Travel Incorporated Marches to The Beat - TI in the News

Understanding VAT Tax

Increasing Policy Compliance
Travel Incorporated Marches to The Beat -
TI in the News
Read how TI is among the top TMCs to bring artificial intelligence to your travel program.

Travel Incorporated leads the way in using artificial intelligence and bot technology to make your travel program more efficient.

Understanding VAT Tax
Are you leaving money behind in your travel program?

If you're not reclaiming VAT Tax for your company's business trips, you could be missing out on a healthy bottom line.  

Increasing Policy Compliance
Do your travelers book out of policy? Some helpful hints to improve compliance.

It is important to know why a traveler would choose to book a trip out of policy, and whether the travelers understand the policy you've put forth.

Did You Know?
Your Passport "Expires" Six Months Before It Expires

Did you know that some countries will not allow you into their country if your passport is set to expire within six months of your date of entry? Some countries will use three months as their guide. If your passport expires within the next 12 months, it is important to start the renewal process so you don’t find yourself unable to go on your next business trip. The U.S. State Department has a website you can visit to see how many months your passport must have before you can enter the country. Click here to see the website.
Travel News Bites 
Marriott Plans to Transform Sheraton
Sheraton is seen as "dated" to many, but Marriott, having acquired the hotel when it bought Starwood, is planning to reinvent it. Sheraton is Marriott's most global brand. Some of Marriott's efforts to reinvigorate Sheraton is to redesign public spaces, explore co-working spaces, and follow the model of some private membership clubs. With co-working, all-day dining options, flexible meeting spaces, and tech-enabled integrations, Marriott is hoping to give Sheraton the face-lift it deserves.
United is Planning a New App, but How Much Personal Information is Too Much?

As United Airlines tries to improve their app experience, they might need to know more about you. Where do consumers think the line is between receiving personalized experience and a company knowing too much or being "creepy?" That is the question executives try to answer amid the divide between privacy concerns and travelers wanting to feel like their experience is tailored. Travelers can expect the same features of the app that they currently love, but they also may notice that flights that coincide with their traveling preferences may begin to pop up first on a flight search - and don't be surprised if your flight attendant wishes you a happy birthday.
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