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Lots of exciting news from CCEH!  Click below for more on these topics:  

-  Wonderful  GIFTS that help us to serve those most in need.  
-  A  MAJOR OPERATING GRANT from the NH Charitable Foundation. 
-  The  RESOURCE CENTER is busy serving people every day. 
-  FUN EVENTS are coming up 
       -   Uno  Pizzeria  & Grill  is having a "Dough Raiser" to benefit CCEH.
       -   SouperFest!  March 30 - Volunteer or just come eat soup!

Rosie and her knitting!
458 pairs of socks!
Tomsick girls with donations from the Hopkinton School District.
Capitol City Sunrise Rotary
New Fridge!
So many gifts...not enough THANKS can be expressed...
- Lincoln Financial Foundation has added  $10,000 MORE in      funding!!! THANK YOU!
- Dave Mailhott! Super warm coats and gloves and a generous      monetary donation.
carried off our old broken-         down fridge and laid it to rest.
- NEW FRIDGE!  A very generous person bought us a new fridge     for the RC!
- 458 pairs of socks!   Donna White and Lisa White-Vachon            did a sock drive through Area 23.
- The Fortunate Sons  donated over $1,700 to pay for beds in        our new Winter Shelter. 
- Hand-knit hats: Hollis 8th grader  Rosie McQuilkin hand knit  a      bag full of beautiful, warm, hats. She makes these hats as part    of her online business on Etsy,  Teal Treasurez.  For every hat        she sells online, she donates two to a local shelter or other          agency that serves people in need.  Thank you, Rosie!
Donations from a boy turning 5 who wanted to give to others for his birthday!

Gifts from BTO Team at Lincoln Financial
Dave Mailhott's super warm gifts.


CCEH is excited to announce we are the recipient of a 3 year operating grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation  NHCF has taken the lead on structuring their grants in a way that is most useful to non-profit organizations - multi year grants for general operating expenses that keep the doors open, the lights on, and staff paid. CCEH is honored to have NHCF as our partner in the mission of ending homelessness, and we will put their funds to good use!

Fundraiser at Uno Pizzeria & Grill
February 7!


Join in the Fun - 
Emergency Winter Shelter News: NEED OVERNIGHT VOLS!
101 volunteers have kept things running mostly smoothly, but several of these heroes are doing MULTIPLE OVERNIGHTS A WEEK!!
CLICK HERE and look for dates where not all the slots are filled.  Mon. and Wed. seem especially hard....
Job: Monitor smoke breaks, ensure compliance with shelter rules, and general monitoring of guest activities.
Average guest count so far 26 a night with a high of 39 January 30 when it was below zero. The maximum capacity is 40. Many guests have been meeting with the Resource Center caseworker during the day to connect up with available services and move forward.

We are so relieved to have a guaranteed place for folks to take shelter on frigid NH nights.
The Emergency Winter Shelter only exists because of the amazing volunteers who are there every night.  Many thanks from all of us to all of you!
RCResource Center News
The Concord Homeless Resource Center is open weekdays from 9AM to 1PM. E ach month we have about 800 visits, with 71 individuals on one day in the last week of January! Each month an average of  40 loads of laundry done by guests, 300 pieces of mail picked up and over 100 showers taken.  There are regular monthly visits by Riverbend Mental Health; the Downtown Clinic; Dr. Angela Shepard; and the VA.  A Weekly Recovery Meeting has good participation, led by RC volunteer Ned Woody. Intern from Lesley University, Cheri Haire, is offering art and writing opportunities. The volunteers and interns keep this place lively, interesting, well run and welcoming. 
New Board Member                    
New Finance Committee Member
Beth Mulleavey
"I'm interested in helping CCEH because I feel that everyone should be seen as a human being and I think it's easy for people to not see homeless individuals as humans. I also feel that everyone deserves a place to call home, a warm bed to sleep in and 

nourishment. Everyone
deserves to be seen and treated with kindness and compassion."

Beth joined the CCEH Board in November and is already chairing the Communications Committee!  With a  background in education and vision  therapy, Beth has 
recently made a career change to  banking.  After working for Sugar River Bank as a Business Development Specialist, she is taking a position with St. Mary's bank  as a Residential Loan Officer on February 4th!
Beth grew up in Vermont and moved to New Hampshire 25 years ago with her  husband Joe. They have 2 children, Jacob who is a Junior at the University of Oregon and Abigail, a senior at Bishop Brady High School.

Rob Kleiner
Rob Kleiner
"I decided to get involved with CCEH because for many years I have seen those who struggle with chronic homelessness. When I saw what great work CCEH is doing to find housing for all people, I knew I had to do whatever I could to help. Their proven track record of success and their expanding capacity to help even more in the future is what drew me to the CCEH cause. I believe with the help 

of all those involved with CCEH and beyond, we truly do have a chance of eradicating the causes of homelessness in the greater Concord Area." 

Rob i s the Quality Operations Auditor at Northeast Delta Dental, where in addition to being charged with many audit and compliance issues, he  is t he editor of the company newsletter. 
Rob is on the board of directors for the Kimball Jenkins Estate and has degrees from Franklin Pierce University and NHTI.
Music is a big part of Rob's life and he plays the guitar, bass, piano, drums, and sings. Rob lives in Concord with his wife Holly and their two amazing daughters. He is a graduate of the NH Center for Nonprofits Hoffman Haas Fellowship program.

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