Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center   
News Brief  9/19/17
Developing Resilience is a website dedicated to providing resources and tools that promote healthy wellbeing, and prevent negative physical effects that can result from mental health stressors. Check out one of their blogs:  The Traits, Benefits and Development of Emotional Resilience It offers resources to help identify internal and external stressors, and strategies to develop resilience as the stressors are addressed.
Parent Centers are dealing with more mental health calls than ever before.  This resource can help families address the basics of resilience with their children - whether mental health is the current primary issue, or just something that should be nurtured along with the other things the family and child are dealing with.  It can also help families and caregivers understand and further develop resilience within themselves.  
Enhancing your center's ability to provide parents with the knowledge and skills needed to partner to improve outcomes for their children.  

Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center - WI FACETS