Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center   
News Brief  5/22/18
How to Prove your Impact with SROI
We use scads of data in our very technical reports. We do not always do a great job of using that data to tell the story of the important work we do to the general public. The more they understand what we do, the better supported we are and the more connections we can create. The way to tell that story is through calculating our Social Return on Investment (SROI).
This resource describes the importance of SROI. It also provides ideas for locating research that has already calculated the cost of doing nothing. Then, it informs the reader of the formula to use to calculate your SROI. It even offers follow-up tools and a calculator to assist you in the process.

OutcomeEnhancing your center's ability to effectively manage their work and maintain a stable, effective organization.

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