Mission Central's Village Pantry serves an average of 439 families each month.
March 10
Mobile Food Pantry

March 13 - 17
Village Library closed for Spring Break
President: Kevin Henson
Vice President: Stan Cramb
Secretary: Ashleigh Johnson
Treasurer: Beth Engelhardt
Past President: Monte Ramey

Darryl Crawford
Ken Ehrke
Mike Farrell
Anmarie Garcia
Clint Jones
Henry Joyner
Joseph Kazadi
Dorothy Leaderer
Magnolia Martinez- Peña
Deanna Molsbee
Michael Ramey
Kathryn Rotter
Jay Thompson

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Village Library students focus on acts of kindness
One week every February is dedicated to Random Acts of Kindness, as a way to promote caring and compassion in our world.

This year, students at the Village Library have been learning about kindness and encouraged to take part in these random acts. Each time a student engages in an act of kindness, they are asked to write it down on a piece of paper and add it to a chain which hangs in the Library's entryway. By mid-week, students had added more than 40 links to the chain.

The children have looked for ways to be kind at school and home. Their acts have included saying hello to a new student, helping someone with their homework, helping a teacher carry books, giving someone a hug, opening a door for a teacher, and buying pencils for fellow students who don't have them. 

This project not only helps the children learn to be more compassionate, but it also has the practical goal of giving them an opportunity to practice their writing skills. Their compassion and writing skills were also put in to practice this month by sending handmade valentine's to the school's military pen pal (a relative of the Assistant Director) who is currently stationed in Bahrain.
Mission Central welcomes new board members
Mike Farrell and Kathryn Rotter have joined Mission Central's Board of Directors.

Mr. Farrell is the Associate Technical Fellow for Aerodynamics for Bell Helicopter. He is an active member of First United Methodist Church of Hurst and has served in many roles there including Chairman of Global and Local Missions.

Kathryn Rotter works in the office of Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley. She is a graduate of TCU, has been on the board of the YWCA, and is active in Rotary.

As part of our 18-member Board of Directors, they will help ensure that Mission Central's programs work toward our mission of empowering people in need to improve their own quality of life. Both new board members have hit the ground running by taking part in our new Family Services Review Committee which is charged with reviewing our guest data from 2016 and making recommendations on how to best serve our community.
Make your donation grow with matching gifts
Did you know that many companies will match the donations you make to Mission Central? Doubling your donation may be as easy as filling out a form online.

Check with the Human Resources or Community Involvement Department of your company to see if your company participates. Some companies also provide matching grants for volunteer hours served by an employee and/or for cash or volunteer time given by retirees. Policies may change from year to year, but in the past, Mission Central has received matching gifts from Conoco, FM Global, Lockheed Martin, IBM, and Textron.
740 E. Pipeline Road
Hurst, TX 76053