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SouperFest - awesome photos by Mulberry Creek Imagery. 
-  The  RESOURCE CENTER is busy serving people every day. 
Open House - Seeking Talent Show Sponsors

Many many thanks to Aaron Baker and Mulberry Creek Imagery for the fantastic photos from FunFest and SouperFest!

For more awesome photos of the wonders of SouperFest 

Face painting fun at FunFest!
SouperFest 2019 was another great success, thanks to this wonderful, caring community.   

over $62,000 to support all of the programs of CCEH.   
- More than  250  volunteers helped to make this event possible.
- Over  700  community members came to enjoy the FunFest and SoupFest. 

Pottery for sale.
Delicious Soup!
Chefs lined up - how to pick?
AnotherAnother Success Story!

A long time Resource Center client and shelter guest  has been housed since late 2017.  Prior to becoming homeless he was successful in his work and had a wife and family.  When he was laid off from his job, he started drinking a lot more seriously than previously and things went downhill from there.  He hit bottom in February of this year, spent a few days in the hospital, and
has been sober ever since!! 

  He says,  
"I do honestly believe that without the support from CCEH/CHRC
that I would probably not be here today."
His advice to others in his position:  "Don't give in to peer pressure. Stay busy and active."

We believe this can happen again and again, as more of our neighbors become housed and find hope for moving forward with their lives.
Emergency Winter Shelter News
This winter the new Emergency Winter Shelter kept 193 individuals off the streets and out of the cold from mid-December to the end of March. 
75 volunteers made this possible, as they do every year. Many put in many many nights. Thank you.

The Emergency Winter Shelter only exists because of the amazing volunteers who are there every night.  Many thanks from all of us to all of you!
Resource Center News
  • Update:  A married couple expecting their first child came to the Concord Homeless Resource Center this past September, and within 2 months the were settled in an apartment.  In March they welcomed  a healthy baby girl! The family continues to be housed in their apartment here in Concord.  Both parents continue to work with providers on their mental health and employment opportunities.  
  • Recovery Group that runs each Thursday led by Lionel from the Riverbend CHOICES program and Michael T., former guest and current volunteer, has 4-6 attendees each week.
  • Writers Group offered by art therapy intern, Cheri Haire, has 1 committed attendee who looks forward to this weekly meeting. This individual was previously taking college courses in writing  , so he loves being able to work with Cheri, and speaks very highly of her and the time she has committed working with him.
  • At least 4 new individuals have found employment over the course of the winter; mainly in fast food or restaurant jobs.
  • 1 New Individual  has begun working with Pam through the Housing First Program on qualifying for the program and finding an apartment.
  • NEW!   Housing First Peer Lunch all individuals in the Housing First Program were invited to a Luncheon to talk about the pros and cons of the program and to offer support and guidance to others.  A number of the HF clients attended, and they enjoyed a delicious lasagna lunch prepared by Director of Programs, Angela Spinney, and volunteer, Michael Tyrance.  We heard good things about the discussions.  It will become a regular event!

INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING at the Resource Center?    Click Here!
Board and Committees
New Board Member                    
New Finance Committee Member
Kaitlyn Gallagher
was elected to the Board of Directors in January. 
She serves as a Private Banking Officer at Cambridge Trust Company of New Hampshire.
Kait has a passion for sustainable investing and for mission-driven organizations and has completed the Hoffman-Haas Fellowship with the NH Center for Non-Profits. She lives with her husband and two rescue dogs.  We are thrilled to have her join our work.
Jessica Parasco Wiley

A CPA at Maloney & Kennedy, PLLC, 
a public accounting firm, Jessica also does other work, including litigation support and business valuations. Having worked with a Board member on a case, she learned about our work and decided to join in!
Welcome, and Thank You!!

NHCF Finance Committee
Many thanks to the volunteers who populate our finance committee, and to Jim Marshall, our accountant, who brings the finance picture alive for those of us who are not finance minded!
Treasurer Tim McLaughlin carries the message to the board with humor as well as focus.
Committee Members: Rob Kleiner,  Quality Operations Auditor at Northeast Delta Dental, says "Their proven track record of success and their expanding capacity to help even more in the future is what drew me to the CCEH cause."
Jessica Parasco Wiley - see above.
Updates on our other Finance Committee members, Dave Doyon and  Jack Yvares, to come.

OpenSave the Date - Open House - New Talent Show - Sponsors Sought!

May 1  5:00 PM  at CCEH,   238 North Main Street

The Oct 5 th  2019 TALENT SHOW, a new fundraiser for the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness, is inviting interested businesses and individuals to drop by an open house being held at the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH),  on May 1st at 5 PM. 
Guests will have the opportunity to visit the Resource Center and Emergency Winter Shelter and to hear brief comments at 5:45 about how CCEH is working with the community to end homelessness in Concord.  It is hoped that by knowing more about the work of CCEH, businesses and individuals can better decide if they wish to support the CCEH Talent Show, or help in another way.
The Concord Food Co-op Cafe will   fire up the grill, offering complimentary hot dogs with all the fixings, chips and a beverage. Vegan options will also be provided.  The event concludes at 6:30.