Update from Unity World Headquarters
given at Unity of Tustin
On January 23rd, Rev. Carolyne Mathlin hosted a special event at Unity of Tustin for donors to hear an update from Unity World Headquarters.
Rev. Blair Tabor of Unity San Diego announced his retirement after 30 years of ministry with this spiritual community. Read about it in his own words by visiting his blog here.

You can also hear him sharing about this experience, along with other long-time ministers, at the upcoming Sub-Regional Luncheon at Unity of Long Beach , organized by the Alhambra Foundation. More information can be found here .
Rev. Lori Fleming is the new Minister of Pastoral Care at Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center, as reported in The Path . Rev Lori’s start date is March 5, 2018. Her predecessor, Rev. Jimmie Scott, started as the minister at Unity Church of San Antonio, Texas, on Nov 1, 2017.

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Casual Get-Together & Lunch in Long Beach on March 15
Last year's gathering, organized by The Alhambra Foundation, took place in Tustin and included an informative presentation.

This year in Long Beach, the presentation will be a panel discussion with Unity Ministers who have served for 25 years or more at the same church.
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