Good News and More Questions
Yesterday the Governor announced that certain Low Risk Businesses could resume as long as they took proper precautions to ensure Health and Safety of Employees and Customers.
  • Certain low-risk business and recreational activities will be ready to reopen statewide on May 15th, including landscaping and gardening businesses; and recreational activities such as tennis and drive-in movie theaters.
Waiting for Further Guidance
We Know You Have Questions
Of course we do not know exactly what they mean by landscaping and gardening businesses.
  • Does this include Producers?
  • What about Wholesalers & Retailers?
  • What Exactly does my company need to do to comply with Safety Regulations?
  • Where are all these Drive-in Movie theaters he keeps talking about?
  • Etc.

The Devil is in the DETAILS
We have been told by agencies in both Albany and here on Long Island that Further Guidance is coming. We ask you to be patient.

We will send Emails, post to and Facebook - As Soon as We Get Guidance
For the last 2 months, LINLA has been working hard behind the scenes to get the green light to grow, plant and maintain landscapes. Through letters and emails, calls and Zoom meetings, we were making the case that;
  • Our industry carries a Low Risk of transmitting the virus, 
  • and that Horticulture is a safe way to support mental well being. 
The support of NYSDAM and ESD was key to this success and we thank them for their hard work on our behalf.

At the same time Suffolk County officials reached out to LINLA, LIFB, CCE and LIFG to develop a plan to safely Re-Open the industry. We will continue to finalize that plan.
Be Safe and Be Well
Remember, This is NOT a Return to Normal. The industry has to do its part to protect each other and the public from the spread of the virus. We don’t know what the New Normal will look like, but it will still include Horticulture and LINLA.