Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center   
News Brief  3/6/18
Effective Media Planning = Effective Outreach
In the Parent Center world, outreach is next to everything. Outreach is most successful when it is planned for, and includes consideration for the types of media already being used every day by the people we are trying to reach. A resource from SlideShare, Media Objectives and Strategies, clearly and concisely describes what media planning is, how to design goals for it, how to assess which types of media to use, and how to budget for it.
This resource will help you clearly define which audiences you are going to reach with which types of messages and tools. It will help you figure out the budget you need to do so. It can be used to plan, do or seek funding for your next outreach initiative.
Enhancing your center's ability to better reach and effectively serve families in your target population.

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