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News Brief  10/31/17
Managing Change and Transition

A recently retired CEO of Principal Financial Group spoke at a luncheon last month.  His talk was directed at non-profit organizations trying to navigate these uncertain times.  He is an expert at it, having navigated his company through the Great Recession.  His message: "You cannot over communicate to your employees".  He repeated it over and over.  This Linkage blog by Marty Jordan, 
HR consultant, is the how-to for that great advice. 
Marty informs her readers how to communicate in a way that helps teams understand why a change is occurring, what it looks like, how everyone is going to get there, and how the team fits in.  "Keep in mind that during times of transition, your communication isn't just about sharing information. It's also about how you use your communication to connect with your employees, let them know you care and build their commitment to the change," she writes.
Enhancing your center's ability to effectively manage their work and maintain a stable, effective organization.

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