Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center -  News Brief  2/7/17
Are Your Remote Offices Getting Enough Attention?

Many of our centers have remote offices and staff. They are often a necessary means of carrying out our mission and serving large geographic areas. That being said, we all know that if left unattended for even a short amount of time, toddlers can quickly find themselves in hot water. The same can be said for remote offices. All too often, since remote offices are out of site, they become out of mind to supervisors. Things can quickly and easily start to fall apart when we do not pay enough attention to our remote offices and the workers who staff them. This article highlights four basic things you need to do to help minimize the concern and risk of having remote workers. The article also presents strategies you can use when work performance becomes an issue.
Provide this article to all of your supervisors who are actively managing remote employees. Then, have an honest discussion with your supervisors - ask some tough questions...Does your agency have clear policies to govern remote work? Does each supervisor have a communication protocol they follow to ensure that the worker is getting regular communication and input from their supervisor? Is this worker set up to be successful in a remote environment? Are the tasks and deadlines associated with the remote hours appropriate?
OutcomeEnhancing your center's ability to effectively manage their work and maintain a stable, effective organization.
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