To Ban or Not to Ban...

Marriott Revised Cancellation Policy

The REAL ID Act - What You Need to Know


Why Travel Incorporated - Did You Know?  

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 To Ban or Not to Ban
It has been a busy July for changes to both the  Electronics Ban  and the Tra vel Ban . Click below for the full story, including Q&As - simplified and straight to the point!  
Marriott Revised Cancellation Policy
Marriott - changes 24-hour cancellation period to 48 hours
Why they made this change, who is and is not impacted, and what information you need to inform your travelers. 
The REAL ID Act - What You Need to Know
If you have travelers in any of the yellow or red shaded areas, you need to read about the impact of the REAL ID Act that goes into effect on  January 22, 2018 . Click below for the full story. 
Why Travel Incorporated
Did You Know?

Since launching HotelRate Check in mid-May, TI has delivered:

$93,738.56 in total savings 


2,585 hotel bookings reduced

How does Hotel Rate  Check recover your costs?

  • Automatically searches your hotel bookings for a lower rate
  • Maintains the traveler's hotel, room preferences, and rate type
  • Automatically books the lower rate
  • Sends an email to travelers outlining the savings, with a link to the travelers' eItineraries with their new confirmation number

Ask your TI Account Manager for more information!

Travel News Bites 
United Airlines Ends Service between Houston and Caracas

On July 1, United will end its service between Houston and Caracas, a route that "was not meeting our financial expectations," according to a United spokesperson. As Venezuela experiences an economic crisis and civil unrest, several airlines have ended or cut service, said Peter Cerda, Americas VP for the International Air Transport Association. Venezuela also is withholding $3.8 billion in funds for ticket sales, he said. "Slowly, Venezuela is cutting itself off from the outside world," Cerda said. "It won't be fully cut off, but connectivity will be focused on a few markets only."

Delta Tests New Biometric System

Delta is testing a biometric boarding pass system for SkyMiles members enrolled in the Clear pre-screening program. Phase one of the test is taking place at Washington's Reagan National Airport, and eligible travelers can use fingerprints to gain entry to the Delta Sky Club. Phase two will consist of expanding fingerprint ID to check-in counters and boarding gates for those same passengers. Delta will look at broader implementation after analyzing results.

National Car Rental App

National Car Rental now offers an app which provides features designed to improve speed, choice, and control to frequent travelers, particularly the Emerald Club members, who want to save time and be more productive on the road. The app provides travelers with one point of contact to manage upcoming rentals with features that include profiles and rewards, Emerald Alerts, and Drop & Go service with eReceipts.

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