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October 17 2013 
This fall, WMSG has been making a splash in the press! 

Local PBS affiliate WHUT featured WMSG in two recent programs: The American Graduate series and Vocal Point: Meeting Students Where They Are. 

The American Graduate series highlighted a number of programs that are addressing the drop-out crisis, including WMSG. The video focuses on the engaging extended day program that we offer through collaboration with partner organizations at THEARC, including the Boys and Girls Club, the Washington Ballet, the Corcoran ArtReach, and the Levine School of Music. The segment includes interviews from students, staff, former parents, and Sister Mary.

Washington Middle School For Girls
Washington Middle School For Girls

For other videos in the series, visit WHUT's website,
WHUT also featured WMSG in an episode of Vocal Point, a series that focuses on a wide variety of issues relevant to the DC metro area. WMSG graduate Yolanda Long, a recent college graduate and a first-year teacher in DC with Teach for America, participated on a panel with other passionate local educators. In addition to speaking about her teaching experience, Yolanda reflected on her years at WMSG, sharing, "I didn't have a vision of going to college before I went to WMSG."
The program is approximately 1 hour long and address the topic of "Meeting Students Where They Are." Discussion includes ways to develop math and language arts curriculum that are accessible to students who may be operating below grade level, supporting the whole student, and issues of language barriers for immigrant population. 
Yolanda reflects on her teaching experience at 20:00 minutes, WMSG is featured at 30:00 minutes, and Yolanda discusses what she values about her WMSG education at 34:00 minutes. 
Vocal Point 106 | Meeting Students Where They Are
Vocal Point 106 | Meeting Students Where They Are
Additionally, our opening celebration of the new VIEW Campus was covered by the Catholic Standard, a publication produced by the Archdiocese of Washington. To read more about the wonderful occasion, visit

You can always find out more about WMSG by visiting our website:

The Washington Middle School for Girls
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The Washington Middle School for Girls
The VIEW Campus
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