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Celebrate North American Stallions!
WarmbloodStallionsNA.com Excellent Google Rank
Meet Orbetello, Showjumper Stallion
North American Stallion Sport Test 2021 Dates Announced
Foundation Sires: Caletto II, Absatz, Nimmerdor
Sea Lion: Offspring in the Ribbons
Knowledge Base: Failure of Passive Transfer
Five Star, FEI Dressage Stallion - New Stallion Story
theHorse: Predicting and Preparing for Foaling
In Memoriam: Judgement ISF 1991–2021
Horse&Hound: Loss of a Stallion
WarmbloodStallionsNA.com is proud to announce:

Celebrate North American Stallions!

WarmbloodStallionsNA.com has introduced a new series of direct emails: Celebrate North American Stallions! If you are receiving this email, you have probably also received the first ones in this weekly series. Every week we will be featuring a North American breeding farm and the stallions they stand.

North America boasts breeders/stallion owners who have been working to produce top-quality sport horses for several decades - some of them have been gaining expertise longer than many of the current European breeders. We are selecting our featured breeders from among the VIP breeding farms on WarmbloodStalionsNA.com.

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Warmblood Stallions of North America is proud to support North American stallions and breeders!

Excellent Google ranking for WarmbloodStallionsNA.com!

We are proud to report that, from recent results, the Google search rankings for WarmbloodStallionsNA.com are stellar. If someone googles a stallion who advertises on the website, his page on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com will usually be in the top 1 or 2 search results. That means, if someone is searching for your stallion, and you have him advertised on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com - bingo! They have found him and know where to go for more information and to contact you. We've worked hard to get that ranking, and are proud of that service to our advertisers!

Join us - advertise your stallion!
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Meet Orbetello, Internationally Successful Showjumper Stallion!
Orbetello has an easy and uncomplicated temperament and beautiful gaits that he consistently passes on to his offspring.

“Orbetello is the most intelligent horse I have ever met. He enjoys his work, and he has fans everywhere he goes!” – Cynthia Hampton, Hampton Farms LLC, Owner/AA Rider

Orbetello’s strong pedigree endowed him with the inherent qualities necessary to perform at the top level of the sport of showjumping. 

Orbetello is a German-approved Oldenburg stallion who took the highest score in history for free jumping at his approval test in Germany. He was bred by one of Germany’s best breeders, Georg Clausen.

Fresh, cooled semen available from Bridlewood Farm: "It's June; we're here to get your mare in foal!" Call or text Barbara Schmidt, DVM at 859-393-9782, or click here.
To learn more about Orbetello, click here.
North American Stallion Sport Test 2021 Dates Announced
The American Hanoverian Society, Inc. (AHS), the Hanoverian Verband (HV) and the German Oldenburg Verband (OHBS), have announced the dates for the 2021 North American three-day stallion tests. Open to 4, 5, 6, and **7-year old stallions from the AHS, GOV, and other registries, the testings provide North American stallion owners with an opportunity for their stallions to earn lifetime breeding approval according to the regulations of their specific registries.

Photo: Warmblood Stallions of North America photo of judges at the 2019 West Coast event at Pollyrich Farm.

Foundation Fridays
Recent Foundation Sires Featured on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com
We've been posting Foundation Fridays on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com since 2018. Every other Friday we feature a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We're pulling from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine, published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

In each of these articles, we introduce a Foundation Sire, and we also include links to stallions with his bloodlines who are on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com.

Click on the following links to read about our most recent Foundation Sires and their stallion descendants:
and here's a stallion with his bloodlines in North America:

here are several stallions with his bloodlines in North America:

here are several stallions in North America with Nimmerdor:

Enjoy this look into past sires whose influence extends to the US through their sons and grandsons!
Sea Lion: Offspring in the Ribbons

The versatile Sea Lion xx is siring versatile offspring - and they’re now old enough to start proving it! Shown is Northern Quest Blue Sea, the eldest, who has been on the USEA Top Ten leaderboard in eventing. We're featuring five of Sea Lion's offspring in this article. Sea Lion is approved by most major warmblood registries.

Knowledge Base
Failure of Passive Transfer
Foals need that first milk, the colostrum, to have passive transfer of immunity from the immunity of their mothers. When that doesn't happen, it's called failure of passive transfer and a foal with FPT is "at risk for developing serious medical conditions." According to a recent article on theHorse.com, approximately 5-20% of newborn foals are diagnosed with FPT. They have posted a quick guide to what it is, how to know if your foal has received enough antibodies, and how to prevent FPT.

New Stallion Story on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com!
Five Star

The FEI dressage stallion for your mare!

Amazing Star x U-Padoeska PB Ster

Read the fairytale that is Five Star's story! The FEI dressage stallion's rider, Kevin Kohmann, has this to say: “The whole journey has been special: how well he behaves as a stallion, how easy he is to ride and handle, his lovely, sweet personality. All of it. A young kid can do anything with him. He is just a gentleman. A gentleman with all the qualities in the world.”

Click here to read his story.
Click here to ask about breeding to Five Star.
Knowledge Base
theHorse: Predicting and Preparing for Foaling
There's a recent article on theHorse.com of special interest to breeders expecting foals. This is a great overview of what to expect from your mare, and how you can tell when she is close to foaling.

In Memoriam: Judgement ISF

Judgement ISF, Crown, was the horse of a lifetime. From the moment he was born, throughout his incredible international show jumping career, as a breeding stallion producing Grand Prix winners, and as a retired celebrity, Judgement ISF was special. Last week, just three weeks shy of his thirtieth birthday, Judgement ISF, Crown, was laid to rest at his birthplace at Iron Spring Farm in Pennsylvania. He was an American original!

Photo is of Judgement ISF and Beezie Madden at Spruce Meadows.

Horse&Hound: Loss of a Stallion
Horse & Hound's recent online issue had an article about a much-loved Thoroughbred stallion's recent death, with comments from the owner that everyone can relate to who has ever lost a horse, and especially a stallion.

Anna Goebel
Warmblood Stallions of North America

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