May/June 2019

Dear St. Nicholas Family,

The busy period continues with our spring General Assembly scheduled for May 19th and church school and Greek school wrapping up the year with graduation on June 2nd. We look forward to seeing you at both events!
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Orthros: 8:15am
Divine Liturgy: 9:30am

Talent Show Video (February 2019)
We would like to thank Jason Vafiades another St. Nicholas family member with hidden talents, for taking the time to condense and edit all the video clips from the Talent Show to produce this video. Enjoy!
Want to see pictures from Great & Holy Week at St. Nicholas? Click here
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Orthodoxy in the News
Children's Word - Written by Presbytera Alexandra Houck
Ministry News
Ministry News:

Fr. Demetri's Message

PC President's Message



THANKS TO ALL, CHRIST IS RISEN! As we have finished Great Lent, Holy Week and Great and Holy Pascha, I would like to thank all of the faithful who contributed in one way or another to all of the Divine Services. Names will not be mentioned, lest we forget to mention someone and offend them! You know who you are, but most of all, GOD KNOWS: *The officers and members of the Parish Council for their dedication and love. *Those who donated, in order to decorate the Icon of Mother of God and Christ
Child during the Salutations. *Those who helped with the meals on the Saturday of Lazarus, Great and Holy Friday, Pascha Reception and Godparent Sunday Breakfast. *Those who helped make Palm Crosses and cleaned the church on Saturday of Lazarus. *Those who helped at the chanter stand with the hymns and readings during the Divine Services. *Those who donated towards the flowers of the Kouvouklion. *The Philoptochos for collecting those funds and ALL who decorated - adults and youth! *Those who brought the flour and oil for the Holy Unction service. *Those who donated the Communion Wine used at The Divine Liturgy. *Those who led the retreat on Great and Holy Friday for the youth of our parish! *Those who donated the icons during Great and Holy Week, the wreaths for the Crucifix, as well as the Resurrection banner and Icons. *Many thanks also to those who donated the Pascha eggs, and the ladies who helped prepare them, wrapped them in tulle and tied them with red ribbons. *Thank you to all who donated your annual Pascha offering! *Those who proclaimed the Gospel at the Vespers of Love in different languages (eight were proclaimed this year). *Those who provided the online methods for Services to be livestreamed on YouTube.

I especially would like to thank all of you, the parish family members of St. Nicholas for your love, participation and attendance during Great Lent and Great & Holy Week. May our Risen Lord bless each of you abundantly!

The attendance for Great and Holy Week Services surpassed any and all other years this year. It was most gratifying to have such great participation of the faithful! Palm Sunday was so full that faithful were standing outside the Narthex during the service. It was also great to see such a large number of faithful stay until the end of the services on both Great and Holy Friday night (who drove through the rain and wind) and a cold and windy Holy Saturday night. I’m sure that we all left the Church on both of these nights renewed in our our commitment going forward!

God bless,

Dear St. Nicholas Family & Friends,

Xristos Anesti! The Parish House renovation continues on track and insurance payments continue to come in. We plan to start collecting rent again next month.

In March, we brought back the St. Nicholas Wish List in the weekly bulletin, listing items that were unexpected expenses and looking for parishioners that might be able to offset the cost to the church. Within two months, all the items on the list have been accounted for – THANK YOU. We will continue to provide a list when necessary.

The Spring General Assembly takes place on Sunday, May 19, and I urge you to come listen to our new vision and strategy plan for the next 50 years. This is your church!

If you have any questions or concerns or interested in getting more involved at St. Nicholas, I look forward to hearing from you.

God bless,
Maria Decoulos
Cell: 617-645-1684

We currently have 69 Philoptochos Members. Our most recent donations have been to IOCC, Project Bread, OCF, Holy Cross, Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls, PMC, and Honor Flight New England. 

Our Philoptochos 2019-2020 Goal: Increase the average number of attendees to 15-18 members for monthly Philoptochos meetings. 

Announcing our new Philoptochos Executive Board Officers, effective June 2019!

President: Alexa Vafiades
1st Vice President: Anna Travias
2nd Vice President: Mary Raftopoulos
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Correia
Recording Secretary: Tina Babalas
Treasurer: Monica Vafiades
Assistant Treasurer: Maria Zallas

Please take a moment to review the attached  2019 Stewardship List for Philoptochos . If your name is listed, thank you for joining! If not, please consider becoming a member or continuing your membership to this awesome, philanthropic organization. It's never too late join!

May God guide our deliberations, our decisions, our fellowship, and all our labors so that in all we do or say, we may bring glory to HIS name!

Through the hands of countless generations of women, let us continue to fulfill the philanthropic mission entrusted to us: Where there is pain and suffering, may we bring HIS healing and comfort. Where there is loneliness and isolation, may we bring the fellowship of HIS Holy Church. Where there is despair and discouragement, may we inspire hope and faith in HIM.

God Bless,
Eleni Saledas

To our family and friends of St. Nicholas Church: Christ is risen. Our Stewardship Goal this year, approved by the General Assembly, is $180,000. So far, 149 families have pledged $157,475, as you can see in the table below. There is a total of 191 families who belong to our parish. 125 families are contributing (this number is not in this report). If you have already pledged, thank you very much for your generosity, and we look forward to seeing the remaining pledges soon. Summer is approaching and we would love to see a steady income to cover our expenses. Many thanks to all of you.
With the love of Christ,
Ghada Massabni
Stewardship Director
On April 21st, Bill Nimee fell asleep in the Lord. Funeral services took place in Worcester, MA.
Lost & Found
Please check the church coat rack for items forgotten during the winter months; also, any trays, etc. in the kitchen that may belong to you. If not claimed, all items will be donated to Morgan Memorial.  Thank you. 

Sunday Fellowship Hour:
A gentle reminder to all Fellowship hosts: Please keep in mind that families hosting coffee hour (children's table and main table) are responsible for clean up after completion. We appreciate your help with keeping our parish clean and treating it as your own home...because it is! Thank you.

Not Receiving Church Materials?:
If you have not been receiving church material/mailing or emails, please contact the church office at 781-862-6453 or email  Thank you.

Monthly Bulletin Personal or Business Ad:
If you are interested in placing a personal or business ad, please contact the church office at 781-862-6453 or email