May 2011
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Parliamentary Group for civic societies

This news alert asks for your help in contacting MPs to help set up an All Party Parliamentary Group for civic societies.

Civic Voice is working with a number of MPs led by Laura Sandys MP to set up a special group in the Houses of Parliament on civic societies. This would be open to all MPs and members of the House of Lords. Laura Sandys is the daughter of Duncan Sandys who founded the Civic Trust and is a strong supporter of Civic Voice and the civic movement.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on civic societies would provide a focus for discussion and debate and raise the profile of the civic movement in the corridors of power. It is not party political and will include Parliamentarians from all the main political parties. We would expect to invite Ministers and attract other influential voices to address the group and strengthen the role of civic societies

Contact your MP(s)

Over one third of civic societies are already in regular contact with their MP(s) and this is expected to grow. To help set up the All Party Parliamentary Group on civic societies we are asking all civic societies and volunteers to contact their MP(s) and invite them to join. All your MP(s) need to do is contact Laura Sandys MP or her office at We need 20 MPs to get things going.

Do let Civic Voice know if you will be approaching your own MP(s) for this group and whether you recieve a positive response. If you have any questions then please contact us at