Samhain Blessings
We enter now the Samhain season and it is also election season here in the US. Many of us feel as if we are holding our breath until November 3rd. It is easy to assume that never before has an election mattered so much but the reality is, voting has always mattered.

As our Director, Holli Emore, points out: "Religious leaders and their communities can play a crucial role in meeting the unprecedented challenges we face in this election. All of the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans — including our religious freedom — depend on the integrity of our elections. Americans of all faiths and of no faith at all have a stake in ensuring safe, accessible voting and a strong system to receive and count those votes."

Regardless of the result of this election, there will always be work to do to support the lost and fight for the marginalized. Let us use this time to reflect on how we can best be of service in moving our world forward.
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Events of Interest
41st Annual Spiral Dance Ritual to Honor the Beloved Dead - October 31st
Starhawk's ritual goes virtual this year. Our very own faculty member Heaven Walker will be singing an invocation towards the beginning of the event. For more details, go to:

A Field Guide for Aspiring Chaplains - October 27th, December 10th
The next installment of this excellent free series will focus on "Reflections During the First Few Years of a Spiritual Care Position. For more details go to:

17th Conference of Current Pagan Studies - January 16 - 17th
This year's topic is "Brave New World: Contemporary Paganisms During Extreme Change."
The conference call for papers is open until October 31st. For more details, go to
Professor of the Year
Students, send in your nominations today for the Wendy Griffin Professor of the Year Award by clicking here. Honor the CHS professor who has inspired you with their teaching excellence and commitment to spiritual growth. Nominations are being accepted through Thanksgiving weekend, and any Insights course or graduate degree professor is eligible if they have taught at least 1 class in 2020. The winner receives a display trophy plus a cash honorarium to be presented in a special virtual ceremony in early 2021. Only CHS students can make a nomination, so click here today! The Professor of the Year Award is sponsored by Votaries Alumni Circle, and questions can be emailed to
Resources For All
Building a Resiliency Network is "a toolkit for building community resilience during a contentious election cycle: and can be found here.

The degree worksheet for students is for your use to track your progress and determine how many credits you have accrued.

The brochure: "What is Contemporary Paganism?" provides an overview of Pagan beliefs and traditions.

Be sure and check out Cherry Hill Seminary's comprehensive Emergency Resources page that includes "Empowering Young People in the Aftermath of Hate," "Recognizing Signs of Sexual Abuse," and other valuable info.

Spiritual Potluck is a weekly gathering for a virtual hour of reflection, ritual and sharing, email for link to attend.

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