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I'm delighted to be back, not quite up to usual speed, but helping out at least. We have lots of exciting things to tell you about this week but first...

Pumpkins! It's that time of year again. We've grown pumpkins in the garden this year and I'm so pleased that if you find the right spot for them, and the weather is favourable, then you can just ignore them and let them rampage at will.

This one is a whopper, don't ask me how heavy, but I can't carry it! It'll be an epic task to hollow out and carve so for now we've just entertained ourselves by doing the smaller ones. We have until Tuesday to get them all done after all. I'm sure you'll agree they are a motley crew and make me smile every time I walk past them.

New FREE video on DesignMatters TV
Discover The Needle Museum

We're so pleased to be able to add to the Free video collection on DMTV. This latest addition has been often requested. 

In Discover The Needle Museum Linda visits this amazing site in Redditch, UK, not just a museum, but the actual place where needles were made for many years. She's joined by Jo-Ann Gloger, the museum curator, who explains the fascinating and incredibly dangerous business of needle making. Once you've watched it, you'll never take a needle for granted again.

We hope you enjoy the video. Please do share with your friends, colleagues and students.

New video workshop on DesignMatters TV
Fabric Art Diary - Part Two

This week on the DMTV Members' Videos is Linda's second part of her series of workshops to make a Fabric Art Diary. In this episode Linda will show you how she's bound some of her first pages and how she's making more using drawing and fabric painting. In her demonstration she uses vine leaves and grapes, but you can apply these lovely techniques to any subject matter.

The video workshop is for members only but if you haven't signed up already we'd love to have you  join us  now. Just choose 'Membership Videos' from the menu and you'll see 30+ titles in the current playlist. 
We hope there's something to tempt you there!

Sounds good? Sign up today from just £12 for instant access.
If you're already a Member you can login to watch the new video:

New from the DMTV Archives

Handprinted Sketchbooks

This collection of video workshops has been one of our most popular of all time! If you missed it the first time round, or would like to revisit the ideas and techniques, you can now add the whole collection of 5 workshops to your DMTV Library.

Make a sketchbook in a whole new way. In the first workshop I'll show you how to create exciting pages filled with pattern and marks. I'll use monoprinting, stencilling and stamps. This part of the process is an awesome  way to loosen up and have fun!   


In the second workshop, I'll guide you through the process of constructing the book step-by-step. We'll let serendipity take over, but I promise the results will be great!

Next it's time to start working into those sketchbooks. We'll begin by using cutting techniques to add windows, apertures and shaped edges.

At this point, I hand over to Linda who takes the reins with some wonderful additions to the books. In this workshop she'll show you how you can add drawing with pen and wash. Don't be nervous of drawing, even if you've not done it before, this technique is quite forgiving!

Finally, Linda will show you how you can use collage in this last workshop in the collection. She'll use vintage books and magazines, but if you're not keen on cutting up originals, don't worry, there's always a solution.

As with all our DMTV Archive Collections, you can add them to your Library for instant, lifetime access. They represent great value, this collection of 5 workshops is £7.50. You don't need to be a DMTV Member to purchase Archives, you can simply make a one-off purchase.

Still not sure? Perhaps you'd like to take a look at how the book looked at the end of the project - just click on the image below for a walkthrough...

Thank you for catching up with our news this week. We'll be back soon with more.

Love Laura

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