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News Brief  9/26/17
Protecting Your Place When Collaborating
We all know collaboration is great for resource sharing.  It prevents huge hits to the bottom line - both in terms of funds and staff - when it works well.  Sometimes, though, entering into a collaboration can be risky.  Especially with someone that may compete with you in other areas of business. We all need to protect the funding sources, confidential information and relationships we rely on to do our work well.  This resource provides a free template and instructions for why and how to use Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs).  
NDAs take a bit of time to put together up front, but can save you from costly miscommunications and unexpected competition in the long run.  They help make certain all parties involved in a collaboration know what will be shared and how - and, most importantly, when it cannot be shared or used.  Parent centers can use versions of NDAs with project consultants such as strategic planners or contracted trainers, with partner organizations, and even with for-profit entities such as marketing firms and audit firms to protect 'trade secrets', confidential information and already cultivated relationships. 
SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure that any NDAs you create meet your state's legal requirements before you sign on the dotted line!   
Outcome:   Enhancing your parent center's ability to partner/collaborate.
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