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October  2013
Vol 3, Issue 9


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Dear Shipmate:



This is a very bitter-sweet time for Suzi and me. These are going to be our last few days at BlueJacket.


Suzi and I took over the reins of BlueJacket 13 years ago (to be exact, on Oct. 1, 2000). I hope that it is apparent to each and every one of you that we have loved our entire time here. Our employees have become true members of our family, we continue to learn and expand our nautical knowledge every day, and many of our customers are now close friends. It has been a delight to be associated with a company that has so many friends and has such a fine reputation for service, quality, and historical accuracy.


As I wrote some number of months ago, it is time for Suzi and me to retire. We are both in our seventy's. Thankfully, we are both in excellent health. Now is the time to leave, when we have the luxury of doing so in an orderly, sensible manner.


In considering retirement, a major concern was the continuation of BlueJacket as a viable business, as it has existed for the last 108 years. We wanted to assure that there would continue to be jobs for our employees, and the existence of BlueJacket as a major resource in this very small, but important to us, niche.


When word spread that we intended to retire, a number of individuals and entities contacted us and expressed interest in purchasing BlueJacket. Some, we dismissed out of hand, because we knew that they wanted only the assets of BlueJacket (for example, our molds), and would not continue the business. Some wanted our valuable real estate on Route 1 in Maine. Some wanted to move the company. Some wanted BlueJacket to become part of a much larger, existing corporation.


There was one name that we kept coming back to, Nic Damuck. Nic wrote, and then called, telling us that he is a dedicated modeler, loves BlueJacket, has the right kind of background to be successful and continue our traditions, loves dealing with people, is very personable, has the wholehearted support of his lovely wife, Trisha, and his children, and has the passion that both Suzi and I have.
Trisha, Nic, Jeff, & Suzi


We are both firmly convinced that Nic and his family will continue the quality, tradition, and service that will allow BlueJacket to prosper during her second hundred years in business.
Celebrating Shantey's 10th birthday, Sept. 18, 2013 (vanilla ice cream cake!)
The major difference at BlueJacket will be that Mr. Shanteyman will no longer be here to greet each and every person who comes into the gallery. But he will come back and visit often, along with us.

Thank you, each and every one of you.

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Hi, I'm NIC
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Hi, I'm Nic......

Hi! I'm Nic, and very proud to have the honor of carrying on the 108-yr old tradition of BJ  Shipcrafters.

I have been a modeler for 60 years, and do all kinds of modeling. Wooden sailing ships, of course, but also R/C planes, plastic and even card stock. My favorite part of ship modeling is the rigging, because I feel it makes the ship come alive. I also like to put figures on ships, it gives them a sense of scale. Hey, there's an idea for BJ to work on-figures!

But enough of me, how about you? BJ only exists to serve its' customers. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable to us. In the next few weeks, BJ will be adding a suggestions button to our website home page. We want to know what you're thinking about so please, don't be shy. To paraphrase Jeff "There's nothin' we'd rather be doin...."  Nic.

Model of the Month-USS CABOT

1775 Brig USS CABOT
My model of the 1775 Brig USS CABOT, was built from a BJ kit of the 1950's vintage., Scale is 1/96. The CABOT was one of the earliest Continental Navy vessels, and has the dubious distinction of being the first US vessel to be captured by the British.

The figures you see on the model are HO (1/87) size.

Thanks for your support, and signing off


My final message in these newsletters is always the same because it is the underlying truth to what we do and how we conduct ourselves. This really is my final message, but Nic will be continuing the traditions and quality of BlueJacket. BlueJacket is left in very good hands. 


In these really tough economic times, your support and words of encouragement  mean more to us than ever before. They are very appreciated.   


BlueJacket has been in business for over 100 years because what we do is fun, just as I have tried to make this newsletter. If you have any suggestions or comments, as always, just give us a shout!


Ain't nothin' we'd rather be doing than messing with, or talking about boats. Have fun!  


Signing off for the last time,  

 "Jeff" signature  

Jeff Marger

BlueJacket Shipcrafters, Inc.