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As spring approaches, Global Neighborhood Fund is getting ready for the fourth grant cycle. After three years of partnership with our grantees, it is clear that our small grants have not only changed lives and helped individuals, but also have served as a catalyst for larger scale projects and long-term funding. Please enjoy the stories below that detail the achievements of GNF grantees: THINK, Last Mile Health, FACE Africa, and the Liberian Early Childhood Education Program.


In addition to evaluating prior GNF grant recipients, we have an opportunity to learn about and research new organizations. Our research committee is currently working to deepen our understanding of organizations that support women with obstetric fistula.
Freedom From Fistula
Freedom From Fistula

We first learned about worldwide challenges of insuring safe motherhood when we watched the documentary "No Woman No Cry" in 2012 at the home of Nancy Koppelman. We then deepend our understanding and learned about obstetric fistula with a screening of "A Walk to Beautiful" in 2012 at the home of Sandra Tyler. These films touched the hearts of GNF members and sparked an interest in learning more. 


The campaign to End Fistula and the Liberian Fistula Project are being reviewed by the GNF research committee to be considered for inclusion on our grantmaking ballot. 
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All GNF members are welcome to join in the research and development of our annual ballot. 



THINK Makes Strides in Child Protection


 Mattress Before GNF Grant


New Mattresses Purchased With GNF Grant
During the last six months, the THINK Safe Home and Juvenile Transit Centre received children survivors of sexual and gender based violence. The children were referred to THINK by the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberia National Police. This year, 10 children were reunified with their families. 
On October 11, 2013, THINK observed the International Day of the Girl Child, gathering with 250 students from 5 of Monrovia's inner city schools to teach "Good Touch, Bad Touch" education sessions. 
In addition to providing direct services to children, THINK leader, Rosana Schaack has been working with the Children's Division at the Liberian Ministry of Gender and Development and the Child Protection Network to prepare a simplified version of the Children's Law. Although there are high numbers of reported cases of sexual and gender based violence at police stations and health facilities, there are few women seeing legal redress. 
The Gender Based Task Force in partnership with the Liberian Ministry of Gender and Development with funding from the Swedish Government through the UN Joint Programme lead by UNFPA are working to establish One Stop Centers in hospitals around Monrovia and in three rural counties. These One Stop Centers are places for survivors of gender based violence to access medical examination and treatment, psychosocial support, police investigation, and legal aid -- all in one location. Forensic testing of specimens has just begun at one of the hospitals with plans to train laboratory personnel and nurses in specimen collection and DNA testing of evidence collected in the country. At present, all specimens for DNA testing are sent to Ghana or the USA for analysis. 
The 2013 GNF grant to THINK allowed for the following to be achieved:
  • Rent for Juvenile Transit Centre
  • Rent for THINK Safe Home
  • 25 4-inch Mattresses for Think Safe Home
  • Purchase of Clothing, Food and Personal Hygiene Products



   Last Mile Health Reaches Major Milestone: 100%  Healthcare Coverage 


Last Mile Health is now equipped to provide full coverage of Konobo district. LMH now employs 42 trained Frontline Health Workers who will provide primary care to all 41 of the villages within Konobo district. Through these health workers, LMH will provide approximately 30,000 residents of Konobo district access to healthcare. For many of these residents, this will be the very first time that they have had primary health care. 


As of December 2013, LMH has successfully trained three cohorts of Frontline Health Workers who have treated 1,748 cases of malaria, 666 cases of diarrhea, and 1,225 cases of pneumonia in children under 5. They have increased the percentage of children receiving the full course of immunizations from 11% to 51%, and the percentage of expectant mothers who attend at least one antenatal care visit has risen from 76% to 97%. 


In addition, LMH has taken big steps towards digitizing its health delivery programs by partnering with Liberian telecommunications provider, Cellcom and built a cell phone tower in Konobo. This telecommunications network is providing reliable cellular service for the first time in over a decade. With this reliable network, LMH Front Line Health Workers can communicate with referral hospitals to call for doctors and ambulances. 


Saran Kaba Jones of FACE Africa Visits GNF Members In Santa Barbara




On Wednesday, February 5 over 30 members of the Global Neighborhood Fund met at the Montecito home of Sandra Tyler to hear updates on the progress of clean water projects and view a presentation from Saran Kaba Jones, Executive Director of FACE Africa. 

Saran reported on the impact of the Global Neighborhood Fund's grants. With the GNF grants, FACE Africa has completed three clean water projects and one latrine that have provided access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to 1,200 people.
  • Clean Water Well and Latrine in Williamtown, Monrovia: 300 people
  • Clean Water Well in Tate Town, RiverCess: 450 people
  • Clean Water Well G'Bor Town, RiverCess: 450 people
In the past three years, FACE Africa has completed over 30 clean water projects. Saran shared FACE Africa's goal to complete 250 new water projects by 2017 in RiverCress County. To help achieve that goal, Chevron Corporation has committed to partner with FACE Africa in the construction of 48 hand-pumps. Chevron's commitment is to contribute $100,000 with the requirement that FACE Africa raise funds to match the amount. 
To kick off the fundraising effort, Saran will host the Fifth Annual WASH Africa Gala, a clean water benefit for FACE Africa in New York City on March 22. 
Saran expressed hope that the Chevron partnership will encourage other corporations like Coca-Cola to support Liberia.
Some of the attendees at the February gathering included: Jano Stack, Gail Arnold, Cindy Martin, Doris Martin, Sue Parker, Robin Parker, Nini Seaman, Diana Charles, Nancy Koppelman, Judy Foreman, Marie Prenat, Amanda Thomas, Jane Defnet, Jodie Ireland, Hilary Krieger, Ainsworth Jones and Sam Tyler.
 "It was exciting to hear about the great progress in these small communities as they enjoy the benefits of clean drinking water and community leaders take over and operate the wells. Water, the life line, brings down waterborne illnesses in children so that they are healthy enough to attend school, and greatly reduces the time women spend transporting water."


-Judy Foreman, GNF Member
Reflecting on the February GNF meeting 
with Saran Kaba Jones, Execuitve Director of FACA Africa

Liberian Early Childhood Education Program Reports: "Most Successful Year"


Dr. Kimmie Weeks of the Liberian Early Childhood Education Program reports that the teacher training and curriculum that GNF has supported for three years is a success. Over 400 teachers have been trained and the early childhood curriculum is being taught in over 75 schools. Age-appropriate learning materials and school supplies are reaching 24,000 students. In addition, 25,000 children are currently benefiting from the program in the first phase of scaling the program into three counties.


Global Neighborhood Fund is entering it's fourth grant cycle. 
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