NEW: US Departures - Possible Expansion to the Electronics Ban

Duty of Care Programs: 46% Failing - Perception or Reality 

Sharing Community: AirBnB & Uber/Lyft - Right Time to Integrate? 


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 NEW: US Departures - Possible Expansion to the Electronics Ban
Six weeks have passed since the announcement on March 20th that, due to security threats, the U.S. had initiated a ban on large electronics for 10 airports in 8 Middle East and African countries with flights to the U.S., shortly followed by the U.K.'s ban on 6 countries with flights to the U.K. Although there has been significant impact to the airlines, staff, and travelers, not much has been said about this ban until this week when the Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly had this to say..." 
Duty of Care Programs: 46% Failing - Perception or Reality 
Are your travelers part of the 46% who believe their firms have no clear travel security policies?  Perception or reality, we would all agree it is time to take a strong look in our corporate mirror to ensure we have the right data not only available but easily accessible, and the right stakeholders identified to ensure our Duty of Care program is firmly in place. 
Sharing Community: AirBnB & Uber/Lyft - Right Time to Integrate? 
Is now the time to make a change? What details do you need to know in order to consider incorporating shared accommodations or Ride Sharing into your travel policy? TI is here to lend a hand and to provide some insight that will help you determine how, why, and if the time is right...

Why Travel Incorporated
Did You Know?

TI delivers over 96% automated, touchless ticketing

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Unused tickets are automatically checked for every air ticket

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Travel News Bites 
U.S. Cities that Allow the Most
Productive Business Travel 
On Call International published a report listing the top ten best cities in the U.S. for the business traveler. The cities were ranked based on key factors such as on-time flights, average hotel prices, reliability of mobile networks, traffic congestion, and emergency room efficiency.
Clients' Top
Meeting Hotels
Cvent compiled its list of 2017's top hotels for meetings in the U.S., EMEA, and APAC destinations. The rankings are based on business generated through RFPs, awarded proposals, awarded room nights, room nights used, major metropolitan area market share, and conversion rate.

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