June 1, 6-9pm: Annual Meeting - Save the date for Impact's biggest night of the year, when we'll hear presentations from six finalists and members will cast their votes to determine the 2020 grantees.
"Why I'm a member"
Jvawnna Bell joined Impact100 in 2019. She said:
Impact100 ignites and funds organizations purposed to increase the livelihood of their communities. What could be greater? I love being a member of Impact100! It reminds me of the quote, “Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.”

It is a joy and privilege to be connected to such a phenomenal network of women in philanthropy. It never feels like work, as we have so much fun carrying out the mission!
Sarah Martin splits her time between New York and Philly. She has been a steady investor in Impact100 grants for 11 years. Sarah said:
Every year my involvement varies depending on my work schedule. I have been on an FAC committee several years and some years I can only attend the Annual Meeting.

Regardless of my level of participation, I join every year because I believe deeply in the vision and mission of Impact. Every year, I leave the Annual Meeting in awe of what the organizations we support are doing for our communities.  
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Women age 36 and over join for $1,150; of that total, $1,000 is added to the grants pool for 2021. Women 35 and under join as Young Philanthropists at half that rate, $575.

Members who join or renew now are much-appreciated supporters for the June 2021 grants. Your early support is tremendously helpful for future planning, and we welcome you to attend events throughout 2020, follow our email updates, and learn about Impact100 during the year ahead.