Almost 15 years ago, Kim and I set out on a mission to provide healthy, organic foods to our community, with the convenience of home delivery. It's somewhat amazing that we were able to survive to this day with the same basic model, and amidst all the changes in the marketplace. However, the time has come for us to close our doors, and next week will be our final week of deliveries.
While we knew we would never get rich with this business, we were able to accomplish so much of what we set out to do. You, the customer of Terra Organics, has supported our family, local farms, the burgeoning organic marketplace, and our ability to provide jobs to hardworking, dedicated employees that have the same appreciation that we do for meaningful work. The business of growing and selling food is not easy and doing so profitably - the core of what it means to be a sustainable business - has become increasingly difficult. 
While this decision was difficult to arrive at, we are encouraged by, and grateful to, those that will carry our mission forward. There are countless ways that you can use your purchasing power to support the small, independent and local businesses that are working tirelessly to ensure the commodification of our food does not lead to just a handful of the largest corporations in the world controlling the entire food supply chain. Never doubt that local farms are important to the fabric of our communities, and that organic practices are better for the environment, the people that work in the fields, and you!
Our friends at Full Circle are the ones that are making this transition possible for us. The service they offer is nearly identical to our own, and they conduct business with the same standards and values that we have. They have graciously offered all of our current and former customers a $15 Coupon as an incentive to switch over to them. Use the code TERRA15 during the sign-up process to take advantage of this offer. Click here to learn more about Full Circle and to sign-up with the coupon.
On behalf of all of us at Terra Organics, and our many partner farms and vendors, thank you for your trust in us and for supporting us along this journey. It's been wild, and we will miss it!